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Noodle Place Restaurant


Step into Noodle Place Restaurant and be greeted and tempted by the display of lacquered roast chickens and ducks behind the glass-windowed kitchen. The extensive menu of braised noodle dishes and congee amongst other items, and the style of serving are reminiscent of an authentic Hong Kong noodle eatery.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 67333171
$19 based on 23 submissions
Dinner (11 votes), Lunch (11 votes), Children/Family (10 votes)
Gunawan Karnata

The best wanton noodle in Singapore

Probably the best wanton noodle in Singapore. Char Siu very tender and sweet and very authentic Hong Kong taste. Everytime I visit Singapore I must come to this place. Try the wanton noodle and you will come again. Trust me.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • wanton4 votes
  • beef brisket noodles3 votes
  • Congee2 votes
  • $10.90 soya sauce chicken promo1 vote
  • Dumpling Noodle1 vote
  • Lime Juice1 vote
  • Roast Meat Platter1 vote
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30 Dec 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

The best wanton noodle in Singapore

Probably the best wanton noodle in Singapore. Char Siu very tender and sweet and very authentic Hong Kong taste. Everytime I visit Singapore I must come to this place. Try the wanton noodle and you will come again. Trust me.
28 Aug 2014 • 17 reviews • 0 follower

very salty dry noodle. not coming back anymore.

I have tried their dry soya sauce chicken noodle. it was very salty that i was struggling to finish it, they simply put too much sauce on the noodle. their wanton soup noodle was okay but its really very small portion. roast duck was just alright. not worth the queue and money for this. drink is also a small cup. no ambience at all as the restaurant is quite cramped I was listening to the ladies conversation at the next table throughout my dinner, it was bright and clear.
27 Aug 2014 • 377 reviews • 3 followers

Noodle Place @ Orchard Gateway

It was time for dinner with the girls again... and the chosen venue was Noodle Place Restaurant (under the Prima Taste Group), serving authentic Hong Kong cuisine such as noodles, etc. 

Three of us shared a platter of Roast Meat (SGD$28.00) - consisting of crispy roast pork, sweet honeyed char siew and roast duck, while waiting for *Chantal to reach. The meat were tender and tasty, making for a very appetite-whetting starter.

For mains, I had the Dumpling Noodles, dry (SGD$9.80) - wherein the noodles were crispy and springy in texture, and the gravy was a light but flavorful taste. As for dumplings - the shrimps within were huge enough to occupy half the dumplings, and were bouncy fresh. I could do without the black fungus and have just normal minced meat for the other half, though.

*Nadine had the Zha Jiang noodles (spicy pork noodles) - which came with the same crispy and springy noodles as my dish had. However, instead of the usual minced meat, they served the dish with pork slices - rather tender, and the gravy was sweet with an underlying saltish overture. There was no spiciness factor at all.

*Sharona had the Spicy and Sour Dumplings dish (SGD$7.00) for her mains, laying off all carbo. The dumplings were same as mine - large juicy shrimps and black fungus with minced meat. The gravy was scumptious though - made more explosive with the chopped chilli padi - I borrowed a fair bit of this scrumptious soup for my noodles.

For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:
03 Apr 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

A taste of authentic Hong Kong dishes

A comfy lunch taken after the peak lunch period awaited me.

Wanton noodles served springy as what is served in Hong Kong. Congee was very smooth. I guess that is why "SIMPLY HER" magazine publised their congee recipe in the February 2014 edition. It was simply delicious. 

The Spicy and Sour Dumpling was also to die for. Served in a cold sauce, the warm dumpling was a delight.

Too bad they are relocating to the new Orchardgateway by May 2014. 

07 Sep 2013 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

Genuine HK Standard Roast Meats & Beef Noodles @ Noodles restaurant on 6Sep2013

See my full reviews & photos at =   a friend organised lunch at noodles place restaurant at centrepoint on 6.9.2013. it’s a prima group restaurant, i could hardly recall when i last visited.   we were only 3pax so we went with the classic hong kong fare. each of us ordered a beef brisket noodles 牛腩面, and we ordered a roast duck & char siew combinations (双拼) to share.    we were there at 1pm & the open cafeteria styled restaurant was only 1/2 full, but it filled up a bit more later. i must i was pleasantly surprised that the food was really genuine hk standard. the roast duck was fatty but really flavourful, perhaps even better than some places in hk. the char siew was also top quality in texture & taste, though the bbq pork collar at imperial treasure teochew was more marbled & textured.   the beef brisket noodles 牛腩面. i was lamenting that we were missing hk standard 牛腩面. the shanghainese/ taiwanese version 牛腩面 at crystal jade lamian xialongbao & sicc were well & good, but not my preferred hk version. the ones here though were excellent. they did not quite serve the beef belly type cut, but the brisket was indeed very good & it is true that most Singaporeans would prefer this leaner cut.    my friend bought lunch. i estimated the price would be about S$48nett for 3pax. i liked the roasts & the noodles and i will back for sure.