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Nonya Delicatessen

AsianNonyaNonya / PeranakanPeranakan
Located in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre on Jalan Anak Bukit, Nonya Delicatessen serves Local and Chinese Food.
Mon - Sun: 11:30 am - 04:00 pm
+65 64691166
$13 based on 4 submissions

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Mee Siam2 votes
  • Chendol agar-agar1 vote
  • Laksa1 vote
  • Tau Suan1 vote
Based on 4 votes
14 Aug 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

expensive food, small portions, long wait

Tried this restaurant the other day and agree with other reviewers that although the food is good, the servings are too small and the prices are really expensive. $5 for a plate of Mee Siam seems a bit too much and esp for such small serving sizes. I did ask the server about the price and he is a smooth talker and said it was because it was very good. Also agree that the server will try to steer you into buying more things and more expensive dishes. However he is polite and helpful. If price is no obstacle, I would recommend this place. If not, I would think twice before going back.
07 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Don't bother

Ridiculously expensive kuih and the prices are not labelled to lead you into buying revolting expensive food that is completely not worth the value. The bread and butter pudding was priced at TEN DOLLARS. It was soggy, too sweet and a complete waste of money. The kuih was subpar and too oily for my taste. Didn't quite care for the slick and silver-tongued attitude of the cashier who was very condescending. Don't bother coming to this place. Waste of money.
18 Aug 2013 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Only if you like waiting

The food is good - almost every item is good, almost.  i love especially the mee siam, and the tau suan.  Some of the kueys are really nice as well.  That's the good part of this cafe.

The bad parts are many:
* Though the seating has expanded, there are still insufficient seats when there is a crowd.
* The prices are inching up rather quickly.  It is getting to be rather pricey eating there.
* The opening hours are no longer shown.  Last Sat, we had to wait for about 1 hour.  We were told it would open at 12.15pm.  (Last time it was 11.30pm).  But at 12.25pm, the queue was not even moving.  If not for my daughter who would act up I would have not even bothered waiting.  When some patrons complained about having to wait so long, they were told "It's nothing.  You were early".  (The audacity of it.  Your stall was late in opening and we were faulted for being suckers for waiting).
* I noticed the trend - everytime some people catered for food, the cafe goes out of whack.  They become late in opening as they tend to the caterees.  Everyone else have to wait.
* The gentleman serving is trying to be nice and tries to chat up every customer, and tries very hard to upsell you with other dishes.  Thank you but hello, can you serve faster?

Seriously, there are many good places for food in Singapore and if this cafe is too successful for its own good, then it is time people spend their time and money elsewhere.  You want to leave an eating place feeling happy about your meal and what you paid for it.  But not so for this cafe lately.  I'm so disappointed now that as for me and my family, we are staying away.
11 Jan 2011 • 111 reviews • 0 follower

Good mee siam

For a humble little stall, they sell pretty good Mee Siam and maybe even laksa. Ambience isn't that good as it isn't within an area but more like a walkway where tables and chairs are set up for customers.
30 Apr 2007 • 45 reviews • 10 followers

Nonya Delights

This little nonya koisk in Bukit Timah Plaza is no longer a secret, judging by the length of the queue during lunch time. This little koisk is famous for their laksa, mee siam, nasi kuning, and nasi lemak. Not all dishes are available everyday. Check with boss.

Note this is a koisk, not a restaurant. There are a couple of tables laid out next to the koisk along the walkway for customers. BTP does not have a proper food court so there are quite a number of such makan koisks. Cheap eat this place is not. Typical food court prices you shall expect.

BTW, there's another Nonya koisk in Bukit Timah Plaza located on the 2nd floor. Directly above Nonya Deli. Apparently these two stalls are related and were featured in 8 Days. The other place is called A&J Nonya Delicacy.

My opinion of A&J? Delicacy my foot! The foot was only so so. Think an average hawker stall sells better food. The service was absolutely terrible. Took their own sweet time to prepare the food but was very fast in collecting money. Don't expect a smile from them. Arrogant fools! And to think that 8 Days rated A&J higher than Nonya Deli. Sometimes I wonder if the editors in 8 Days even have taste buds! Terrible recommendations. Never trust 8 Day's recommendations. Not Makan King (see my review on Village Wok.)

You are better off with Nonya Deli. But do go there early. The food tend to run out quickly. I went there once around 2ish and ordered some mee siam and chin chow drinks. They tasted watered down.