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Oscar's Cafe & Terrace


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Oscar's Cafe & Terrace is located at Conrad Centennial Singapore. It offers local and international a la carte dishes and buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 14:30

Mon - Sun: 18:00 - 22:00

Sun: 12:00 - 15:00

$64 based on 68 submissions
Buffet (27 votes), Dinner (24 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (18 votes)
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Very good buffet breakfast spread. Variety of eastern and western dishes with all the usual crowed pleasers.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • oysters10 votes
  • sashimi7 votes
  • Caesar Salad4 votes
  • desserts4 votes
  • ice cream3 votes
  • Laksa2 votes
  • Prawn2 votes
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28 Jan 2015 • 45 reviews • 0 follower


Very good buffet breakfast spread. Variety of eastern and western dishes with all the usual crowed pleasers.
28 Jan 2015 • 292 reviews • 22 followers

Ode to The Black Truffle

[MEDIA INVITE] For the complete review, click here.

Hello Truffle Lovers, The Black Truffle promotion has arrived at Oscar's Cafe & Terrace ('Oscar'). One of the must try ingredient for foodies is making its appearance in Oscar.

Black Truffle is also known as Winter Truffle. Compare to white truffle, which normally harvested during summer in Europe, black truffle has a more subtle aromatic flesh. Black Truffle can be used as it own or can be incorporated with different ingredients to draw out the flavour.
In Oscar, Executive Chef Michele Mingozze will be using the Black Truffle in different cuisines. From appetizers, Japanese, Local, Western and of course desserts. This tasting session really made me feel that I am at one of guest judges in the Iron Chef competitions, with the privilege of tasting how the chef uses and presents of the main ingredient black truffle in each dish.

We started this Truffle Gastronomic Journey from the appetizers. Poached Quail Egg with Black Truffle Espuma; and Seafood Salad with Sliced Braised Black Truffle. The aromatic and subtle truffle paired with smooth and velvety poached quail egg is refreshing. Although the foam has dissipate, the truffle aroma still there. The seafood salad are fresh, but the truffle here is more refined. It was a good wake up call for our palate.

For Western Cuisine, it is more of an Italian Affair and showcasing the strength of Chef Mingozze. White Asparagus, Parma Ham Chips and Black Truffle; Risotto with Black Truffle; and White Noodle with Black Truffle and Olive Oil Sauce. The aroma of the truffle just lingered in the air when the white asparagus are served. All the ingredients here comes together nicely and my favourite is the crispy parma ham. Tasted like bacon without the oil.

Only one word to describe the Risotto, Fantastico! It is creamy, cheesy, flavourful, and the risotto rice is al-dente. It seems the risotto and the mushroom really accentuate the scent and flavour of black truffle in the dish. On the buffet line, the risotto will be cooked upon order. Similarly with the fettucine, the simplicity of this dish allowed us to taste the real flavour of the black truffle. A touch of crispy parmesan, just complete this dish.

For other truffle inspired dishes and desserts, click here.

Overall, I am truly impressed with Chef Mingozzi and his team effort to bring us their interpretation and creativity in presenting black Truffle influenced dishes. The appetizers, Western (Italian) and desserts are just amazing. What a memorable Iron Chef esque experience. Please refer to the link above for the details on this LIMITED TIME promotion.

Thank you to Chef Michele Mingozzi, Oscar's F&B Team and Conrad Centennial Singapore for the wonderful evening.  
  • Poached Quail Egg with Black Truffle Espuma
26 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Above average

The food varieties were not too bad. Would love to see more credit card promotions for more discounts!