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Inexpensive decent Italian food with great ambience!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 45

One of my favourite italian restaurants because the food is sooooo good and it’s inexpensive! Adding to that the restaurant is so authentic and old school italian, it’s hard to not be caught speaking a little bit of Italiano in there. Bravo Bravo! Read full review at!

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bad service

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 5 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 13

the first time i came i had a fantastic meal. that was 2 years ago. came back yesterday and was terribly disappointed. never have I had such snobbish service in my life. the waiters who served us were sarcastic and made snide remarks. pasta was over cooked and soggy. only thing good was the dessert. For the price I was charged, I'd rather go elsewhere. I think the waiters here wouldnt mind that at all. don't waste your time here unless you want to put up with their attitude. I liked the ambience but the experience was ruined by the service.

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Bad service but food was okay

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 7

We had dinner here after reading reviews online. Ambience was nice and this place is a nice place if you are looking for a romantic dinner or a night to hang out with the girls. 

Service was bad. One Chinese looking waitress looked as if we killed her loved one. No smile at all, curt and rude. when she serves food, she would just put it on the table without saying anything. If she clears plates, she would not excuse herself and rudely interrupt you. Service should be with a smile and at a restaurant like this, such staff should not work here. 

Food wise, both pasta and main dishes were not bad. Serving portion was adequate too. 

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Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2

So i went there, on a Saturday. Disappointed. Here's why.

Went there with the family, 3 of us. I ordered the squid ink risotto. But they screwed up my order, and served me the squid ink pasta instead. Not wanting to wait any longer owing to my starving appetite, i decide to settle for the pasta. I recently had the squid ink pasta from Bella Pizza, and i thought this could result in a good case for comparison. Mostly, they(Pasta Brava) used too much seasoning. I could have chugged gallons of water just to wash the salt down. Was it so hard to just do a simple taste test? The squid was chewy as well. A chewy piece of squid is a sign of a mediocre chef.

Another ordered the pumpkin stuffed ravioli. It was decent. Nothing to celebrate about. It was probably the only dish there that was edible.

Now, this pasta i am about to mention is really not worth even $8. It was a "wild" mushroom pasta with a white wine sauce. For one, the mushrooms were as wild as a 4 year old tubby tabby cat. Think mushrooms you find in NTUC. I honestly cant recall even a portobello. It was that bad. It tasted overly pungent, due to the cheap selection of mushrooms. The wine sauce tasted like cologne, it had no real finish to it. We paid close to $23 for that. In all, this dish lacked integrity. No chef worth his salt will ever let this leave the kitchen. How they do so, leaves me bamboozled.

Overall, a disappointing visit. A friend told me i ordered the wrong dishes. To him i say this, if you cannot even do a decent mushroom pasta, just close the shutters already.

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Good food spoiled by bad wine

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 5

I went with 3 other friends to try out this Italian restaurant after reading the great reviews. After my dining experience there, I have mixed feelings of this place.


I find the decor charming, but if you are expecting a romantic and quiet ambiance, you would be in for a disappointment. I almost have to shout in order to be heard.


Secondly, the food in general was good. We had 3 appetizers, 4 mains and 3 desserts of different choices and we were not disappointed. However, it was a pity that we didn't have a good wine to accompany the good food. We ordered a bottle of Merlot from the housepour red wine list, recommended by the waiter. When the bottle arrived, I thought the name of the bottle looked different from what was written on the menu. I asked the waiter if it was the same wine that we ordered, and he insisted "Yes, it's Merlot from Bordeaux St Emilion" (though I'm surprised not to see the words "Merlot" and "St Emilion" indicated on the label). Anyway, we took his word for it and opened the bottle. Initially when I tried the wine, I thought that the wine was spoilt because it was very acidic. I asked my friend for a second opinion, and she thought it was acidic too, but not because it was spoilt, but rather because it was a bad wine. For $46 a bottle, it's way too expensive to be paying for a wine that's probably only fit for cooking. Nevertheless, we accepted it as a bad choice on our part.

Towards the end of the evening, without a word, the waiter just dropped the bill on our table and walked off. I thought it was rather rude. While I understand the restaurant may be closing soon, he could have asked if we wanted anything else beforehand or asked if we wanted the bill. Moreover, there were still a number of tables left and who hadn't finished their meal at that time.

When I checked the bill, it confirmed my original doubt that the wine we ordered and the one that was presented to us were different. The one on the menu shows an Italian wine by the name of Merlot delle Venezie, while the one we had was French from Chateau de la Roque (something along that line, but I can't verify now because I didn't take note then and this wine cannot even be found in the wine list!). When we questioned the waiter, he explained that the wine we ordered was not available, so he took the liberty of choosing the French wine for us because it's also a Merlot. When I told him that the French wine he chose was not good at all, he said I should have told him that earlier. The thing was that I didn't know we could reject wine based on the taste. I've always thought it was only possible if the wine has turned bad. Though he apologized for the mistake, it didn't feel sincere and they did not make any effort in trying to make up for that mistake!

To add salt to the injury, when we asked if there was any credit card discounts, the waiter replied that they never have any promotion in a snobbish way. Ironically, I found a past promotion for ANZ and RBS credit cards on their website. It seems that the waiter doesn't know what he's talking about.

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Overpriced, pretenious

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience N/A | Service 2
Total Reviews: 40

Meet two ex-colleagues for lunch and I suggested Pasta Brava few months back.

I was given a table near the entrance despite calling to make reservations and to rub salt to injury, the place is not even crowded.

Won't bother with the food review as it was not memorable. We ordered set lunches at $27++ which is not really value for money for starter, pasta and deserts. Food is decent but nothing memorable.

I'm a sucker for good service and we had to work extra hard to get the staffs attention. Most of the staff were busy crowding round a table of 4 who ordered wine. Whereas the peasants of three (us), only ordered set lunches.


I rated ambience/setting high as the place is a restored shophouse and decor is quite classy. Unfortunately, the software (people) is more important than decor.

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