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Perfect after-work hangout

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

I was recommended to this restaurant by a friend of mine, as she was a foodie, i had to give this place a try. After reading quite a few bad reviews, I was skeptical. Nevertheless I took the plunge and brought my date there. The staff at the reception greeted me and showed me to my table. There was music playing and we chose indoor dining because of the unpredictable weather recently. The al fresco dining area looked great though, the view was perfect! indoors, it was a small rectangular table for two. I have no complains about that since it was just adequate space for two mains and a side. We were introduced to the menu promptly, and what interested me was that the Beef Sliders, basically mini beef burgers, will be $1 each if STI closes lower for the day, with the usual price being $16 for 5 burgers. Coincidentally, STI closed lower today and we orderled 5 for just $5. We also order two of the recommended burgers the menu. One of them was truffle and the other one was the original beef burger. The burgers tasted alright. Favorite dish on the table just now was still the beef sliders. They had promotions for UOB cards too, if I'm not mistaken it was extended happy hour till 8.30pm. We order 2 glasses of wine which was 1 for 1 during happy hour. Overall a good experience. Would definitely come again.

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Most helpful reviews for OverEasy (Fullerton)

Horrible Service!

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Not my first visit but definitely my last visit to OverEasy! Experienced the most atrocious service ever today! Nothing to shout about regarding their food & drink, it's just not worth mentioning. Only saving grace of this place is the scenery & view.

Went with my friend today during the non-peak hour and the restaurant indoor was quite empty except for two couples sitting in the booth seats, one couple sitting at a 4-seater table, and another couple at a 2-seater table. We were offered a 2-seater table but we saw a few unoccupied 4-seater tables with no reserved tags so we proceeded to ask if we could have a 4-seater table. They said no, because they were for four people. And when we politely asked "then how come the other couples could sit at a 4pax table?", the trainee told us that the couples sitting in the booth seats made reservations and the couple sitting at the 4-seater table was waiting for 2 other members of their family to join them.

Despite finding the excuse rather odd, we let it go & proceeded to look through the menu deciding what to order. However just as we were about to let the matter rest, the couple at the 4-seater table next to us (the one that was supposed to be waiting for their family members) asked for the bill! I was shocked & felt cheated when my friend checked with them if they were waiting for anyone but the reply was NO! Apparently it was just the two of them and they were not waiting for any so-called family to join them. 

We checked again with the trainee who claimed the manager told her so, but when the manager came over, she denied it straight into the trainee's face and even said rather rudely: "Ok if you want the 4-seater table, we give you la."

I cannot accept that service staffs are lying/making up lame excuses just because they would not allow 2 people to sit at a 4pax table. If it is a company policy that strictly do not allow your staffs to be flexible even when there is not much crowd, just feel free to say so. Asking us to move to a smaller table once a crowd comes in is fine too. No customer will accept such attitude from service staffs. We are paying customers too! Are you looking down on us thinking we have no money to pay for your food & drinks?

Ridiculous service where we felt that we were being looked down on and I assure you that I will never step back in to OverEasy no matter what happens. Your sloppy service needs to be worked upon if you truly want to have more returning customers!  

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don't bother

Food/Drink N/A | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service 1
Total Reviews: 8

Last Thursday, against my advice, my colleagues decided to have pre-dinner drinks at Overeasy because we were having a firm dinner at the neighbouring Palm Beach. The reason why I advised them against patronising Overeasy is because of the shabby service, ill-mannered crew and the time it takes for things to happen. Yes, i’ve had not one but three bad experiences in the past to back me up on this (I generally believe in 2nd chances). Anyway, due to its proximity to our dinner venue, it was the logical drinking hole. Hence, I was overriden.


We arrived at about 6:25pm and put in our orders quickly as our dinner was at 7pm. We ordered 3 pints of Erdinger and 1 G&T. By 7:05pm, I was chasing the crew for my credit card because the drinks never came despite our constant reminders and badgering. Most, if not all the tables were full, but the crowd was certainly manageable, particularly with the number of staff milling around pretending to look busy and important.


I don't get it. Since its inception, people have been complaining about Overeasy's very poor and tardy service, yet nothing's been done to rectify this? Is this supposed to be the hallmark of the establishment? Or perhaps it's the hallmark of the L&B group since the White Rabbit shares similar features - sharp and shiny on the outside, but lacking in competence and substance within.


I’ve been to establishments with bigger crowds but never had to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes (max) for my drinks. Even at events like St. Patricks’ Day, I never fail to get my drinks no matter how crowded Muddy Murphys gets. And only when I actually receive the drinks, am I asked for my credit card to hold the tab. However, at Overeasy, I am asked for my credit card even before a drink arrices! >*(@&(@)^$*@!!!


That said, I do have to thank the lot at Overeasy. Thank you for validating my initial advice against patronising the establishment. It sucks big time and you can be sure my colleagues won't be spending their hard-earned cash there anytime soon or in the foreseeable future.


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Waste of time and money

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

I had a horrible experience. 

Firstly, we booked for 18 chairs and they only provided us with 13. We asked about 3 times for the chairs but had to pull chairs over by ourselves. 

Secondly, they made us pay for the bill before we got our meal. When we asked why, the waiter simply said 'I already did it. If you want to pay later, I will have to void this transaction. Itll be the same thing.'

Thirdly, we had to ask for water 4 times before we actually got it. 

the staff are really grumpy. Apart from our lack of service, we heard another waiter referring to his customer as 'that f*****'. 

If you really want to eat at this area, there are plenty of other restaurants to try. Don't waste your time and money here!

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The management need a reminder of who pays their salary... Avoid at all costs!

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

With a lovely view of the Marina Bay area, and ample seating at 8pm on a Saturday, we thought we had finally found a bar in Singapore that was convenient, not overly crowded and did not suffer from 'reserved seating' policies that make the bar scene so unappealing.

Whilst the service was the usual (ie terrible but expected), everything fell apart when the bill was presented. If a drink is not on the menu, then they decide on the pricing without telling you. Hence, a gin Martini clocks in at $32, and did not even half-way fill a martini glass. Two of these, and you have suddenly paid $75 for two cocktails inc service and GST.

With zero interest in debating this from the staff (who clearly did not care about the clientele and presume everyone must be a passing tourist, which we were not), my only option is to save other unwitting people from visiting this establishment and getting the same treatment.

The owners and management should be ashamed, and whilst I wish no ill-will on them as individuals, maybe their failure at satisfying their revenue targets in future will teach them a valuable lesson about the importance of keeping customers happy.

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