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Omakaseya Azmaya

Asian, Japanese


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Tue - Sun: 18:00 - 00:00

Closed: Mon

$56 based on 7 reviews
To make a free reservation,
call our hotline on 68846884(for all other enquires, call the restaurant direct on 62350150)

We specialize in authentic Japanese Wagyu Beef.Wagyu beef are flown in directly from Japan.

Upon order our restaurant can cater up to 118 people at any one time with up to 10 private rooms to choose from that can be adjusted to fit according to the customer’s  requirement.

With our varies creative methods of cooking wagyu beef, we can assure you that you will find whatever taste that you are looking for. Besides other ways of cooking, we specialties in 4 types: Sukiyaki, Steaming basket, grilled or Steak.

Besides from out tantalizing wagyu beef menu, we also have our special “Omakase Course” starting from $50++ per person.

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Hoongy ! • 13 Aug 20141876 reviews 257 followers

At this day and age where omakase can cost a bomb, Omakaseya Azmaya has arranged for sets that start from as little as $60 a head. At a recent visit, I decided to try their premium omakase, which is priced reasonably at $100 per head.
The appetiser starts with small portions of wasabe edamame, avocado and tomato tartar, Japanese Omelette with Crab Meat Sauce, Wagyu, Ikura (salmon roe) and Uni (sea urchin) and cold boiled eggplant - all in...

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Tony Ang • 14 Oct 20142 reviews 0 followers

ot enough waiter. service is slow. other than beef the rest so so only 2 of 10 in that area. waste money if you go at dinner time. too EXpensive and bad experience. not recommended.

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Tony Ang • 14 Oct 20142 reviews 0 followers

I went there on a sun at 6pm. Food was serve at 7pm onwards. every 40 minute one dish. My friend nearly faint of hunger. first dish is beef tongue then got to wait 30 min for 3 rice. portion very small only 4 small piece .HOT green ice taste like plain water at $5. have to wait 70 min for 2nd refill. call waiter 28 times. until i yell at them at 730pm. cold tea no refill at $5....

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Andriany Kho • 24 Sep 20142 reviews 0 followers

I dont normally write food reviews but I love this place.

The food is good n the place is very cozy. Diners get to eat in their own private dining rooms.

When we were done with our meal & left the restaurant, all the service staff were busy & didnt notice us leaving. But when the restaurant manager, Maezono-san, realised that we had left, he ran out of the restaurant just to thank us personally.

Great service!

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