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Oriole Cafe & Bar


At Oriole Cafe & Bar, diners can indulge in affordable comforting bistro fare, matched by an extensive bar menu of quality coffee beverages prepared by award-winning baristas.

Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 23:00

Fri: 11:00 - 00:00

Sat: 10:00 - 00:00

Sun: 10:00 - 23:00

+65 62388348
$27 based on 145 submissions
Chillout (57 votes), Dinner (50 votes), Lunch (42 votes)

Great service, food & atmosphere

Walked past this place lots of times but didn't really notice this cafe. Finally decided to visit it and it was so awesome!

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The HGW community like this place for...

  • coffee17 votes
  • Fish & Chips12 votes
  • beef cheek tagliatelle7 votes
  • piccolo latte5 votes
  • Honey Crumble Affogato4 votes
  • chicken casserole4 votes
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 145 votes
25 Nov 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Great service, food & atmosphere

Walked past this place lots of times but didn't really notice this cafe. Finally decided to visit it and it was so awesome!

Visit my blog for more pictures and details!
23 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

*TERRIBLE* service

I went with a group of friends to catch up this Sunday afternoon over lunch, having heard that the coffee and food was ok.  Nothing could have prepared me for the experience that I received from the Oriole Cafe & Bar.   Firstly, the service was terrible!!!  It took ages for our food and drinks to arrive, and the service staff took over 25 minutes to take our order!  Admittedly the place was 2/3rds full but people who came in after us had their orders taken and their food arrive even before we got to order.  We were repeatedly told to wait a little while longer.  We eventually asked the person who seemed most senior on staff, and he was extremely rude with us.   And when the food arrived it was NOT good.  I ordered their signature burger, my friends ordered their fish and chips and a couple of other dishes.  Their dishes were really really salty.  We told the waiter that it was a bit too salty and he told us that it was supposed to be like that.  I told him that it was *extremely* salty and he became even ruder.  I eat a lot of salty food (I love burgers and fries) and that was bordering on unedible from the amount of salt in it.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the waiter (who turned out to be the manager) wasn't so rude.
20 Oct 2014 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

It's pretty fine

Amateur barhopper comes again! 

I came here with a friend to catch-up. This place is unlike the other bars I reviewed (please read them). It is more of a dining place and the counter isn't meant for drinking, though there is a "plank" (? Possible a long table whatever) facing the window. 

Food: I ordered a fish and chips from them. Pretty decent. Their dip is a bit too sour though. Otherwise, it's just like any other fish and chips. The fish however is cooked really thoroughly and the process of freezing and thawing the fish is done well, so the fish still has tenderness throughout. My friend ordered a crab meat spaghetti. It tasted pretty decent, though I can't really describle it since, 1: I review bars not food 2: I didn't eat much of it. But anyway, their crab meat is pretty generous to say the least. So I guess it works out well even though their spaghetti is not much.  Drinks: Here comes the main part. I ordered a whisky and my friend ordered 2 pints. Nothing fanciful about the drinks but there's a weird part which I don't understand. 

 They had a 2-for-1 promotion. I wanted to mixed the whisky match-up, and i was willing to pay for the more expensive price regardless. But it wasn't allowed. It still makes me curious till this day. And will probably make me curious till I die anyway. 

The beer is just a typical draft beer. For beer however, there is a certain technique to pouring it as well. The one who got us the beer was pretty skilled too. It was poured fluently and the foam was just nice, with a rough 10% of the foam just above the glass. 

Service: Now, I must say that their service is neat. (mostly because of my embarrassing moment) I knocked over my glass of water due to the dim lighting, but the service crew quickly relocated us to another table nearby, carrying our drinks and food for us. They mopped it up quick and was good enough for another customer to come in within minutes. Now, I must clarify that the star I gave above was for this act, not because of the friendly server service.  It's a pretty nice place to catchup with old friends. They offer decent drinks during happy hours and they serve decent food that are not too overprice considering the ingredients and amount they served.
18 Oct 2014 • 3 reviews • 12 followers

stay for the coffee

But food is nothing to shout about. Had seafood linguine and fish and chips. Seafood linguine = boiled pasta sauce mixed in with sliced garlic and frozen seafood... Coffee however was pretty good. I will recommend this place for a quick catch for coffee, cake and chill, but never for any meals.
11 Jul 2014 • 31 reviews • 0 follower

Nice Coffee !

This is our second visit to Oriole Cafe & Bar ! 

Philly Steak & Cheese - The handcut fries alone filled 80% of my tummy, nicely fried and seasoned. The sandwich was a little bit salty, most of the flavor likely to have came from the sautéed onions or peppers.

Vegetable Linguine - The pasta was dry and the sauce taste more milky than creamy, the only good thing was probably the vegetable taste fresh and well cooked.

Citrus Sin - One of their signature coffee, satisfaction guaranteed. Extremely strong, aromatic and rich coffee.   Though the food wasn't as good as our previous visit, but their coffee still one of our favorite.
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