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Ohsho offers a range of Japanese-styled Chinese food, including crowdpleasers such as gyoza, ramen, crab meat egg fu yung on rice as well as innovative dishes such as stamina ramen, chilli ramen and Tomyam ramen.

Delivery available for more than $200 of spending for dinner and lunch sets.
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$11 based on 19 submissions
Dinner (12 votes), After Work (11 votes), Lunch (11 votes)

Less than 20bucks nett for Ramen & Gyoza

Usually it's always crowded in the evening time, for this place seatings are quite limited.  For me, I always tends to go early evening or afternoon, that will guarantee me a seat & no need to pack with others.

The noodles texture was soft and tangy, my preferance.  And the spicy miso is a good soup broth to me.  That is why if I happen to be around that area, this is another choice that I can think of.

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16 Jul 2014 • 316 reviews • 86 followers

Less than 20bucks nett for Ramen & Gyoza

Usually it's always crowded in the evening time, for this place seatings are quite limited.  For me, I always tends to go early evening or afternoon, that will guarantee me a seat & no need to pack with others.

The noodles texture was soft and tangy, my preferance.  And the spicy miso is a good soup broth to me.  That is why if I happen to be around that area, this is another choice that I can think of.
11 Jun 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Had better Ramen for that price

Hawker centre place with restaurant price. Won't come back again. Gouza over cooked and burnt. Ramen lava egg not to standard.
05 Jun 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

nice stir fry veggie, chinese style

This (literally) hole-in-the-wall shop in front of Cuppage Plaza surprisingly offers a delectable array of Japanese Food - well, not so much Japanese, but it's nicely done at least. I was there twice. However, there's less-than-stellar consistency when it comes to the performance of the food

Shukumen (S$11)

I forgot the exact name of the food - but this is basically a generous portion of stir-fry veggies, meat (pork I think, to add a certain savoriness), and shrimp on top of rice. Not really Japanese in nature, I guess - But it is certainly delicious. There's a strong wok-hei flavor in my dish, which is rare and appreciated. The rice was fluffy on my first visit. However, on my second visit, the rice was lumpy, and I need to mash it with the sauce on top to make it "passable" - consistency is badly needed. I suggest to mix this dish with a generous dollop of brown sauce, chilli powder, and pepper for good measure. Definitely a must-order.



so-so only, the gyoza on my second visit was a bit charred, if not pan-fried too long. The filling is rather juicy and succulent, but I feel it lacks a certain oomph - passable

Overall, this hole-in-the-wall place is indeed cheap. I like that is is not pretentious, and serves a nice Chinese stir-fried style rice - If I want to eat cheap in Orchard, I now simply know where to look - but...the place is rather small and cramped - and I believe you'll leave the place with a pungent aroma of food - but that's a small price to pay for an above average food - They also have affordable bento, but only for takeaways (kinda puzzled me, but that's the policy anyway)

18 Jun 2011 • 168 reviews • 11 followers

Gyoza no Ohsho @ Cuppage Plaza

For the complete post with uploaded pictures, please view:

Probably better known as Ohsho, the simple little Ramen stall has a setting which is similar to a coffee shop. As we had encountered the dinner crowd then, we had to wait for a while before we could settle down for our simple meal.

I was initially a little skeptical when my friend decided to order their Han- Chahan; Half- Portion of Fried Rice with Chicken but I must admit that I was slightly impressed with the dish’s preparation. The ‘Yao Wok Hei’ (wok-fried) relish was rather strong and there were generous servings of egg and chicken within the rice. The other dish, Tenshinhan; Crabmeat and Egg with Thickened Sauce on Rice, was quite delectable, mainly due to its flavorsome thickened sauce and well-prepared egg omelette which was wrapped around the rice.

We chose the Grilled Gyoza over the Raw Gyoza as it was the popular choice most would prefer. I would feel that the culinary team could be more generous with the meat fillings and each dumpling had a very thin skin as to what I have experienced. The Gyoza might be too greasy for some and as such, I might have preferred to opt for the Raw Gyoza since it might have eliminated the oily texture and in comparison, they might have tasted better since the skin is rather thin.

The Tamago Ramen was rather decent; the curly noodles had accommodated the soup well and the broth was somewhat flavorful, with a tinge of saltiness. I was however, disappointed with the preparation of their Komi-Tamagos (Flavored Boiled Eggs) as I believe that they were overdone. The Pork cheeks were a little chewy but they did not particularly lay a significant impact on my taste buds and I feel that they could be better prepared.

The broth was neither heavy nor oily, though I had the impression that the concoction of the Spicy Pork- Stock Soup might have been from the use of Chilli flakes. I would prefer this dish as I felt that the noodles went better with the spiciness of the broth. The bean sprouts and corn bits did accompany the noodles well though I believe that the vegetables would be subjective to one’s preference.

I would personally feel that the Ramen noodles were not really that fantastic as claimed by a few; though the dishes were nonetheless satisfying. Prices are slightly cheaper than the leading Ramen restaurants within the local scene though Ohsho offers a rather extensive variety of other main dishes and sides. Not only were the seats limited but I had also felt uncomfortable, having to sit so closely to a group of strangers since tables were situated almost side by side. Then again, I should not really expect so much since Ohsho is a mere simplistic Ramen store offering their dishes at no additional surcharges. Is this place worth the try? If you are expecting a quick and fuss-free meal, why not?

Extra Char Siew and boiled egg
27 May 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

What to order when you go ohso.

I've been loyal to this ramen restaurant for 4 years now. Happened to chance upon this shop when i was out doin survery for my attachment.

Quite isolated, abit run down and definitely not very pleasing to the eye, i decided to give it a try since there are promotions and also the hope for a good meal in a hidden place. I just ordered the gyoza since it was 5 dollar for 2 plates or 2 dollar per plate back then. The boss ( Japanses )even offered me a bowl of soup. Was very grateful since he didn't look down on me because i order side dishes only and no drinks. The taste is not bad but i observed many japanese were dining around too, ordering huge bowl of ramen. Decided to try it out next time.

On next visit, i coincidentally saw a review on Strait Times about the top 10 ramen in Singapore and Ohso was ranked #6 if i remembered correctly. The catchy statement was "The creamy soup base that the chef swear never to divulge" or smth like that. So i ordered my Tamago Ramen. Simple yet delicious, the ramen comes with a boiled egg in Japanese Style sliced in half, pork + mixed cream soup base, unique noodle and soft tender pork which is still one of its kind for me. The soup is quite good too, with the creamy soup, but when it comes to the Char-Siew topping, its a whole different story. The texture and taste of this thinly sliced pork is so tantalizing and juicy, you won't feel its enough with just one bowl. Its almost as if the pork is melting like butter and do not require you to chew it for the taste to reach your tongue. Dip it with soy sauce and its even better.The ramen comes with generous serving of spring onion and 1 slice of seaweed. May be average ramen to say, but the display and taste is really worth the trip for most ramen lover. I dare not say this would be the best but since this ramen fulfill most of what i am looking for in a ramen, i suppose it is my favourite still after 4 years. The closest that come to this ramen is the one in Central Square level 2 Santouka. Still Santouka remains 2nd for me since they lack of the things i found in Ohso.

In conclusion, for first timer who wish to visit this place, order a bowl of Tamago Ramen before you tried anything else since i would say that is the better choice as the taste is very good.They also offered free plain water but its self service.They opened untill late at night so a supper after movies or before one is just right since Cathay is nearby.