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(Closed) No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (East Coast) (无招牌海鲜)


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lousy food at exhorbitant price

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Seafood is fresh yet the cooking method spoil the freshness of the ingredients. 

Bamboo clam were pre-cooked before hand, warm when served.

White pepper crab lack depth and fragrance in taste with poor plating.

Staffs has poor knowledge of food. We ordered the Prawn with Vermicelli, staff mention that it's gonna be wet. We asked if it's fried with black sauce and he mention yes. When the dish arrive, it's actually in starchy clear soup broth with garlic and chilli padi. 

And they tried serving us tea in a cup with crack line. Overall, it's a bad dining experience for the price that we've paid. 

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Oh Dear !! Oh Dear !! How Lousy!!!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 5

I have hardly seen such a bad quality at high price since a long time. I wonder what would Gordon Ramsay say if he ended up dining at No Signboard instead of Katong Laksa ? I happen to book a table together with my wife last night, I intended to give her a surprise.. well guess what, it was surprisingly bad!

Among the worst dishes were fishy butter prawns $28 (I dont know where they got them from but in food courts you would definitely get better ones. They were not even cleaned the way restaurants would do) in addition over-cooked Yee-Fu Noodles and old fried baby gailan vegetables. 

The service could barely speak english and had not training in service nor motivation to maintain minimum service standards. Not even a simple gesture to ask if food was all right or not... they simply didnt seem to care much about what customers thought about their services and food. 

I am not surprised that the restaurant was half empty and that most of tables were occupied by tourists (most likely first timers in Singapore) I really pity them, what a waste of money and bad experience they must have had!

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ZERO customer service

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 6

It's all summarised in the title - extremely disappointed. All staff at No Signboard should be ashamed of themselves for letting down such a well-known brand in Singapore.

My extended family of 18 including kids had dinner here tonight, to celebrate a birthday. We ended up leaving without cutting the cake. That's how bad it was. Here's what happened: We served ourselves tea, stacked up empty dishes/cups and had to catch the service staff to take these away. This is throughout the entire dinner. The staff were devoid of customer service and did not even ask a word if we needed any thing else, or offer a dessert menu. This includes the 'manager' who felt the need to over-promise on timings of our food orders, which were late in delivery and appeared altogether. When we asked for the tables to be cleared, no one did after several requests. We asked for our cake which was being stored in their refrigerator, no one brought it out - they did so only because we had enough of the lack of service, paid up at the cashier, and all 18 of us were standing at the cashier waiting for our cake. Almost everyone else dining there tonight had to walk up to the cashier to pay their bill, as we did - I witnessed 10 tables paying at the cashier.

The excellent food and history of the No Signboard brand can easily be destroyed just by the extreme lack of care and consideration for paying customers by the service team tonight and for every day that passes where no improvement is being made to address it, this disease will definitely drive the business into the ground. And obviously, the incompetence of the manager has passed on to the team which lands itself into this continuous cycle of bad service. Pity.

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Over-rated.. Will not go back again

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

After trying No Signboard Seafood @ East Coast, I can understand why the restaurant has fewer people than Jumbo, Long Beach and even Red House.

Food is over-rated and poor value for money. For 6 persons, the bill comes up to $538!

Food is definitely over-rated, especially the white pepper crab and chilli crab. Both are too salty covering the taste of the pepper and chilli. Out of 10, would give the crab a 3/10. Prefer the ones at Jumbo Indoor Stadium - the pepper crab is much better! But the butter fish ($59 for a small fish about 700g) is good - suggest you know what type of fish to go for otherwise likely to be recommended the more expensive fish. The other dishes we ordered like little kailan, squid you-tiao, vension hot plate, steam prawn are at the standard you can find at any zichar stalls in the housing estate.

The East Coast branch does not have aircon. We were sitting near the wall and I was very disturbed by a lizard that is also feeding itself near the lights on the wall.

The service is terrible! I would call it no service! The Chinese waitress who took our orders tries to recommend the expensive items eg. geoduck, the more expensive fish and recommend the quantity of crab that is too much for 6 people considering we have 5 ladies and 1 man. Asked for small crabs and she recommends 2 small crabs each for chilli and pepper crab dishes which turned out to be too much. We should have insisted on 3 crabs instead of 4 crabs. The crabs came up to $230! We ordered a jug of beer and asked for 6 glasses as a few of us just wanted a little - the waitress responded with a smack on her face that a jug can only hold 4 glasses of beer - thought her comment is uncalled for. We ordered the dessert and asked for the table to be cleared. Table still not cleared when the waitress came with with dessert stacked on top of each other. Instead of serving each person, some were put on the rotating table for us to pick up ourselves.

 I just got a feeling of cheated when I walked out of the restaurant with a bill of $538!! I will never go back to the East Coast branch. No wonder Jumbo, Long Beach and Red House are so much crowded than No Signboard

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Fantastic, but what is with these prices?

Food/Drink 5 | Value 1 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 96

3 persons = $160.20 for dinner

No Signboard has some fantastic chili crabs, but their crazy prices are just out of control. Brought a friend here for a Saturday night, and ordered up the usual large chili crab ($68.26). Now it was fantastic, no doubt, but this is not a $70 dish, come on management, stop going to Sim Lim Square for pricing advice.

Also ordered the drunken prawns ($23.54) which were very average, think I will stick to the cereal prawns. Also got the vegetables with oyster sauce ($11.77) which was nice, but still overprice. Rounded out the meal with two jugs of Tiger ($23.54 each) and steamed rice (94c each). Thankfully we sent away the peanuts, but they got us on the Towels (47c each).

I love it when they charge for basics - stupid freaking idiots. And minus points for not including the GST and service charge in the prices.

Overall, the chili crab is fantastic but overpirced, the beers are cold and reasonably priced. Come along, just ask not to get ripped off.

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