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Ottoman Kebab & Grill

HalalMediterraneanMiddle EasternTurkish
Ottoman Kebab & Grill is is a halal-certified restaurant proud to be the first of its kind Turkish bistro in Singapore specializing in Turkish cuisine made only with the finest ingredients.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

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Rahul Khasnis

Mouthwatering Turkish

One of the best Turkish cuisine in Singapore. Would highly recommend Incik (Lamb Shank), Mutton Kebab and Kunefe. Definitely worth adding this you list if you like Turkish food.

You can either have the Incik on its own or with pilau rice. Pide is also an option but i liked it with rice.

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17 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Mouthwatering Turkish

One of the best Turkish cuisine in Singapore. Would highly recommend Incik (Lamb Shank), Mutton Kebab and Kunefe. Definitely worth adding this you list if you like Turkish food.

You can either have the Incik on its own or with pilau rice. Pide is also an option but i liked it with rice.
30 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

It was a pretty good experience.

Ottoman Kebab and Grill review

Ottoman Kebab and grill located at Bedok Mall, was a pleasant experience.

Value- 4/5

It was mostly affordable however, have some prior knowledge of the sizes. One main is suitable for two people.

Service- 4.5/5

The staff (i was served by two females) was generally helpful and friendly, even going so as to tell us what the soup is called when we asked what it was.

Ambience- 4/5

The ambience was nice, the chairs were comfy and the decoration was nice since it was quirky and relevant. The music however sometimes was a bit too loud or annoying. It would have been a little nicer if they complimented their food with some lighter music.

Food 3.5/5

The food was generally okay. i ordered their soup of the day (chicken and tomato soup) as my started, shish beef with flatbread and mediterranean rice ad my main and Kunefe for dessert. My family was also there and they order other things as well, which I will mention.

For one thing, the servings are surprisingly HUGE. The appetisers were filling on its own. They were delicious but they were a little too filling. The soup of the day was also extremely filling as well and I only managed to eat half of it. They did have this pleasantly light dish called Cheese Borek. Its basically spring roll wrapped around some feta and mozzarella and it was definitely the appetiser. Everything else should be on the main course menu. The flatbread was great! It was soft, fluffy and it had this slight crunch before it introduced the soft contrasting insides.

The main courses arrived pretty fast, too fast even. And like I said, i did not expect them to be huge. Added the fact that almost every dish carried an Onion, cucumber, tomato and lettuce salad. With what we ordered, we tried the beef, mutton and the chicken.

The beef was very well cooked and I will commend the fact that it was cooked medium well done. Nice and brown and a small circle of pink. It was juicy and soft and easy to chew.

The chicken was flavourful. However, my mother commented on the fact that all she could really taste was the marinate. Don’t get me wrong, the herbs and the marination was delicious but it covered up the taste of chicken. In terms of cooking, it was well done. Soft, white and the thin layer of oil coating the meat.

the mutton was good. No comments. Tasted like mutton. it was pretty good.

Now, my favourite part. the desert.

The desert was absolutely 100% delicious. I ordered the Kunefe which is basically a cheese and milk (?) pastry and it was coated with some fried thing. It was great! It was such a joy to eat since it was nice and sweet and the crushed green thing, which i think might have been crushed pistachios provided the balance.

My dad paid about $100 in total. They have a 10% service charge (which i find kinda ridiculous) and a 7% GST as well. I think it also may have been the fact that we were overwhelmed by the portions and the next time we go, we would probably order a lot less.
25 May 2014 • 5 reviews • 1 follower

so pissed!!!

So pissed with the staff there!!! My partner and I just went there, walked in and asked how many of us, so we replied 2. Then, he replied by saying oh sorry we do not have any seats now, it's full! What??!! If it's full, still ask how many of us!!??? Plus we did see some finishing their meals (migt leave anytime soon) or some empty seats. He said it's reserved! 2pm already and it's reserved? Fine! Even when we wanted to walk away, they DID NOT EVEN ask if we would like to wait a while more or give any other suggestions!!! We have been anticipating and wanted to try there, and this kind of service is what we got??? Ottoman Kebab & Grill, do you have any explanation on this? I hope you have.
Kunefe - Beautiful Pan Fried Goat Cheese in crispy Phyllo pastry, covered in syrup and pistachio
03 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Desert must-try

The meat were good but it's the desert that makes this place special, the Kunefe is sweet, savoury, chewy and crispy. Yup, you heard right.
01 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Great Peripherals

Phoned twice around 5pm to make a reservation for dinner, as we were turned away a few weeks ago due to us not having one. Nobody answered the phone. So we thought we would give it a shot and just show up again this time.
Thankfully we were early enough and there were seats. Unfortunately, out of all the clean empty seats, we were ushered to, they put us at one that was not cleared yet with the previous diner's bill still sitting on the table. 
We ordered the falafel to start, chicken shish, mutton wrap and kunefe.
Falafel: 3 balls, good sized, crunchy outside and moist inside. Very tasty.
Chicken shish: served off skewer in a disorganized mess. Tasteless even with the orange colored sauce. Roasted vegetables didn't salvage the situation.
Mutton wrap: Decent sized, on the sweet side. Slightly chewy mutton pieces. 
Kunefe: very delicate, buttery and crunchy. Great balance of sweet and salty. Good ending to a meal.