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Review for Paradise Inn (City Square)


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11 Sep 2011 • 579 Reviews • 22 Followers

Too salty and too much MSG for pricey food, except for the double-boiled soups

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Paradise Inn
 is the casual dining offshoot of The Paradise Group. Although I've heard rave reviews of the cze char at the Paradise Inn group of restaurants, I've mostly found their food to be a little too salty and/or reeking of MSG. While the food here is homestyled, it's a little pricey for its smaller-than-expected portions. Crystal Jade Kitchen would probably be a more value-for-money alternative. However, it does distinguish itself on one winning point, its wide choices of double-boiled herbal soups.

We had:

1) Hot and Spicy Beancurd "Ma Po" Tofu  ($8 for small), smooth and soft beancurd in a luscious gravy of spicy bean paste and minced pork.

2) Steamed Silver Cod with Spicy Bean Paste ($18 for small). the bean paste was soft, spicy and salty

3) Double-Boiled Spare Ribs Soup with Winter Melon and Conpoy  ($16.80 per pot) was a delicate, non-MSG-tasting, essence of pork bones, dried scallops and winter melon. We happily slurped this comforting soup u
Must Tries
Boiled Soup
Average Spend
$30 for 1 pax
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