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(Closed) Pasta Inc


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Pasta Inc is located along the busy streets of Jalan Besar, a hidden find among one of the few decades’ old conservation shop houses. The old façade, warm & dimly lit chandeliers is the first to welcome you. Nevertheless, soothing and soft lounge music playing in the background enhances the overall cozy & alluring dining ambience that one deems of.
At Pasta Inc, we seek to savour and pamper our clients’ taste buds. Hence, our menu is carefully sculpted to house a variety of Antipasti, Insalate, Zuppe, Primi Piatti, Pizzas, Secondi, Dolci E Gelato & Bevande. That’s not all, to quench your lusting thirst; our wine list has been carefully selected by our chef to match your dining experience to perfection.
Being the norm is not our forte, we are here to set us apart from the rest & to give you the perfect dining experience that one will come back seeking for more.

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:30 - 22:30

+65 62241501
$35 based on 135 submissions
Dinner (76 votes), Quiet (58 votes), Romance/First Dates (46 votes)
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Hoongy !

Pasta in Jalan Besar

Jalan Besar is not usually associated with food, so when I had the opportunity to try the food at a restaurant that was opened there recently, I decided to give it a shot to see what they had to offer. The setting is a simple one, creating a relaxing atmosphere which makes it an ideal place for an informal meal or a dinner with the family.

I started out with the Gamberi Con Aglio & Prezzemolo ($9.90) which is 6 prawns sautéed in butter and garlic together with a hint of white wine sauce. The prawns were indeed succulent and it was clear that fresh produce was used. Definitely a value for money item.

I then proceeded to try the Fettucine Alla Carbonara ($15.90) which had a strong cheesy feel to it. What I liked about it was that the pasta tasted fresh (even though I subsequently found out that it was packed Barilla pasta) and I liked that it was done al dente with not too much sauce used to overpower the dish. I must admit that this dish was as little on the heavier side though.

Down to desserts, I had the Tiramisu ($8.90), which is done in-house and this was evident in certain areas where the cheeses were not evenly spread. The Tiramisu served here tends to be lighter than usual and makes it an enjoyable light-hearted dessert to end the meal.

Overall, a pleasant experience at the new restaurant and I look forward to returning to try the specialty, which is the squid ink seafood pasta.

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Stew Kuche

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16 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Lost and Found!

GOOD NEW!!!! [Sharing] Sad to hear that this place is closed. Managed to find out that one of the chefs has opened up his own small stall at Rocca Balestier just beside the famous Balestier durian stall near the temple.The stall called "Richies Pasta House". The dishes and taste is very similar and the only drawback is that the menu does not offer as much choices as before. But then at least i manage to find back the soul of simply authentic affordable Italian cuisine dishes. CHEAP mean can try more of the dishes!
29 Nov 2013 • 45 reviews • 18 followers

Watch your teeth after eating the squid ink pasta!

For a more complete review (pictures, prices, etc): CLICK HERE 
  • Bread
27 Jul 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

worse than microwaveable pasta

Paid $40+ per head and waited for 1.5 hours for our meals to be served. The bread was off the shelve white loaf which wasn't refilled while we waited for our meals. The squid ink pasta was tasteless and only tasted the oil, the spaghetti was under cooked and hard. One of the specials, Aglio olio tasted purely of oil and chilli, pasta was also under cooked and hard. The risotto took more than 2 hours and we had to cancel our order as we were sick of waiting. Even had to ask for our cake to be served while waiting for the meals as their 10 minutes waiting time turned out to be 1.5 hours! The drinking water that was served had dirt in it, and throughout the horrible time at the restaurant, we had to constantly ask for our waters to be refilled. All in all, over priced, long waiting time and even microwaveable pasta tastes better than the food served!