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$94 based on 68 submissions
Dinner (25 votes), Fine Dining (15 votes), Romance/First Dates (15 votes) ...

Located in World Square at Resorts World Sentosa, OSIA serves contemporary cuisine with Australia flavours and Asia accents infused into the dishes. Their menu changes 4 times a year.

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flat bread
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chocolate soup with pepper ice cream
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foie gras
Sour Cream Flat Bread with Pistachio Cheese Cream
Sour Cream Flat Bread with Pistachio Cheese Cream
  • Flat Bread 16 votes
  • Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup 10 votes
  • Seafood Experience 6 votes
  • Steak 5 votes
  • foie gras 4 votes
  • sea perch 4 votes
  • Angus Beef 2 votes
  • bread 2 votes
  • compressed watermelon 2 votes
  • oysters 2 votes
  • Australian Beef Hanging Tenders (Medium rare) 1 vote
  • Barramundi & Mash 1 vote
  • Black angus tenderloin 1 vote
  • Byron Bay Berkshire Pork Rack 1 vote
  • Grilled Meats 1 vote
  • Lamb rump 1 vote
  • Lemongrass sorbet 1 vote
  • Mulwarra Lamb Rack and Shank 1 vote
  • OSIA Macadamia Soufflé 1 vote
  • Poached Egg with Jamon Iberico 1 vote
  • Pork Chop 1 vote
  • Pumpkin 1 vote
  • Tenderloin with blueberry risotto 1 vote
  • Tomato Bisque 1 vote
  • Wattle seed Pavloa 1 vote
  • mushroom foam with 68 degrees boiled egg 1 vote
  • stonehearth meat 1 vote
  • yuzu granny smith apple pie 1 vote

Latest Review for Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

Overall RatingBased on 54 reviews
Most helpful review:

Tasty Food but Small Portion

Food/Drink 4 | Value 2 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 14

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As budget foodies, we got the 2 course lunch set at $35++ each, which allowed us to share 1 appetizer and 1 dessert - available on weekends as well! I got the slow roasted pork and dried beef risotto for the main course. Both are quite well done. I highly recommend the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup dessert which was unique and finished off our meal nicely.

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Food underwhelming...overall disappointing first outing at Osia!

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

My first visit to Osia recently was by an invite from a friend. I read up on the reviews and menus to get a feel of what to expect and was pretty impressed with what I saw. Unfortunately, they fell short of the expectations. 

We were recommended the Macadamia Pesto and Truffled Kalamata Olive flatbread which we ordered. It came nicely presented with olive oil and butter and a tube of macadamia ricotta cream which I find interesting and complimented the bread well.

For mains, we were recommended the Chilean Sea Bass which is one of their iconic signatures, Grilled Barramundi Fillet and the Grainge Black Angus Beef New York Steak (30 days dry aged). We went with their recommendations and ordered the barramundi and the New York steak. The food came plated in the same simplistic manner...a tiny portion of veggie, the protein portion and a sauce of our choice served in a small Pyrex beaker. My friend enjoyed her fish which she had ordered on a previous visit. My steak was a disappointment. To begin with, I ordered medium rare and it came looking like a medium...l cut through the middle and it was pink throughout. Kudos to the service staff who was observant enough to come by the table to enquire about my steak. I gave my feedback and he promptly explained that this is probably the way the kitchen cook to a medium rare doneness. Erm! I have my doubts...both my friend and I agreed it was medium and by the way, shouldn't the standard and definition of the degree of doneness of a steak be a universally agreed upon and accepted one...anyway, we gave the restaurant the benefit of the doubt...they probably think they are qualified enough to establish their own in-house standards! The service staff removed the steak and informed me that they will cook the steak ONE more time And this time it will be cooked to the medium rare doneness of my liking. The wait didn't take long but I was to be disappointed a second time. I cut through the middle of the steak and found it to be rare...a thin band of brown on the outside and red, almost blue throughout! Such a huge contrast to the previous steak. Pretty shocking I must add, given this is a steakhouse! By the way, is the restaurant trying to prove a point to me? You want a medium RARE got one now! In spite of its doneness, the steak was dry and sinewy...totally not worth the $62 price tag! The service staff came to the table to ask about the steak, again I expressed my disappointment. They didn't ask if I want the steak to be cooked again and no apology was forthcoming. Least to say, I didn't finish the steak and that put a damper on the whole dining experience. 

To end the night, we had the Hot Chocolate Soup with Black Pepper Ice Cream which fared better but it's nothing more than a dressed up chocolate self-saucing pudding. 

Overall, not a very pleasant dining experience. I expected much more but they fail to deliver. 

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Great modern Aussie fare

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 658

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Osia's modern Australian, seafood-centric menu was excellent. Fresh, clean flavours abound, and cooking styles were deliberately kept delicate. Perhaps it's the lack of a dining crowd during lunchtimes, but Osia's set lunch menu, at only $45 for a 3-course set ($35 for 2-courses), is probably one of the most value-for-money ever. A competitively priced set lunch in order to draw in the customers, I suppose

Service was excellent at Osia. I'd gotten terribly lost in the labryith of a carpark and was an angry mess by the time I arrived at the restaurant, but the waiter was so empathetic, so cheery, downright nice, that it wasn't long before I cooled down. And despite a couple of serious c***-ups (the restaurant's power tripped which caused the credit card facilities to fail, so after 20 minutes of trying to swipe our cards, we were then told that only cash was accepted, and there was this faint stench of the sewage that reeked through the restaurant towards the end of the lunch dining hour), service recovery was fantastic. Apologies were profuse and sincere, and reparation efforts were made to provide us a better dining experience by way of a discounted return visit. 
 We had:

1) Mixed Flatbread ($11), a chewy confection burnished half with Truffled Kalamata Olives and the other half with Macadamia Pesto.
 2) A starting option on the set lunch menu, the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio, dusted with dukkah spice and topped with creamy egg mayonnaise: scrumptious.
 3) Cardamom Citrus-Cured Yellowtail Amberjack: another starter, crisp and refreshing, complemented by the mild sweetness of fennel and the fruity bite of a thick orange-ginger foam.
 4) Pan-Fried Foie Gras (supplement $12): a stellar mainstay in their rotating stable of appetizers. The melty richness of the liver was balanced with a whipped light-as-air banana mash, Jamaican rum and Madagascar vanilla.
 5) Onto the mains, the Chicken Leg Confit: set atop a velvety garlic potato mash, slathered in a luscious red wine sauce, and contrasted with the subtle bitterness of charred radicchio.
 6) Braised Compressed Oxtail: fork-tender, and laden with ratatouille and blanketed in a caramelized onion puree and robust red wine sauce.
 7) For a lighter entree, the flaky Grilled Perch, stewed with boiled potato and fennel in a tomato fish broth, was flavourful and exquisite. This was served in an earthernware and then ladled onto a bowl for consumption.
 8) For dessert, there was just the one option of a sublime Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup with black pepper-spiked vanilla ice-cream and sesame crisp. Great textures and wonderfully balanced

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