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Address: #02-100, Marina Square Shopping Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard, 039594
17 Feb 2014 • 10 Reviews • 3 Followers

Italian favourites with Modern Asian Flavours

Opened by the people behind the Lady M confectionery, NUVO offers some pretty decent food at decent prices. The restaurant has recently changed it chef and is now helmed by Chef Mark Richards, who is previously from Keystone restaurant. He is very well known for his sous vide dishes and has put an innovative spin on dishes, while showcasing the best of Italian and Japanese ingredients.   Our first appetizer – Crispy Calamari ($18), hits us with a blast. The Togarashi-scented calamari is deep fried perfectly to a nice crunchy texture, with a mild spicy taste from togarashi. Sous-vide watermelon with syrup balances the salad nicely with its sweetness. Toss it with some wild rocket and white balsamic, this is a good start to our lunch.   Curry Bread, or Kare Pan, is the King of the Japanese bakery. Nuvo’s Focaccia Curry Pan ($22) brings the traditional curry pan to the next level as chef uses wagyu beef in the Japanese curry sauce, and served with Japanese pickled cucumber and sour cream.   My favourite for that day is the Lobster Risotto ($28). Rich and intensely full-flavoured, the rice is cooked with bisque, edamame, ito togarashi, scented with truffle oil, fully evocative of the culinary pleasures of southern Italy.   Even though we were already pretty full, there’s always room for dessert, and the folks at Nuvo know how to satisfy a sweet tooth. I dived readily into their Green Tea Pan Di Spagna ($12) served with banana jam, matcha sponge, hello panda crumble, and found myself wanting more with every bite. Usually, I find matcha sponge too bitter and cloying but I was pleasantly surprised by how light the sponge was, without compromising on the flavour. A must-try.   Nuvo has a lot going for it if it can iron out the minor kinks. It has a good 3 course lunch menu of very affordable price at $13. You can also chill out and enjoy the view with special cocktails by the maestro Ethan Leslie Leong from Maison Ikkoku. I think the yuzu one will be a hot favourite among ladies!
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