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Review for Penang Street


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Address: #01-09 & #01-19/20, One@Kentridge, 1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, 119082
07 Mar 2014 • 2074 Reviews • 262 Followers

Penang Varieties - Hits and Misses

Located at the Kent Ridge Mall right next to the circle line MRT, I visited this no frills dining restaurant thrice recently. With an extensive menu, it is both designed for those who want a quick fix as well as those who are dining with their family.

When I was alone, I ate the Char Koay Teow ($8.80). The dish here had a good level of "wok hei" and was quite tasty - making this the must try dish here. Another individual dish which I tried was the Penang Street Signature Nasi Lemak ($9.80). Whilst the chicken was marinated well with spices and tender, the rice lacked the coconut milk after taste to it - so it tasted like a healthy nasi lemak more than the traditional dish.

When I was dining as a group, I ordered several dishes to share. The Fish Head Curry ($29.80) had a good meaty fish head but the curry was too watery for my liking.

Meanwhile, the Kangkong Belacan had a good level of spiciness and was quite crunchy. Another crunchy dish was the Marmite Baby Squid, deep fried and can be quite addictive.

From the drinks menu I tried the Air Bandung ($3.80), which came as expected. I found the Buah Long Long ($3.80) though to be a little watered down.

Aside from the food, service left me wanting. Many of them were poor in their command of English (or Chinese) and had a poor knowledge of the food, saying " I dont know " rather than going to the kitchen to try to answer my queries. Also, on a visit when I arrived close to closing time, most of them were focusing on cleaning rather than taking my order. Many of them seem lost as to what to do.
Recommended for
Children/Family, Dinner
Average Spend
$54 for 2 pax
  • Kangkong Belacan
  • Penang Street Signature Nasi Lemak
  • Fish Head Curry
  • Marmite Baby Squid
  • Buah Long Long
  • Char Koay Teow
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