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Its name recalls its origins as a hawker stall without a name or sign, but today the place is a full-fledged restaurant. Its signature dish is white pepper crab, created by the founder and still popular today, but theres a wide-ranging seafood menu to choose from as well.

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Best Hor fun
Best Hor fun
White pepper crab
White pepper crab
Salted egg crab
Salted egg crab
Their version of the chilli crab
Their version of the chilli crab
Stone front with engraved crabs
Stone front with engraved crabs
  • Chili crab 3 votes
  • White pepper crab 3 votes
  • Black Pepper Crab 1 vote
  • Broccoli Scallops 1 vote
  • Garlic steamed prawns 1 vote
  • Lobster Tang Hoon 1 vote
  • Stir Fry Crocodile 1 vote
  • crabs 1 vote

Latest Review for No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

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No Signboard, Where Is Your Signboard?

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 21

, when the world only knows chilli and black pepper crab. There was a store that was quietly gaining fame and crowd for its special white pepper crab, the reason that white pepper crab is not well known (or rarely eaten anywhere else) its that there is only ONE store that does the legendary white pepper crab.

No SignBoard
Ask any decent foodie around and he will tell you, if you are looking for white pepper crab either eat it at no signboard or dont eat at all. Because most of the compeition who tries to create it will fail miserably and all you get for dinner is a choking peppery crab.

Those were the days.

I used to get my white pepper crab fixes @ the national stadium 'jetty' No signboard branch (No longer there). Not only was it facing the kallang river, it had open sitting and air con sitting depending on your meal companion.

Being able to avoid the crazy peak hour traffic @ geylang was also a great plus point.

Lazy foodies rejoice!
Valet was going @ $4 which i think was great, its really more of paying for the conveniences as parking at geylang is really a driver's nightmare.

P.s i think they park the cars @ national stadium as had to wait 8mins to collect the car upon dinner.

Claypot beancurd

As it was a family dinner gathering we had slightly more dishes than just crabs, to be honest i really dont remmeber any other dishes @ No signboard other than its white pepper crab.

So for starters we had a claypot beancurd, the stock was great and rich that i was sipping the gravvy even without rice. And the fact that it was seafood made it healthier to enjoy the gravvy.

Our Vegetable dish of the night, mushroom with asparagus.
Somehow anyone who loves kailan will love this dish too. The crunchy slight bittery taste off asparagus and oyster sauce over mushroom was a nice combination. A light dish to start your palette up for next to come, definitely a better choice like sambal kangkong which most of the time is too oil, heavy and bad for dates. (I.e kangkong struck in between teeth)

Surprise package of the night. You tiao salad
I dont believe that i have tasted a better Youtiao salad like this before. The effort of making a decent and good dish has been taken. This is not like those sloppy hard and lightly smeared fish paste that you will find in most Sze char store. It was amazingly soft and the generous serving of fish paste in it made it felt more like eating fishcake rather than you tiao salad. Definitely the best you tiao salad in my books (A pity not much people will go back to a place for meal just because of its salad youtiao

Complete review and pictures do visit

Thank you very much, have a great meal ahead.

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White pepper crab

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2

We ordered white pepper crab, salted egg, fried rice and fish.

Asked for a small (waiter said about $25 to $30) steamed fish but got charged $60 for one.

The best would be the white pepper crab. Very well done and nicer than jumbo seafood. Well seasoned and soft.

Too bad our fingers were too dirty to take pictures!

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Horrible Food, Sky Rocket High Price

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 4

Horrible food. 浪得虚名 . The Salted Egg Crab, they gave me a dead crab. as in, the crab was dead before slaughtering. One bite on the flesh and I immediately want to puke.
 Next, ordered seafood hor fun, it taste just the same as those you can get at normal Tze Char stall. But price, $20.00 per plate! Even Boon Tong Kee selling at $16.00 a plate taste SOOOOOO much better.
 Chilli Carb, so so only. I can anytime pick a stall doing better Chilli Crab than No SIgnboard.
 Next, Pandan Chicken. I don't know if they really know what this dish is all about. They wrap, or rather ( COIL, would be a more apt description) 1 leaf of pandan (Yes, ONE LEAF) around a piece of chicken and deep fried till its so d*** hard to bite on.
 Next, Garlic Scallops. They say its fresh. Fresh my two hairy balls! Its frozen scallop on scallop shells! Fresh scallop will still stick on to the shell ok. Think we stupid until don't know to differentiate between fresh and FAKE FRESH??
 Last but no least, Steam Seabass, (They say its fresh) Again, fresh my foot! And the fire went out a minute after its served. We call and call and no one bother to light the fire for us. And best of all, the freaking place is so freaking hot! Cant even invest in cooling fans for your customers?
 And their price is Sky Rocket High!!!! This will be the last ever I will step in to any NO SIGNBOARD RESTAURANT. No business ethic at all!!! Beware if you are contemplating to patronize this restaurant. Think again. ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT.

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