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Back to Nuvo#02-100, Marina Square Shopping Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard
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Top Must Try Dishes
Creamy pumpkin soup with Parmesan cheese, onsen tamago and parma ham3 votes
Homemade pork sausages - fennel and paprika flavored3 votes
Suitable For
After Work8 votes
Ala Carte8 votes
Dinner7 votes
Lunch7 votes
Hidden Find5 votes
Boys Night Out4 votes
Business Dining4 votes
Large Groups/Gathering4 votes
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining3 votes
Anniversary3 votes
Chillout3 votes
Fine Dining3 votes
Large Groups3 votes
View/Scenery3 votes

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 • 10 Sep 2014 198 reviews 1 follower
ee my full reviews & photos at =

a friend recommended nuvo. the ongoing S$15pax set lunches looked ok (even though it had a lot of supplements for dish selections) so 6 of us went for lunch on 8.9.2014. chef mark richards hailed from keystone and excelled in sous vide techniques.
the restaurant was located at the food edition at marina square at the corner facing citylink mall & suntec convention centre. 
we were debating the name. i googled afterwards but there was no special meaning associated with the word so likely nuvo was just short for nouveau. 

a practice that did not find favour with me was NOT serving tap water. we ordered 1 still & 1 sparkling for 6pax. they cost S$4.50each for a 500ml bottle. 

the olive focaccia bread with herb butter was pretty good, ok. 
there were 3 choices of starters & main courses & 2 choices of dessert.
i thought my spiced carrot soup (top photo) with mascarpone, croutons & honey was really good & of fine dining standard. it was creamy, smooth in texture & flavourful, looked wonderful as well!
the smoked salmon with wasabi cream, furikake & baby spinach came with S$3 supplement. it looked great & appetising. the thick square cuts looked like more like ceviche, cured or sashimi. my friends all liked the dish. i asked 1 friend afterwards. he said the combination of flavours with the baby spinach was great. 
the tempura soft shell crab had S$4 supplement. soft shell crab not my favourite dish but this looked fine & no complaints on the taste. 
3 of us took the grilled pork collar on our friend’s recommendations. 2 took the risotto & 1 took the pesto cold soba.
the pork collar had good consistent texture of sous vide. the chef is famous for his sous vide cuisine. the friend who took cold soba & i both commented that the pork collar was kind of lean. i personally would prefer it the usual fatty collar. the 2 other friends prefer it lean. fries were good. mash/cold slaw? were good too. i didn’t take much of either.
the squid risotto looked a bit skimpy to me. 5 or 6 pieces of squid on risotto. i asked 1 friend afterwards. he agreed it was kind of plain.
the friend who took soba said it was too salty & maybe the set lunch was not that great for the price. i said a zaru soba could cost S$12 to S$15 so everything depended on how good the taste.
i had excellent panna cotta at pizzeria balognett at tremezzo, i thought i would give the singapore version a try since it looked quite good. it was pretty good – light, smooth texture – but nothing amazing. the green tea mochi also looked competent.
overall including S$1.50pax for the mineral water, my share came to S$25++ (S$30nett). to me it was pretty ok & something i would not mind doing again.
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I spent $30 per person.

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The Ranting Panda
 • 06 Sep 2014 175 reviews 1 follower
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The Place There are a couple of new restaurants in Marina Square after its massive revamp. We checked out Nuvo recently, a contemporary Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Mark Richards. Mark shared with us that a lot of his dishes on the menu are conceptualised through his own experimentation and he looks to introduce new dishes to the menu periodically. In the competitive F&B scene, we could only agree that this is certainly welcoming.
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I spent $43 per person.

Must tries: Smoked Uni Carbona, Baked Olive Black Cod

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Birthdays, Boys Night Out, Brunch, Corporate Events, Dinner, Fine Dining, Hidden Find, Large Groups/Gathering, Lunch, Nice Deco, Quiet, Relaxed, Romance/First Dates, View/Scenery

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The Unbiased Opinion
 • 25 Aug 2014 1 review 0 follower
I went to Nuvo last week because I was enticed by their ad on Facebook for the "Bottomless Pizza and Champagne Cocktails" deal on selected nights for $25, and I had one of the worst dining experiences ever. There were no redeeming qualities of my experience, so I'll just list the bad ones below.

1. The moment my partner and I were seated, we were told by one of their staff that they were running out of orange juice, so after the first round of Mimosas (2 glasses for my table) there might not be any more orange juice for any more Mimosas, and they will only be serving Prosecco. 
a) What happened to the Champagne?
b) Run out of Orange Juice the moment I sat down and not planning to replenish when there were 2 more hours till the deal ends?

2. According to the waiter, assortment of pizzas meant that we had only 2 options to choose from, beef or mushrooms. When I ordered, I was told that there was no choice, and we had to eat whatever pizza was served to us.

3. After the 1st round of Mimosas (2 glasses), I ordered another 2 glasses, and was told that they had ran out of Orange Juice, so we could only get Prosecco. What choice did we have? I accepted.

BUT, 15 mins later, the table of 6 foreigners behind us were served a round of Mimosas. I called the manager and asked for an explanation. He said that the part timers do not know where items are placed and did not know that there was ONE more packet of Orange Juice, which was used up for the table behind us. Convenient no?

3. The 2nd and last pizza that we ordered arrived 45 minutes after asking for it, AND surprise surprise, it was exactly the same as the 1st pizza, which was neither beef nor mushrooms.

In summary, we were extremely unhappy with the food and service provided by this establishment. The advertisement for the deal that they supposedly had was a clear misrepresentation and a dishonest attempt to fill their seats on a typical quiet evening.

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