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Paris Baguette is a Korean cafe famous with its wide selection of bakery products, desserts, tea, coffee and vibrant environment.

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Royal Pudding!

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 2
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Ambience: relatively good for short chill out session, but at times it get really hard to get a seat. Service: personally I find their staff not so friendly, or some of them just don't bother about your presence. Food: royal pudding is smooth and good! I enjoy their pastries too! Price: to be honest, it is quite expensive Recommendation: I guess their royal pudding is something you can't miss! Otherwise is their cakes, I have tried quite a number of their cakes and they have yet to disappoint me!

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Jurong JEM outlet lousy attitude Korean staff

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Visited (Jurong JEM Paris baguette outlet today 5th Feb 2016 (Friday), Standing there waiting to be serve, but was treated like an transparent customer & was badly served by her! A female stuff wearing all black uniform believe to be from Korea, only 2 person including me and the other customer are standing far apart from the queue, she reluctantly served the customer whom came later than me. Totally ignore me even when I'm looking at her. After when I manage to catch her attention, she just left my cakes unattended w/o even informing the cashier the cake belongs to me. I was sick by her extreme lousy attitude! After payment she hand me the cakes without the take away plastic spoon. And when I asked for 2 forks she just reluctantly hand me an unwrapped forks which is not meant for take away... I was totally disappointed with her service, if not for the Camembert cake I would not even step into that LOUSY ATTITUDE SHOP. Phew! (FT if you don't feel happy here in Singapore pls go back to your country) We don't pay your salary to endure your , attitude problem. It's a shame, that PB hire such poor attitude workers!

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I heard that this cafe originated from Korea and decided to give it a try. I must say that their bread displays are stunningly attractive and will wet anyone's tastebuds. Being at a loss of what breads to choose from, I decided to go for something different that is their original royal pudding at about 4 bucks per bottle. Pretty pricey in my opinion for just a small bottle of pudding. My word, when I took the first mouthful, the taste was just overwhelmingly good. Despite the price, i dare say it is worth it to pay for the pudding because the blend of the custard and caramel and everything is just perfect. I would also like to highlight that the taking away the pudding was also professionally done in that they packed the bottle properly and even provided dry ice-packs for the customers so as to keep the pudding cool while customers are on the move. Really good place with good food. I will try the bread next time and would recommend everyone else to patronize them too.

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Paris? Korea?

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Which is which?

Paris baguette is from France or is  it from Korea? Contrary to its name, it is actually a Korean brand.

This is the first stall they opened in Singapore. Following its success, more outlets are being opened.

When you arrive there, you would always be wow-ed by the full assortment of sweet treats ( cream cakes, mille crepe) as well as savory pastry treats.

One would be spoilt for choices from the dessert section as well as their drink menu. It would be a good place to have a afternoon tea or just to rest your tired feet after walking along the streets of Orchard. 

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