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Located in World Square at Resorts World Sentosa, OSIA serves contemporary cuisine with Australia flavours and Asia accents infused into the dishes. Their menu changes 4 times a year.

Thu - Tue: 12:00 - 15:00

Thu - Tue: 18:00 - 22:30

Closed: Wed

+65 65776560
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$93 based on 59 submissions
Dinner (24 votes), Fine Dining (14 votes), Romance/First Dates (14 votes)
Liu Xiangting

Tasty Food but Small Portion

For full review and pictures, visit:

As budget foodies, we got the 2 course lunch set at $35++ each, which allowed us to share 1 appetizer and 1 dessert - available on weekends as well! I got the slow roasted pork and dried beef risotto for the main course. Both are quite well done. I highly recommend the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup dessert which was unique and finished off our meal nicely.

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Ox Tongue Salad
09 Oct 2014 • 12 reviews • 28 followers

Tasty Food but Small Portion

For full review and pictures, visit:

As budget foodies, we got the 2 course lunch set at $35++ each, which allowed us to share 1 appetizer and 1 dessert - available on weekends as well! I got the slow roasted pork and dried beef risotto for the main course. Both are quite well done. I highly recommend the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup dessert which was unique and finished off our meal nicely.
03 Oct 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

A gem found on Sentosa island.

It was by chance that my bf found this restaurant on a direct mailer and we decided to try it. For someone who hardly patronise restaurants in Sentosa, it took a while to find the restaurant. (well worth the search)

Warmly greeted by the friendly and professional staff, we were taken to our table. We started the order with the flat bread accompanied by several choices which we ended up with my choice of curry coconut and garlic butter. I then ordered the 3 course set (Norwegian prawn, tenderloin and chocolate coup) for $85++. My boyfriend ordered the octopus entree, New York steak and souffle.

ok lets take about the food. i LOVED everything! OMG! it has been such a long time since i was blown away by every dish i had in a night. The only thing perhaps is i wish the tenderloin was slightly bigger. Other than that, it was absolutely divine. The soup had a couple of small chunks of orange and grapfruit cutting through the prawn broth and topped off with fresh shrimps. YUMMM! Next! what not to love about a perfectly cooked steak? The jus which i believe could be a red wine jus was so tasty and well balanced. A perfect companion to the steak. The chocolate soup which looked and tasted pretty much like a chocolate fondant had warm runny chocolate sauce served with an interesting pepper ice cream. It totally complimented the rich chocolate sauce which was surprising. The souffle oh my goodness... where to start? it was nice light and fluffy like how a souffle should be. Not too sweet, perfect i should say which crunchy macadamia nuts giving it some texture in the souffle. Again, a complimenting sour ice cream which tasted like a light version of a yogurt - match made in heaven. I finished my dinner with a wide smile scrapping off every bit left on the plate. Do i need to say more?

I am planning to go back in a couple of weeks again because i am already missing it. i am so thrilled so have found a good restaurant to rave about. Excellent service, delicious food and overall beyond satisfied.
11 Sep 2014 • 51 reviews • 1 follower

Nice, Leisurely, Casual Fine Dining

Usually, one will not associate the words, leisure and casual with fine dining, but Osia makes it possible. One does not have to dress formally to have a nice decent meal at Osia and surprisingly, kids are welcomed also! Despite these, the ambience is still quiet and elegant with the nice and lush greenery outside the restaurant which embraces nature at the same time. 

The food is nice, tending towards simulating kind of tastes with lemons, etc, and exciting the tastebuds, thus allowing me to have a strong impression of the dishes. The barramundi is very fresh and well-cooked to retain the moisture which complements very well with the sauce. However, though the dishes are able to awake my senses, they did not make me go, "Oh, this is so perfect, it is heaven sent!" To be fair, the set lunch is only $38. The seafood experience did not meet my expectations. The main reason is that the flat scoop does not allow one to scoop out both the flavoured ice and seafood together to truly experience the combination of the tastes. Some of the ice is too bitter with alcohol and overshadows the delicate taste of raw seafood.
  The Sunday brunch is big thumbs up, extremely value for money and highly recommended.  For $58 only, one gets to enjoy free flow of tasty food delicately made with fresh ingredients and the succulent oysters paired with the simulating and sublime horseradish cream. The freshly baked (right out from the oven) flatbread here is truly the epitome of quality bread, bursting with that warm, sweet aroma of baked dough. The canapés are delicious: from the foie gras, light yet creamy and flavourful soup of the day, to many others not easily found in any other restaurants.   The desserts are of huge variety and most are creamy and delicious; easily beat the desserts in many other restaurants. Helps that Valhorna chocolate is used in their chocolate desserts.

