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Famed for its imaginative sweet and savoury crêpes and waffles, Out Of The Pan is a fantastic hotspot for shoppers at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Diners will be spoilt with jazzed up crêpes presented in Asian or European style. Savour tantalising à la carte fares including salads, soups and waffles.

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Crepe for Dinner-One for One offer

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 80

Raffles City Shopping Centre located at a strategically location which is accessible to City Hall mrt station is always one of the option to meet up with friends who are staying different parts of Singapore and overseas friend. I met up with my friend who was in town during first week of July 2013 (4/7/2013 to be exact) and rest of the friends.

The shopping mall has wide varieties choices of foods from restaurants,individual stalls and also food courts. We decided to try Out of the Pan which is located at the basement one surrounding the central fountain. I always pass by thinking that the foods served are quite pricey. Thus, it never crossed into my mind to try until we saw the signage of One-to-One offer for main course. And of course there isn’t any queue so we managed to get our seats straightaway.

The concept is open air and we could hear the water flowing sounds from the fountain. The dinning area is surrounded with people walking here and there and customers get the opportunity to watch and observe the surrounding.

One of the best seller is Peking Duck Crepe @S$15.50 with thin whole choice of crepe wrapping around roasted duck with sambal olek,lychees and plum sauce. It dark salty sweet sauce and the slices of roasted duck was a great combination. The lychees gives the sweetness taste into the combination. It’s the fusion creation from the original Chinese peking duck I would say.
Korean BBQ Pork @S$14.50 with flavoured pork and Korean chilli paste served with kimchi. Surprisingly not spicy at all. The pork texture was tender and soft but I couldn’t taste much of the kimchi taste though.
Norwegian Salmon @S$16.00 that consists of the crepe wrapped with smoked salmon and creamy pistachio cheese and chutney. The portion of the smoked salmon meat was quite generous. The combination of the creamy sauce with the fish was just perfect.
Red Wine Beef Stew @S$15.00 that consists of the braised beef shank cube with potato and carrot in red wine sauce. The braised beef shank was nicely done. Just right taste to blend into the taste bud.
As for the drinks, we had Mango fruit juice @S$5.00 which is concentrated mango juice and Fresh made mint lemonade @S$5.00 which stated that it’s from fresh pressed lemons, touch of sugar and fresh mint leaves lengthened with soda water. This is way too good for have some before main course. It widens up the appetizer.

Dessert choice was Stamford Brownies @S$11.00. Rich chocolate walnute cake served with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate fudge sauce. It’s totally sinful and awesome to satisfy the chocolate craving.

The service is considered acceptable. The staffs weren’t that attentive during peak hours. Maybe they were too busy to notice the request. However, the ordering staff was quite friendly to provide recommendation when we were indecisive what to order.

For more photos viewing: http://hazeldiary.com/?p=2055

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Total Reviews: 91

[CLOSED] this establishment has ceased operations.                                                         

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Love their waffles!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 90

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