Oriole Coffee + Bar (Pan Pacific Serviced Suites)


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Quick Dinner With Friends

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 687

I was at Somerset one weekday evening with friends and needed a quick bite. We popped into this restaurant, as it wasn’t crowded.

  I shared with a friend: - Fish and Chips. Thick chunky pieces of fish in a breaded crust. Fries were done Cajun style. This particular dish is different from the traditional ones at most places.


- Chicken Tikka: Chicken pieces nicely marinated and grilled. Served with a yoghurt dip on the side. Tastes good, even though it's served in a western cafe. 


They do have Happy Hour promotion, where some beers and wines are ‘1 for 1’.

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if you don't try it, you didn't miss anything

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience N/A | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Really sub-average food and one of the the managers (the big guy there) is really unfriendly... you can just tell:  Brotzeit right across is almost always full-house, why?   That explains it.   

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appalling service

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

much has been talked about the coffee at oriole. one just had to try - or so we thought. the standard seems to have dropped but we go back nonetheless cos the ambience is pretty nice...until the service became quite appalling.

the service varies depending on which staff you get but the last straw is when they they throw the line at you "we only serve water to diners". and so it seems you are not a diner until you order a main. don't hop in for an in-between-meal snack or drink or you will get discriminated service. just remember guys, the 10% service charge still goes on. maybe someone should remind the management that.

with no lack of cafes in town, oriole is surely a write-off after this.

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Too inconsistent: hope you catch them on a good day

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 28

Went with great enthusiasm down to Somerset to try out Oriole Cafe and Bar of award-winning barista fame. Though I wasn't too impressed with the service, I was impressed with what I sampled on that day. I had a double-shot iced latte, and a banoffee pie. The latte was strong and robust, with deep smoky aftertaste. Totally superior to the anemic offerings at Coffee Bean, Coffee Club, or TCC. Totally sold.

The banoffee pie was also interesting; unconventionally served in a bright yellow metal, dented mug, vanilla ice-cream was piled atop bananas and the crumbly, buttery crust. It was kinda layered-deconstructed. It was still tasty, and though it doesn't look like a huge serving, it is rather hefty a portion.

I was so impressed with my first try at Oriole that I brought a coffee connoisseur friend to try out the coffees the very next day. That day was Saturday, being the weekend, the cafe was much more crowded than Friday, my first visit. I ordered the iced vanilla latte, and my friend ordered the Iced mint mocha. Sad to say, I was sorely disappointed, as the latte was totally weak and

characterless. Besides NOT EVEN HAVING A SLIGHT TASTE OF VANILLA AT ALL, upon arrival, the ice cubes were all melted, leaving some ice chips floating about in the glass, and the coffee horribly diluted from the melted ice. The mint mocha was the same, and the mint taste was also lacklustre.

What is this? I felt so sorry subjecting my friend to this substandard coffee. Outlets which cannot maintain consistency during busier days should really review their staffing and kitchen policies to ensure that no matter which day you visit, you're never shortchanged. Hope Oriole does not disappoint me again.

For more reviews and other food scratchings do visit my little scribble site Screaming Gastrogasms (www.eberdz.weebly.com)

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Service is too rigid and slow!

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 6

Hmm, i went there on a Saturday afternoon with my boyfriend to celebrate his 24th birthday. Sort of decided to go for the Oriole Cafe since i saw good reviews.

When we reached there, it was semi filled with people. Though the deco were very nice but the ambience was not appealing at all as the place was quite noisy and i could not lunch in peace with my bf. The selection of food was small and i guess for certain food, the value wasn't there. I remembered that i said to my bf that it was more money-worthy to eat at Marche (which is quite near the cafe) and i get better food too.

Something which i need to mention is about their service. We barely sat down for 5 minutes and their crews came over to ask us to order their food thrice at least (or more than that). I think we customers should be given more time to consider about ordering their food. Moreover, when i finished eating my meal, the manager and the crews did not clear my empty plate despite walking past my table and noticing that my plate was empty. And since the area which we were sitting in was really noisy that i had a headache, i requested to change seats and they told us no because we made a reservation and couldn't change. I was like 'huh'! But i persisted because the noise from the table next to us was getting louder. They should have noticed that i was placing my bag on my lap and could have gotten me an extra chair to place my bag. But sadly it didn't happen.

As for the food, my bf was rather happy with his chicken but for mine, despite paying $25 for the risotto w garlic prawns, the portion was rather small and the amount of prawns given was rather too little.

So in conclusion, i don't really want to go back to this place anymore, especially w a big group cos it can get very noisy but its def. a cosy place with all the sofas and the musics.

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Great place for afternoon coffee

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 11

Having a bit of free time to myself, I brought a bit of reading material and went down to Oriole Cafe to grab a snack and a cup of coffee.


The last time I was there, 313 hadn't been completed and all we could see from the cafe were aluminum boards. Now that the construction has ended, it's a decent place to watch people walk by between reading.

Oriole Cafe itself was warm and quiet. It was slightly dark but bright enough to read by. The chair was comfortable enough that I did not shift much for an hour and a half. There was ample table space for a coffee, dessert and a magazine.

Food & Beverage:

I started out with a double macchiato ($4.20), which is a double espresso with a bit of foam on top, to go with a grilled lemon cake ($8.50) which came with a sprinkling of pistachio nuts, ?clotted cream and glazed apricots.  

Some time later, although I was already buzzing, I couldn't resist ordering another cappucino ($5.00) to drink as I was reading.

Starting out with appearances, it's always a good sign when the foam that comes on both the macchiato and cappucino were perfect. Delicate latte art and no real visible bubbles, unlike that cinnamon-powdered mess that chains like McCafe fob on us.

I believe that coffee blends in Singapore are suited more for going with milk. The macchiato was nice, quite fragrant, sufficiently bitter with some sourness. It was definitely a whole lot better than Prive Bakery (with their sour coffee without fragrance). The cappucino was excellent.

The grilled lemon cake was almost too sweet, had a good texture. The pistachio nuts enhanced the kou gan "mouth feel", adding crunch and preventing the whole thing from being gelat. The cream didn't add much. The apricots were delicious and melted in the mouth.


I thought the service was excellent. I stood outside, looking at the menu and a waitress came out and waited unobtrusively at the side. As compared to Food for Thought, where the pathetic excuse for wait staff see you standing at the door and blatantly ignore you.

The timings for giving the menu, taking orders and then changing the cutlery (since I was not taking any main courses) were appropriate. When I asked for a recommendation, the waitress was able to answer confidently without waffling. When delivering the drinks and dishes, they were careful and quiet. Halfway through my meal, the waitress came over to ask if I was enjoying the lemon cake (which she had recommended) When collecting the empty cups/plate, they asked politely for permission and removed them without interfering with my reading. Excellent service.

I would probably return again. My next plan is to try their Sunday brunch, available on Sundays and Public Holidays. A good cup of coffee always does wonders to start the day.

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