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Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 14:30

Mon - Sat: 18:30 - 22:30

Bar: 05.00pm - 01:00 am

$88 based on 55 reviews
Novus Restaurant & Bar is a modern European fine dining restaurant located at the historic National Museum Of Singapore. See what foodies like this place for
combat wombat • 18 Feb 2007175 reviews 103 followers

Novus (the first F&B venture by the folks behind Alley Bar and Rouge) is a clever addition to the newly renovated National Museum – chic, sleek, pretty and refined. The restaurant is not big – it’s really a narrow room divided into a dining room and bar.
I had the Valentine’s Day menu which was fit for a queen (of course mah...*hairflip*) and an excellent showcase of what the restaurant has to offer.
The 1st course was the...

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  • chocolate testchocolate test
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SCS C • 10 Apr 2013245 reviews 1 followers

hotos and more here: 
great european brunch food at this cosy - and very classy - restaurant hidden away in the singapore national museum. I popped by this place for a brunch with friends and the food is rather innovative, and service very prompt - the menu sounds rather typical, with eggs, french toast and common european fare, but it's the small details and their interpretation of these dishes that made it such a good meal. it's...

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Coffeepudding • 19 Mar 20136 reviews 0 followers

Brunch - egg Lorraine was okay..find it lacking in flavor, but the chocolate test is a must-have!! Best chocolate dessert in the world!

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smugourmetclub • 04 Feb 201354 reviews 2 followers

For the full review with photos, visit: 
 Specializing in Contemporary European cuisine, the absence of humdrum European fare in Novus’s menu comes as a breath of fresh air. A fine dining restaurant with a modern chic interior, Novus’s 2-Course and 3-Course set lunches are priced reasonably at $32 and $40 respectively, a small price to pay for mind-blowing novelty.
 Novus bakes their own bread. They’ve got crisp Ciabatta, butter buns, and...

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