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Pavillion Restaurant

Headed by Chef-owner Kelvin Lee and Chef De Cuisine Chan Hwan Kee, the chic Chinoiserie restaurant offers diners a menu of traditional, authentic Cantonese cuisine with contemporary twists.

Daily: 11:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30


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12 Oct 2010 • 22 reviews • 43 followers

Chinese classics with a twist

You can tell from the moment you step into Pavillion that a second generation of Chinese chefs is manning this restaurant.

The interior is modern yet lush. It whispers good taste throughout even if there are red Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, filmy floor length curtains dividing the
22 Jul 2010 • 39 reviews • 12 followers

Probably one of the best Chinese restaurant in Singapore

I was pleasant surprised just how good the food is at this place, so good that I have since returned twice. This place is really near my office, for the longest time it looked pretty empty and I was getting worried that it's not able to "make it". But now that the word is on the streets, o
18 Jun 2010 • 13 reviews • 5 followers

Modern takes on classic Chinese dishes

Majestic Restaurant had better brace itself for serious competition in Chinatown, for as far as modern Chinese dining goes, Pavillion is the name to watch for. You might not have heard of Kelvin Lee and Chan Kwan Kee, the duo helming the champagne drape fronted kitchen, but their pedigree –