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Address: #01-02, National Museum Of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road, 178897
18 Feb 2007

Another reason to visit the National Museum

Novus (the first F&B venture by the folks behind Alley Bar and Rouge) is a clever addition to the newly renovated National Museum – chic, sleek, pretty and refined. The restaurant is not big – it’s really a narrow room divided into a dining room and bar.

I had the Valentine’s Day menu which was fit for a queen (of course mah...*hairflip*) and an excellent showcase of what the restaurant has to offer.

The 1st course was the yellowfin tuna tataki with maple syrup reduction and baby coriander, as well as baby yellowfin tuna nicoise. Both were not bad – I’m not a very big fan of tuna – but I loved the clever pairing of the maple syrup and tuna. Who would have thought? Definitely whetted my appetite for more.

The 2nd course sure did not disappoint - foie gras mousseline & foie gras crème bulée. Before you go WTF?! both were excellent especially the crème bulée. It was basically foie gras that was in a terrine form with the top caramelized by searing with a torch. The foie gras was done such that it was creamy but not salty and went so well with the sweet caramel tasting top. So clever and it turned out soooo well - I was really pacing myself to enjoy it for as long as possible. The foie gras mousseline was served in a shot glass with a raspberry reduction. Nice.

The 3rd course was the grilled scallops and pork belly cooked 4 times with chestnut puree and red wine reduction as well as prosciutto wrapped monkfish tail with seeded mustard risotto. I felt that the proscuitto didn’t quite go that well with the monkfish and made it a tad too salty but the risotto helped tone everything down. The scallops and pork belly was another winner. I loved the sauce which was thick, gooey and sweet and went so well with the scallops and the pork belly…the pork belly…oooh the fat that was so soft that it just melts in your mouth. Amazing and I can’t wait to try it again soon.

The 4th course was the slow roasted veal rack and truffled white polenta with sauce périgueux and pan-fried wagyu beef, potato scales and lyonnaise onions with cabernet reduction. To be honest I really did not like the veal and I’ve come to decide I really am not a fan of polenta (cornmeal) either. But the wagyu beef was fantastic – really good… together with the lyonnaise onions…heavenly.

Dessert was a chocolate trio of ice-cream, molten fondant (basically warm chocolate cake) and white chocolate mousse. I must commend on their cake (which I know just about every restaurant is serving) because the chocolate which they used was excellent.

Service as attentive without being annoying (know what I mean?) and I hear many of the wait staff were from Da Paolo.

Novus is definitely worth checking out – elegant contemporary food, excellent execution and beautiful presentation backed by a competent team and boosted by a great location / setting. It's form and substance - I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

Pssst – the foie gras crème bulée is the only dish not available on their standard menu but you can call and order 1 day in advance (ask for Eddy).
Must Tries
Foie gras crème bulée, grilled scallops and pork belly cooked four times with chestnut puree and red wine reduction
Average Spend
$159 for 1 pax
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great european brunch food at this cosy - and very classy - restaurant

photos and more here: 

great european brunch food at this cosy - and very classy - restaurant hidden away in the singapore national museum. I popped by this place for a brunch with friends and the food is rather innovative, and service very prompt - the menu sounds rather typical, with eggs, french toast and common european fare, but it's the small details and their interpretation of these dishes that made it such a good meal. it's become one of my current favorites.

the place is truly gorgeous, with high ceilings and luxurious finishings. it's very peaceful, and that bar area at the back looks awfully welcoming. prices were reasonable, portions much larger than you'd expect - and next time I'll stick to my egg en cocotte, and possibly get a slice of one of those lovely cakes on display.

Lovely dessert, okay brunch

Brunch - egg Lorraine was okay..find it lacking in flavor, but the chocolate test is a must-have!! Best chocolate dessert in the world!

SMU Gourmet Club

For the full review with photos, visit:

Specializing in Contemporary European cuisine, the absence of humdrum European fare in Novus’s menu comes as a breath of fresh air. A fine dining restaurant with a modern chic interior, Novus’s 2-Course and 3-Course set lunches are priced reasonably at $32 and $40 respectively, a small price to pay for mind-blowing novelty.

Novus bakes their own bread. They’ve got crisp Ciabatta, butter buns, and surprisingly fluffy dark rye slices all in one basket, fresh every day, and you can’t quite ask for more unless it’s that wondrously fruity olive oil and tangy balsamic vinegar accompaniment.

A favourite starter was the umami-rich and hearty Duck Tea, a clear consommé chock-full of enoki mushrooms, smoked duck breast, quail egg and truffles. This western take of our chinese Bak Kut Teh is just the thing for a splitting hangover.

