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OSO Ristorante

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This well-regarded Italian fine dining restaurant has specialities such as mixed cold cuts, a lamb rack baked for eight hours and a hot dark chocolate tart corstata served with milk ice cream.

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 14:30

Mon - Sat: 18:00 - 00:00

$105 based on 93 submissions
Dinner (33 votes), Fine Dining (22 votes), Romance/First Dates (18 votes)

all time, excellent

I never has a bad meal in Oso yet... I hope I haven't jinxed it?! This quality is so hard to find this days....

The HGW community like this place for...

  • 70% hot chocolate crostata2 votes
  • Antipasti platter2 votes
  • Black truffle risotto with mascarpone2 votes
  • air flown cheese2 votes
  • Burrata appetizer.1 vote
  • Chocolate costata1 vote
  • Cold Cuts Parma Ham1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 93 votes
29 Oct 2014 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

Against what it could be, it's disappointing

Excellent location, excellent interior, excellent service.  But we came for Restaurant Week, and perhaps that is why the food was so disappointing, compared to our expectations for "the best Italian in Singapore".

 Prawns in a campari/orange sauce tasted like they came out of a frozen pack; the lettuce that went with it was a little pointless, and didn't look that healthy either. The caviar and cauliflower soup was really nothing special - I make a more vibrant soup at home with Cold Storage cauliflowers. The veal cheek did have a nice sauce, but there was little of it - too little for the cheek - although that was the most enjoyable course of the lot, despite unnamed, tasteless hard chips on the pumpkin. The milk tart was also enjoyable, although nothing to remember - great pastry cooked properly, decent chocolate, and some milk ice cream on top. I would have paid 40 for the lot; the more than 100 I had to fork out made me feel somewhat sad. The Italian meal a la carte I had at Concetto the night before was much better, and only cost 30 after tax and service.

I do think the main menu looked both better value, and considerably more interesting; perhaps the restaurant is simply adapting its RW menu to a broader audience (and improving its margin). No matter, I'm unlikely to return since at that price range there are so many truly great options in Singapore. 

The wine recommendations turned out well, and the wine list steps away from the well beaten paths of France and Australia as you would expect. Service was impeccable as, again, you would expect. The cheese "cupboard" is magnificent and perhaps another hint that a la carte is the way here.
04 Jul 2014 • 15 reviews • 0 follower

all time, excellent

I never has a bad meal in Oso yet... I hope I haven't jinxed it?! This quality is so hard to find this days....
19 Apr 2014 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

A Masterpiece of a Restaurant

Oso is a chance to experience something done perfectly.  It's like flying suites on Singapore airlines or watching the Rolling Stones play.  There's a perfection and a fluidity to how well they do what they do that's seriously impressive.  Oso is one of those experiences and that makes it the best restaurant in Singapore.

A huge part of that experience comes down to staff that feels better trained than the employees at most multinationals.  These guys know their food and are passionate about what they're doing.  And with that comes a confidence and a courtesy that makes them extremely nice to be around.

The food is the best food I've had in Singapore and it's consistently been amazing each time we've been there, once every six weeks or so for the past 6 years.  We usually start with the mozzarella caprese and then move onto the stracci with wild boar before (when its available) the venison loin with red currant.  the filletto is also amazing.  you can't really go wrong here.

30 Jun 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Safe and easy

A good restaurant that has been around for a while now, i think its one of those places that is easy to go back to every once in a while. The service is great and the food is tasty!
30 Apr 2013 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

Good but not great

For more reviews, please go to

I've long heard rave reviews about OSO Ristorante. Way before the revitalisation of the Bukit Pasoh/Keong Saik area, OSO was the reason foodies flocked to that area. They were one of the earlier purveyors of refined Italian haute cuisine. But having dined at the restaurant recently, I cannot quite understand diners gushing about this place. FYI, the food wasn't awful. In fact, it was quite good. It was just not great. For all of the hype, I'd expected perfection. There were just about as many misses as there were hits.

Service though, was almost faultless. They were impeccably professional, yet warm and spontaneous at the same time.

From the very affordable weekday set lunch at $32, we had: 

1) Classic Mixed Vegetables Soup with Basil-Beetroot Pesto: very pretty pink broth choc-full of diced vegetables. The beetroot lent a sharpness to the delicate sweetness of the vegetables while basil provided a peppery lift.

2) Recomposed Endive with Smoked Salmon and mixed vegetables dressed Scapece style could have passed off as a meal on its own. That said, this was decent. A layer of fried oats gave the crust some crunch while the inside was juicy and flavoursome.

3) Roasted Whole Portobello Mushroom was scrumptious. The well-baked mushroom caps were lipsmackingly juicy while the beef bolognese was hearty and full-bodied.


From the ala carte menu, we had:

1) Pan-Fried Eggs Tagemino ($22) with black truffle paste and mixed cheese fondue. A highly rated starter, this was a little bit of a let down. I couldn't taste the cheese in this, and the egg was disappointingly uneven. The outer edges were overcooked and rubbery, whereas the center portion was left undercooked, with bits of the clear membrane still intact

2) Cioppino ($12), an Italian-American fish stew, was more like a thick prawn/lobster bisque than a watery bouillabaisse, which is what the classic cioppino should have been like. This was too heavy and rich.

3) Veal Ravioli ($24) in a velvety cheese and mushroom cream sauce was teetering on the brink of cloying. This needed copious lashings of pepper to get through. The veal mince filling, while hearty, was also a little dry.

4) Black Truffle Tartufo Risotto ($26) with mascarpone was AWESOME. The al dente grains had a decisive bite to them, and each was coated evenly with starry dots of heavenly black truffle paste. Mascarpone lent a mild creamy sweetness to the starch of the canaroli rice. If I were to come back to OSO, this would be the reason why

5) 70% Hot Dark Chocolate Tart Crostata ($14) with vanilla ice-cream was, in spite of the rave reviews, another too-heavy dish. I would have preferred the chocolate tart to be a little bittersweet to balance out the rich buttery tart and sweet vanilla ice-cream