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Asian, Indochinese, Thai
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Deja vu

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 79

A nice little restaurant tucked in an ulu part of Alexander.

Unlike yr usual Thai Express, Siam kitchen, this place has much more to offer in terms of ambience as well as service. Especially find the way they go table to table to serve you rice out of a steel pot q nice. They top up the water quite promptly too.

The keropok goes really well with the dip. In fact that was the reason why we were there cos my better half was craving for the keropok. Hoho. The meal was nice, especially like the potato leaves fried in sambal n fish sauce. Reminds me of the gd old days when I was in the Chiangmai village. Deja vu.

The pork shoulder was nice but a tad fatty. Not for the health conscious. Thought the green curry was pretty good. Generous serving of chicken and eggplant.

Dessert buffet of thai cakes and fruits for $6 per pax. Pity we were too full to try. But trust me, we'll be back!!

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No Title

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 0
Total Reviews: 44

Decor - OK

Environment - Usual lunch crowd

Service - Not worth commenting

For once, I was happy to have only 1 hour for lunch.

Crackers & Thai Chilli - Best part of the meal as it was served immediately. Asked for seconds because the main dishes had not arrived by the time we finished the first basket.

Tom Yam Goong - Didn't change the fact that this is my favourite spicy soup but the freshness of seafood in the soup was questionable.

Pineapple Rice - Insufficient for 4, although we were told otherwise.

Green Curry Chicken - Mediocore.

Sliced Lean Pork - Porky (Refer to fish that is fishy)

Thai Fish Cake - Typically tasty & savoury.

Stir-Fried Kai Lan (vegetables) with Garlic - Last dish to arrive. The Zi-Cha kopitiam round the corner served better & faster.

Thai Iced Tea - Reconsidered my verdict of this supposedly sweet, fragrant Thai beverage.

Would go back if the next visit was free & the other restaurants around the area closed. Tung Lok should seriously reconsider if they should just focus on good CHINESE cusine.

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Tung Lok group - what else can you expect?

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 40

Nice ambience, attentive service. I love their leather seats - comfortable. But it's Tung Lok anyway, so the nice ambience is expected.

We had fish otak, seabass in coriander sauce, green curry chicken and kangkong belachan. You know, everything came out perfect, including the kangkong.

The otak came in this escargot-plate, so there were 7 holes on the plate. Not too hot, and the fresh prawn at the bottom of the otak was a nice surprise. Lovely.

Seabass was a half portion, very fresh! I love it, came with lots of herbs.

Green curry was not as thick as other places, which I like. Don't like it if the curry is too thick. The pieces were very nicely cooked, and the taste was infused into the chicken pieces - so delicious. Love it!

We didn't have desserts - too full already. And of course, I regret it. Nothing like a red ruby on a hot day!

And of course, my pet peeve. We had to pay $1.50 for keropok that was on the table..... Oh well.....

AMEX offer of free 4th dish helps to shave off quite a fair big from the cost. Otherwise can be quite expensive.

But overall, nice dining experience.

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