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Olive Tree Restaurant

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Offering all-day dining with ala carte menus and an extensive array of international cuisine on the buffet selection, award-winning restaurant Olive Tree is the perfect setting for any business lunches or intimate dinners.

Daily: 06:00 - 10:30

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

$40 based on 47 submissions
Buffet (21 votes), Quiet (18 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (15 votes)

Very Average Buffet (Citibank 1 for 1 S$68pax)

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6 of us went to olive tree for the citibank 1 for 1 S$68pax weekday buffet on 15.1.2014. i had not been to this place for umpteen years, so thought gave it a try. the evening was fun but the food was very average, not expensive at S$34pax=S$40nett, but i agreed with my “fussy” friend = no need to spend S$40 on average food even though price was ok. 

the cold crayfish & scallops were not sweet (or like tasteless?) but quite ok if you add the hot sauce & tabasco (which means…)…the same with the cold flower crabs (nothing like teochew cold crab)..i took them with wasabi so it was ok..

the snails were good & oysters good too (i had 3 of each)..but 2 of my friends had bad tummy afterwards though i was ok.

the biggest letdown was sashimi! the photo above looked great, and i was telling my friend who didn’t take sashimi much that kajiki (swordfish) was 1 of my favourites & got him to take 2 pieces from my plate, but as it turned out it was the worst, completely tasteless! likewise the salmon. tako was average, not the good sweet ones.

the cold pasta & salad station was among the best. but this was also a station that most people gave a miss w/o trying. the spicy prawn salad was great & the chicken sausage risoni as well.

the prawn noodles station was self service which suited me fine as i took very little noodles & a lot of bean sprouts, prawns & fishcake & just enough of soup. i liked the very intense soup & had a 2nd helping, but i agreed with my “fussy” friend that the soup was too salty.

i also had some nasi padang dishes. the beef rending sambal chilli & ikan bilis with peanuts all quite average.

i skipped most cooked food stations in buffet (& that’s the reason i prefer semi-buffet places like the excellent one ninety, equinox & basilico where the main courses are served separately as fine dining dishes.

for olive tree though, i must say i liked all 3 main courses = braised lamb, duck & dory, all good dishes.

there was self service rojak station as well. i liked this too. & i had a helping of cheese. there was kikarangi, a light kiwi blue cheese i used to like. 

i not much dessert person so i found nothing in the wide array of dessert. the coconut & durian ice creams were very good though!

the restaurant was sadly only 30% full on a wednesday evening, it sure looked like a lot of wastage!

the service was very good though & the ambience was great!

the buffet also came with coffee, cappuccino, camomile tea etc.

i would rate this buffet below The Edge, but this was substantially cheaper at S$34 (only with the 1 for 1), for me like my friend, the price was ok but i won’t really come back here for this. equinox & one ninety are still the (semi) buffets for me. 

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16 Jan 2014 • 214 reviews • 1 follower

Very Average Buffet (Citibank 1 for 1 S$68pax)

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6 of us went to olive tree for the citibank 1 for 1 S$68pax weekday buffet on 15.1.2014. i had not been to this place for umpteen years, so thought gave it a try. the
Delicious desserts!
29 Oct 2013 • 9 reviews • 0 follower

High Tea at the Olive Tree

Went there a few weeks back to sample their high tea. The buffet spread included international cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Japanese and continental. More than the buffet, i enjoyed the dessert spread. Thumbs up for the blueberry cheesecake and red velvet cake :)

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02 Oct 2013 • 242 reviews • 46 followers

Delicious buffet. Special Thai theme till mid Oct 13
13 Sep 2013 • 114 reviews • 1 follower

$32 nett/pax for lobsters and seafoods till end Oct!

For a full run-down of my dining experience at Olive Tree, please visit:

Enjoy :)
22 Apr 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Love the staff service, clear your plates fast..but as for food quite dissapointed

21st April (Sunday) 2013 at 12.30pm

I celebrated my birthday & our wedding anniversary in these place cause I heard so much about the food was awesome..was looking forward for the Lamb Shank but I did not see any..hahahah that's was funny.

The variety was quite dissapointing..

They had fried chicke