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Spicy Korean Steamboat

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First try for us, after that I didn't go back, even now and then I passes by so many times.  The steamboat was alright for us, however, the side dishes weren't as good as compared.

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Most helpful reviews for Nolboo Hangari Galbi (Orchard Central)

Atrociously bad service; average food

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Food taste and quality is mediocre for the price. Service is virtually non-existent. We waited at the entrance but none of the staff even looked at us. Everyone (3 of them) were just looking down, not looking up to see if any one in the restaurant needed attention. None of the staff noticed that a table was waving at them, trying to get the bill. He had to stand up for 5mins before they noticed. Likewise, my table had to wait before they saw that we wanted to place our orders. Terrible service. Very average food (the ginseng chicken didn't even have any taste of ginseng!) means this restaurant is simply not worth your time.

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They served rice someone ate.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

I am a korean staying in Singapore, so I like to try around new Korean restaurants in Singapore. Since this restaurant is famous and has lots of branches in Korea, I was quite happy to find the restaurant here.

However, it took only a few minutes to down my expectation. When the staff served my rice, the bowl was filled with only half of rice that somebody ate obviously.(I could know it because I saw chilli or kimchi sause on rice.)

Then, my appetite was gone, and I wanted to speak to a Korean manager since it is very serious issue in Korea. But there was no Korean staff and the lady quickly took back the rice bowl and brought new bowl before I and my friend really could take a photo or make a complant to the boss.

I am very disappointed with the restaurant re-using food. And I will never visit because I do not want to risk on my health since re-used food can spread one's disease.


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Boo to Nolboo

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 5

I found the service at Nolboo appalling. The general wait staff (mostly Filipino, I believe) are very actually quite nice and always ready with a smile - but there is this one particular (who was Singaporean I think) manager who is overbearing, a big bully and generally unpleasant to deal with. I'm actually writing this review pretty late (the last time I set foot in this place was about a month ago), so I'm hoping some people can correct me about the level of service. The food is actually really good - Nolboo in Korea is what Crystal Jade is like in Singapore. You can expect competently executed Korean barbeque and other dishes (I would also recommend their cold sweet potato noodles, yum!). The ambience, however, with the huge industrial vacuums and the fact that the tables are quite close to each other means that you will come out smelling like a barbeque, even if you didn't order any! The service however, was the single factor that made me never want to go back.

I think the first sign came when the waiter who was barbequeing splashed some sauce on a lady, who was sitting at the table next to us (did I mention how close each table is?). Instead of apologising, he just blithely continued turning the meat. It was only when she tugged on his sleeve and pointed it out to him that he casually opened the wet towel on the table and gave it to her to clean it off. No apology was offered. That really left a bad impression.

They also forgot to give us the kimchi and side dishes (in every other korean restaurant I've been to, it's always the first thing they put down on the table, besides water) until we asked them twice, after our main dishes had been served.

We initially wanted to go for the set lunch, but because it was a weekend, the set lunch wasn't being offered - we were only informed of that by the waiter, since there was no mention of it on the menu. We then had to re-decide on the spot, and ordered the ginseng chicken on a whim and some other dishes. After 5 minutes, we thought we would change the order of ginseng chicken to something else. When we asked a waiter, he said it couldn't be changed because according to him they had already sent to order to the kitchen and the chicken had been taken out of the freezer etc. This was understandable, but highly frustrating as we had only placed our order a few minutes ago! I guess on the flip side, it shows how prompt they are with orders.... The experience also left a bad taste in our mouth because the restaurant manager (the Chinese dude) came over and basically tried to bully us into accepting the ginseng chicken that we initially ordered, and tried to insinuate that it wasn't his problem that we wanted to change our minds. I wish he had a better way of phrasing his words! And the ginseng chicken wasn't that great, anyway. He also shouted and scolded the rest of the staff alot, so much so that I could tell that the whole team wasn't feeling very motivated.

We left the place seriously annoyed - there are definitely better places to get korean bbq (Jang Shou at Esplanade is my current fav)

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service crew not aware of hygiene

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

unhygienic service!  

 i saw this waitress clearing other tables before she comes over to clear our plates while we were still eating. so i told her that i still want the lettuce. this waitress just use her bare hands to take the veg and put it on my plate. and went on clearing the rest of the plates away. OMG!

apart from that.. 

1) the food was average, not very fantastic. 
2) korean restaurant that plays very chinese music. so the whole package not very complete in terms of presentation. 
3) taken aback by hidden cost.. 
eg. when we want to reject the wet tissue, the manager just conveniently shove the thing to us and said that it is  a MANDATORY charge for all guests. -_-

i went once and i will never go back again. 
there is a reason why other restaurants on the same level has long queues during peak hours, except for this restaurant. 

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Poor service, Overpriced food

Food/Drink 3 | Value N/A | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

I'm so disappointed with this restaurant that i created an account just for this. Saw attractive posters outside and decided to go in for dinner. Ordered bulgogi (39.90) and pork belly (19.90), thinking that they will be great. Staff who attended to us didnt understand english at all. Communicated to him only in very poor and broken english. After awhile, two small complimentary bowls of congee were served. They tasted horrible. Bulgogi came after that and we were shocked. It contained rice cakes, sausages, ham, tofu and luncheon meat. No more than 7 pieces per item. We were shocked as it was totally not worth the price!!! Even the ramen that we told the waiter to add in was missing. The pork belly took an awfully long time to come. Contrary to expectations, it was tough and hard to chew. Of the entire pork belly, only 30% were lean meat. Side dishes were poor as well, with no free refill. Staff were very unattentive and most of them could not speak proper english, making us very confused at times. It was a very bad experience. I would never visit again. Rather spend the $70.35 at kiseki buffet, just beside the restaurant.

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