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Oxwell & Co. is a modern public house and dining rooms that serves delicious foods.

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A very decent Steak Tartare ($24) from Oxwell & Co
A very decent Steak Tartare ($24) from Oxwell & Co
Crispy Corn Kernels ($5) from Oxwell & Co - superbly addictive!
Crispy Corn Kernels ($5) from Oxwell & Co - superbly addictive!
Oxwell & Co's beautiful version of the Pina Colada ($20)
Oxwell & Co's beautiful version of the Pina Colada ($20)
Small portion of beef Rossini ($56)
Small portion of beef Rossini ($56)
Brussels sprouts with maple butter and smoked farmer's bacon ($15)
Brussels sprouts with maple butter and smoked farmer's bacon ($15)
The Banana ($15)
The Banana ($15)

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Great Bar Snacks, Cocktails, and Hearty British Food

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 22

Oxwell's Pork Scratchings ($6) are flavoured with an mix of peppers and chili powder - a delightfully crispy snack to enjoy with beer. Even better was the Crispy Corn Kernels ($5) - an savoury innovation by Head Chef Nic Scorpion (formerly of Tippling Club). After we almost wiped out both snack bowls, the Oyster Scampi ($10) - oysters cooked in deliciously greasy batter - made its way to our table, which was also quickly devoured.

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Avoid at all cost!!!

Total Reviews: 2

What a ripoff! Not even sure where to start....cocktails were so expensive. The food were also expensive and certaintly not value for money. Given the positive reviews, was expecting more but left very disapponted. Service was reasonable. Will not return.

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Christmas 2015 menu

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 295

We got an exclusive first look (and taste) of Oxwell & Co's upcoming #Christmas menu, and boy has it got us excited for the festive season! This December the Ann Siang Hill tenant will have a special a la carte menu (combination of three courses for $93.60 per person), as well as a set menu for groups of four or more. We're in love with the steak tartare (a la carte, $22) starter that comes with an oyster cream and chunks of oyster - what a refreshing and smart, rational twist on the traditional French dish. The Beef Rossini (a la carte, $56) is a well-executed dish of tenderloin with mash, foie gras mousse, in-house-pickled mustard seeds and Madeira sauce. For bigger groups (of four), turkey with foie gras and truffle stuffing ($330, plus $75 per additional guest) and Chateaubriand ($400, plus $95 per additional guest), all served with potatoes roasted in goose fat, brussel sprouts cooked in maple butter and gravy. The new, almost entirely Singaporean kitchen team (chefs Nick and Rishi) has a new direction: not-too-bold modern-accented dishes that are still comforting, while providing some elements of surprise. Try the Banana dessert ($15) on the regular menu and you'll see what we mean. Not wanting to give too much away, we'll tell you it was inspired by a very popular Japanese snack.

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Good Food Offerings at Oxwell & Co!

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

Oxwell is located close to the intersection of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street.

The kitchen is now helmed by two young chefs, Nicholas and Rishi, who have both done stints at different avant garde restaurants, such as Tetsuya in Australia.



We came by to try their Christmas menu, which has some specially-created ala carte items for the season: 


-          Blue Swimmer Crab with Watercress and shaved Jamon ham: Fresh de-shelled crab meat mixed with finely cut apple, onions with a dressing of watercress and topped with Jamon ham shavings. I liked the freshness of the crab with the watercress dressing.

-          Steak Tartare with Oyster Cream, Sorrel and Fresh Horseradish: This was my favorite dish of the meal. You must put away your usual notion of steak tartare. At first glance, the meat looks like cut tuna, and when we tasted it, we thought it tasted like tuna, because of the horseradish (alike wasabi). However this was clarified that it was beef! Instead of finely chopped beef, you get beef cut into 0.5 cm by 0.5cm, together with cut oysters. The oyster cream was da bomb. It was freshly made inhouse, with cooked oyster and squid ink! I couldn’t get enough of the sauce. If it can be bottled, I will bring it home. Must try!

-  Blue Foot Mushroom, with Crème Fraiche, Cep, Mushroom Broth and Thyme: The dish had crème fraiche as the base, then topped with 2 types of brown and white mushrooms and cep (looks like brown earth, which has a nutty earthy flavour). The mushroom broth was then added on the side and topped with thyme. The chef also included popped unpolished rice (ala pop corn) in the dish. Overall an interesting dish!

- Beef Rossini - Tenderloin, with Foie Gras cream and Madeira: With a base of smooth textured mashed potatoes, the beef was done medium well, and topped with foie gras cream and home-made mustard seeds. Highly recommended!

- Brusell Sprouts - Cooked with sliced bacon. Yummy!


- The Banana - You get banana ice-cream, banana cream, cake, salted caramel and caramelised banana. What I loved about this dish is the chef sprinkled cut lime pieces onto the dessert. The ‘Wow’ moment came when I ate the dessert with the lime together. Amazing flavour!  

Post meal, we had two special Christmas cocktails, created by the team at Operation Dagger.  

-        - Chocolate Liquer: The experimental people at Operation dagger created this with Pinot Noir and Cacao and Sous Vide it to infuse the flavours together and bottled it. This reminds me of the liquer-filled chocolates. Try it!

-        -  Chilled Fig Leaf Egg Nog: This was egg-less, and usually served warm. Topped it with nutmeg shavings and served it chilled. One word… Yummy!

I enjoyed my meal and I hope the two chefs (who now helm the kitchen) keep going at their craft and keep up the surprising elements that they incorporate into the dishes they prepare.


Definitely a meal to remember and I will be back here again soon.


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