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Oasis Taiwan Porridge serves Taiwanese cuisine, Congee and Porridge. It also offers delicious value for money food retains its old charm and ambience.

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Giant Garoupa in Claypot
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Water Chestnut Cakes
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Latest Review for Oasis Taiwan Porridge

Overall RatingBased on 33 reviews
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Quality food and service in casual dining concept

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 631

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This was another family dinner, celebrating the Mom's birthday as well as Mother's Day, since both occasions coincide in the same month. Anyway, why Oasis Bay Restaurant? The Bro suggested here because the food was not bad. And this restaurant has replaced another Chinese seafood restaurant we used to visit as a family when younger - located at the same circular building, with no air-conditioning, but served very good seafood and zichar dishes.

So, we decided to come back to new-yet-familiar grounds to reminisce, and check out the changes. Oasis Bay (Taiwanese Porridge) Restaurant is a good-looking restaurant with comfortable settings and very good service - I took a lot of recommendations from one of the male staff, and they were all very good recommendations.

We started with the Herbal Kampong Chicken (SGD$16.00 for small) - tender, well-moisturized and tofu-smooth chicken pieces infused deeply with the aroma of Chinese herbs, every bite contained a "swish" that instantly filled the palate with the delicious herbal flavour.

We also had a Giant Garoupa with Leeks in Claypot (SGD$45.00). Fresh fish is always distinctive in flavour and texture, from the luscious taste of the flesh to the tautness of the texture that gives way upon a gentle bite or cut. This giant garoupa has all the above properties, and tinges of the leek and gravy it has soaked up, making for a superb recommendation.

Next, Craypot with Spring Onions (SGD$24.00) and Deep-fried Buns (SGD$3.00) came to us for exaltation. Looking at this dish was appetite-whetting enough , the egg sauce, the tantalising looking crayfish, and the crispy buns. Fresh with bouncy texture and dose of seaworthy sweetness, the crayfish sealed the clatter of the teeth beautifully; paired with gravy-dipped buns, one could easily hope for more, even after the plates have been wiped clean.

Finally, some Water Chestnut Cakes (SGD$5.00) which is basically diamond-shaped pieces of mochi-textured cakes filled with juicy, crunchy bits of water chestnut within. The sticky texture of the cake was delightful - I love sinking my teeth into these textures - while savouring the hints of nectarous water chestnut slowly.

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Taiwan Porridge

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

Their porridge is quite nice, but the problem is the service!!!!!!!
To be honest, their service is extremely slow and bad.

I just order a cup of warm water but it takes forever to prepare the water.
Then I ask the server about my warm water, she just ask me wait.
In the end, the water still unable to serve.

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Terrible service crew

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

We went to this restaurant today with our in laws. Ordered the steamed Soon Hock fish, Chye Poh omelette, beancurd and herbal steamed kampung chicken. The chicken was stale and slimy and when we politely asked the service crew to check it, they almost threw it back in our faces saying it's the herb dang gui. We understand that sometimes mistakes happen in a busy restaurant and we're hoping that they would acknowledge that the chicken was stinky and old. Instead, not only were we turned down, we became persona non grata after that. The staff showed us huge unhappy frowns, no one served us tea. We practically had to stand and wave to get attention for the tab. And the bill came to SGD 140 for 4 people. We will be going to Din Tai Fung after this - the food is always consistent and the service always professional. We recommend this place only if you enjoy mediocre stale food in the presence of sour faced  rude service crew. So disappointed! 

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