The service is ok, with smiles, greetings and farewells. Though I had encountered much better service elsewhere.

I will definitely visit Osia again if I'm hanging around at RWS on weekdays and Saturday, though I will not specially go back, just to have a meal there.

It is a different story for Sunday Brunch, where it is a regular affair to go there. But reservations needed since it is always full house during brunch (especially if there is a RWS invities promotion).

For photos, visit my blog at
Seafood ice experience, $34
27 Aug 2014 • 148 reviews • 6 followers

Drop by if (only) you're in Sentosa

We came on a quiet Saturday night and were able to get seats without making any reservation. Besides an a-la carte menu, OSIA has a set menu too. From the ‘iconic set dinner menu’, one can choose to go with 3-courses at $85, 4-courses at $110 and 5-courses at $135.

Wanting more variety, my friend and I ordered the set dinner and a few a-la carte items:-

1) 3-courses set dinner, $85 comprising of:-
(A) Foie gras – The difference between 3, 4 and 5-courses is that for starters, one can choose 1, 2 and 3 respectively. As we went with 3-course, we chose foie gras from fjord trout, Norwegian prawn, foie gras and perch. Pan fried, banana textures, madagascar vanilla, jamaican rum. This was nice, although I wish the crust was more brittle.
(B) Perch – Dish 2 of the ‘icon set dinner menu’. The other option for main being beef tenderloin which we don’t take, we went with perch. Sesame ratte potato, pea tendrils, soy milk curd, shiromiso glaze.
(C) Valrhona hot chocolate soup – Black peppered ice cream, sesame crisp. The only option for dessert. This was almost like our chocolate fondant cake, but served in a bowl instead. This was not too bad, although I got to say having pepper in the ice cream, it was kinda weird.

2) Seafood ice experience, $34 – We ordered this from the a-la carte menu as it’s one of OSIA’s signature dishes. With alcohol mixed into the flavoured blended ice, this dish doubled up as a palate cleanser. We were each given a thin, long utensil which had one end bent at an angle for us to scoop the fillings out. But it was a little challenging since the end was flat and not scooped like a spoon. We ended up eating the dish by picking the test tubes out from the holder and pouring the content into our mouths straight. A little unglam for first dates. Ha. We were told to have the lychee martini ice with oyster last, and my favourites were the coconut with maine lobster and pineapple rum with tuna. So nice. My least favourite was the lychee martini ice with oyster. Only because I have not gotten over my phobia for oyster. I could taste the fishiness of the oyster in the lychee martini flavoured ice. A must try!

Due to the (silly) 3000 characters limit, continue to read my review on other dishes here: PART2

Frankly, the portion of the dishes was a little on the small side. However, I will recommend coming to OSIA if one is in Sentosa and will like to have a semi-formal dinner. Although some diners came dressed in the beach attire. Think, loose top over bikini, shorts and slippers. Service was attentive as the staff would explain the components of the dishes.

PS : I am a blogger too! Lifestyle blogFood Blog
25 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Huge disappointment!

Reserved for a table for 2 on 23 Aug 2014 and indicated that it was for a birthday celebration. The waiter serving us recommended the stone hearth flat bread, with Garlic Butter and Macadamia Pesto. We then ordered our starters; foie gras and maine lobster. For mains, we had Razor Clam, Atlantic Halibut, Hokkaido Scallop and Grainge Black Angus Beef New York Steak. A few minutes later, the waiter came to our table informing us that New York Steak is not available, hence we changed it to Grainge Black Angus Beef Tenderloin.

We then realized that the food items we ordered have items that falls under the iconic set menu; beef tenderloin and foie gras. Hence, we signalled for the waiter to check on it and he simply mentioned "i have already key into the system". They are so inflexible to even change it? That brings to our attention that perhaps the set menu has a different quality and portion of foie gras and beef tenderloin. IF NOT, we cannot understand why they are so inflexible of changing it in the system. Furthermore, he didn't even suggested to us that we could take up the iconic set menu since we have changed the New York Steak to Beef Tenderloin.

Flat bread was supposed to be served first (as mentioned by the waiter and this was placed way before we ordered our starters and mains), however, it was otherwise. We finished our starters, the flat bread did not came until the waiter went to check on the order and instructed for the kitchen staff to do it than it was served together with our mains.

As indicated in my reservation that it was for a birthday celebration, however, there wasn't any birthday cake served despite sitting there for at least 30 minutes with an empty table to finish up our wine. No one came up to me / our table to ask if they can serve the cake. My bf was with me all the time in the restaurant, it was meant for a surprise so i couldn't signal for anyone too. We left after finishing the wine.

Totally disappointed. Food are not worth the money too, nothing to WOW about.