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Dinner (8 votes), Children/Family (6 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (6 votes) ...

The menu at this seafood restaurant is peppered with local Chinese favourites such as claypot soups, traditional-style Buddha-jumps-over-the-wall, deep-fried home-made beancurd and the signature fried crab with salted egg. The restaurant has a football theme and decor.

What others are eating here

crispy fried fish
crispy fried fish
mushroom on naibai
mushroom on naibai
salted egg w/ crab
salted egg w/ crab
salmon & geoduck sashimi
salmon & geoduck sashimi
eefu noodles
eefu noodles
  • Seafood 2 votes
  • geoduck sashimi 2 votes
  • Black Pepper Crab 1 vote
  • Crippled Crabs 1 vote
  • Fried Scallop in Yam 1 vote
  • Guilin Tofu 1 vote
  • Hong Kong Steam Patin Fish 1 vote
  • Lobster with tang hoon in claypot - Shiok!! 1 vote
  • Mussels in Hot/Spicy Sauce. Salted Egg Crab 1 vote
  • Salted Egg Crab 1 vote
  • Sambal Kangkong 1 vote
  • Steamed Patin fish (fresh water catfish) 1 vote
  • Steamed catfish 1 vote
  • crispy deep fried fish 1 vote
  • eefu noodles 1 vote
  • roasted suckling pig 1 vote
  • stir fried mushrooms with naibai 1 vote

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Highly recommended!!!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Paying $258 for a seafood dinner for 6 adults and 5 children seems expensive but I felt it was well worth the price.We ordered the following dishes:Chilli Crab (Huge and delicious with the deep fried mantou),Salted Egg Yolk Crab (Hugely disappointing although it was one of the recommended dishes.The meat stuck to the shell and the salted egg taste was just not quite right),Cereal Prawns(Finger licking good and the taste is just nice),Kang Kong(Not too spicy so you can eat it on its own and the texture is just nice and not overcooked or undercooked),LaLa(The sauce was delicious but more empty shells than meat.haha),Soon Hock(the fish was nicely steamed and not too tough),Hor Fun(it does not have the wok hei smell or colour but it must be good cos my kid had seconds and keep wanting more)The service was excellent as the staff constantly change our plates.The place was rather stuffy though.

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do not ever buy groupon to eat there

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

My first time try owen as we see it is on groupon, though we have visited ah yat next door several times (same boss). Groupon set is served in extremely tiny portions and hard to believe it is meant for 5 ppl, as stated on groupon. It ends up with adding other crabs (45 each) and a few bamboo clams in order not to make my guests back home hungry. And some old aunties are rude.
 So, suggestions: never believe the pics in groupon and give a second thought before you make a reservation there.

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Value for Money! Fast Service!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 14

Try their Bamboo Clam, is really fresh and I must say it is super worth it, I normally pay $12 per piece but over at Owen it is only $5plus per piece. The service was fast and staffs are friendly. Overall not too much to complaint as it is really value for money.

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