I’m a fan of all things raw, and there was no exception with the Black Angus Carpaccio. The raw beef was thinly sliced and sprinkled with summer truffle, truffle scented buffalo mozzarella, chives and topped with a poached egg. It’s a riot of colour on a granite-coloured slate plate.

Another outstanding appetizer was the Foie Gras Anglaise. It’s served as a custard – quite like a western take on Japanese chawanmushi – made with duck consomme, goose liver parfait, ginko nuts, truffle, stuffed morels, duck confit, and slices of foie gras prepared sous vide style before being pan seared and then incorporated in the custard.


Utterly Disappointed!!

Called early in the morning to make reservation, was told to come after 1pm. Wow the restaurant is fully booked till 1pm, I thought "it must be GOOD!"

Arrived at 1pm sharp, found that there was a wedding going on, but the place was 80% empty. So I & him got a seat immediately. ordered our food 10 minutes later. to our horror, after waiting for 45 mins, no food was served, no bread/breadsticks, no one bothered to come and explain what was going on. one couple left, 5 mins later another couple left. We decided to ask the waitress how long more do we have to wait. she said 10-15mins, or we can choose to leave the restaurant. Feeling hungry, we decided to wait for the food. 

(1) truffle fries ($16) - OK! Not bad at all. How long does it take to throw a bunch of fries into a deep fryer?
(2) burrata cheese ($18) - OK! Not too bad. Though we couldnt figure out why this takes 1 hr to prepare.  
(3) French onion soup ($14) - found it too watered down. 
(4) Provence ($18) - Looks Really Good!! but, i cant find the foie gras, and to his horror, he bit into egg shells. i called upon the waitress to show her the eggshells in the casserole of eggs. We thought that she was informed that the food cant be eaten. she didnt take the food away from our table. Hence, rudely, i just removed it from our sight, and placed it on the table next to ours,
(5) Savoury French Toast ($16) - brioche french toast was served. Immediately i told the waitress that i ordered savoury french toast and that i can tell the one on her hands was SWEET french toast. How hard can that be? So she said she will check. Another waitress came serving me the exact same plate! i was irritated by then. I thought, how unprofessional these waitresses are!! after another 15 mins of wait, finally my savoury french toast arrived. 

Almost 3pm - wasting our precious 2 hours here at Novus are not what we expected. So i quickly asked for the bill. Guess what i saw on the bill? they actually charged me for "PROVENCE", which was not edible at all. I then insisted that I am not going to pay for that particular item. 

It was such a bad experience for the both of us and we decided that we are not returning. Sorry NOVUS, there are many CAFES out there that do brunches just as well as you or even better. Maybe if you have told us from the start that the wait is going to be such a long one, we would not be so disappointed. 

Great dinner at Novus!

For ful review and pictures, please visit :
Restaurant Week
1) French Onion soup
 Made with beef stock, melted gruyere, baguette
 Sweet caramelised onion soup. A great start to the meal
2) Tiger Prawn Salad
 Market Lettuce with grilled tiger prawns, vine cherry tomatoes, red radish, balsamic vinaigrette
 When i first saw this salad, I felt its gonna be too raw but in the end i was delighted by the impeccable blend of sauce and vege. Complemented by the freshness of the prawns. A palate whetting appetiser.
3) Duck confit
 Crisp duck leg confit, braised mixed mushrooms, roasted potatoes
 Duck confit seems to be the must have dish for restaurant week menu. According to K, who said that according to CNN, this is the best Duck confit in Singapore! K enjoyed this dish. A fan of duck and mushroom, this was perfect for her. The portion was big and the duck was crispy and tender.
4) Truffle & Cheese Risotto
 Carnaroli risotto, seasonal mushrooms, mascarpone cheese, white truffle oil, chives
 I went for the truffle and cheese risotto. A wise decision indeed. It was cooked brilliantly. A generous portion of cheese and wild mushrooms were given and the texture of the risotto was just right. Plus the fragrance of truffle, this makes a good hearty meal.
5) Valrhona Chocolate Test
 Chocolate in 5 textures and 5 different percentages of cocoa mass
 K loves chocolate, so this was a no brainer. This chocolate platter had 5 bite size dessert of varying cocoa concentration. Quite an interesting concept.
6) Jubilee Tart
 Dark and sweet pitted cherry, puff pastry, served with vanilla icecream
The biscuit bottom was bland , the infused cherry sauce tasted like concentrate. The only saving grace was the ice cream but overall this dessert paled in comparison to what I had expected in mind.
 Novus was the only restaurant that offered choices for all three courses and we were definitely pleased with that
 Overall, we had a good dining experience at Novus. Service was efficient and the staff were attentive.