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#01-08, Gallery Hotel, 1 Nanson Road, 238909
Asian, Japanese
+65 62356970

Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 00:00

Sun: 18:00 - 00:00

Closed: Sat

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Mimigar is offering authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine with Okinawa flavours. Okinawan diet is believed to offer health benefits, especially longevity.

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Warm cosy Okinawan restobar

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 47

My impression of Okinawan food so far has been En Lounge, also in the vicinity of Mimigar and I find Okinawan cuisine quite palatable.

I chanced upon Mimigar on my way to Satsuma Shochu bar. I wasn't very surprised to find this niche restaurant in Gallery Hotel as the hotel has already established itself as an enclave for food from different japanese culinary styles, including Miharu ramen next door.

Parking was easy in the hotel itself, without having to jostle for parking space at the ever-popular Robertson Quay area.

The resto-bar was small, cosy and promised home-styled Okinawan food. I loved the warm wood interior with soft warm mellow lights. Here the open kitchen concept brings the chef closer to you as they are just cooking behind a bar table. ( Wonder if the alcohol ever explodes) I would strongly recommend reservations on weekends as the stove is only helmed by a chef and ?his souz chef.

I started off with a parma ham salad topped with shaved parmesan cheese. At first glance of the menu, this salad was highly reminiscent or may even be 'plagiarised' off italian menus. However, a japanese twist was added to the dish with its own unique sweet-savoury brown sauce. The parma was all-italiano.

The knowledgeable and friendly waitress recommended the bitter gourd tofu with bacon stir-fry. Simple dish, but tasted amazing. The bitter gourd was not bitter, fried till fragrant and the bacon lent its distinctive porky savoury flavour.

I finished off with a small soba. Again, simple as it sounded, the soup base was white opaque and delicious, probably boiled over a slow fire for many hours. The usually bland soba was al dente and imbibed the soup rather nicely rendering it very tasty. Although the dish came topped with canned chinese pork, i must say it went very nicely with the soup/soba and I give it my stamp of approval.

I had a shochu made from sweet potato on the rocks to go with all the food. The shochu was crisp and light, with a vague sweet potato taste in it. I think it's good as a dessert drink too.

Can't wait to bring some friends over for a warm, cosy get-together!

Addendum. I returned 3 days later and had the Rafute... It beats any chinese braised 3-layered pork any day.

The Soumen fried with tuna was delicious. Portion large enough for a one-dish meal.

The Rayu-ae was interesting. I liked it, although it would be deemed too salty for most Singaporean palates. It's a great food for accompanying alcohol.

The Salad of corn was not very nice. Tasted rather organic. Too healthy for me. Too Raw!

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Authentic tapas with Okinawa flavour

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 22

Mimigar at the Gallery Hotel is an izakaya; a Japanese pub serving small plates of food and alcohol, much like a Spanish tapas bar. And a worthy one at that.

It’s a cosy space – from the bar counter, chefs can be seen preparing items from the menu of salty eats. The food is Okinawan, hence dominated by pork, a sign of Chinese influence.

The menu is detailed and exotic, as demonstrated by our 15-plus chosen dishes: we started off with a passable okonomiyaki ($14), a Japanese pancake with toppings of cabbage, octopus, cheese and salmon. The flat dish is piled on with bonito flakes and drizzled with mayonnaise and a fruit sauce not unlike Worcestershire sauce. Sadly, the dish was only passable despite the numerous ingredients; perhaps the batter needed more seasoning.

This, and crab croquettes ($9) with a soft potato and cream center helped line our stomachs for the izakaya ritual of alternate drinks and food that followed.

We could not resist the pork belly, an Okinawan speciality done two ways: one, cooked until fork-tender in a sweet soya sauce, and another cured in salt then grilled.

Vegetable lovers would take to the bittergourd and ladies fingers ($7 each). Both stir-fried with beaten egg and pork, these chanpuru (‘mixed’)-styled dishes are reminiscent of Chinese home-cooked fare that hit home with us.

Noodles on the menu came bathed in a rich and tasty thick black squid ink sauce ($17), easily beating any Italian restaurant’s version. The seasonal tempura sweet potato sticks ($15) are sweet and nutty, while the deep fried seaweed dumplings (aosa tempura, $9) are redolent of the ocean.

Unfortunately the Mimigar Ponzu (pig’s ear in a tart citrus-based sauce, $8) was a let-down. It came thinly slivered and meagrely tossed with bean sprouts in a sour ponzu sauce. The shreds were so fine they were hard to find among the sprouts.

We washed it down with the comforting barely-set yushi tofu soup (fluffy tofu soup, $10) and zenzai ($8), a Japanese version of the ice kachang studded with soft chewy rice cakes.

In all, an experience like this is not cheap – costing about $50 a head, excluding drinks. 

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go for it

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 270

The first time that struck me about Okinawa was their warm and cozy ambience and the next thing I noticed was the large numbers of Japanese diners so I reckoned the food must be up to standard. Well, I was right, the food was indeed great and I loved the Rayu-Ae and Tuna Souman but wait, what is this pig ear thingy about..ee. Anyway the bittergourd tofu was good too and the service was ichiban!

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