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Eugene Chiong
 • 18 Oct 2013 1 review 0 follower
I went there for restaurant week recently, and I'd say the food is pretty decent. For me, I tried the lobster bisque, lamb shank, and the nutella chocolate mousse. 

For the lobster bisque, the flavor was too heavy and floury. The lobster didn't taste spectacular, so the whole soup just felt so-so.

The lamb shank was decent, it was soft and tender, and went well with the mashed potato. However, the chef could have done better than to make the lamb look like it has been rotting for a few days, which was what I felt when I saw it.

The nutella chocolate mousse, on the bright side, was fantastic. The chocolate and the hazelnut blended well in a smooth mixture that was gentle yet full of flavour. The crunchy hazelnuts that went with it complemented it well.

The ambience was okay, and the service was decent. But overall, I didn't feel the place was worth the money I spent.

I spent $39 per person.

Must tries: Nutella Chocolate Mousse

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Children/Family, Dinner, Relaxed, Trendy

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