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Penang Delights has closed.

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(Closed) Penang Delights (Aljunied)


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Address: #01-05, Aljunied Ave 2 Market and Food Centre, 117 Aljunied Ave 2, 380117

Located in Aljunied Market and Food Centre on Aljunied Avenue 2, Penang Delights serves Chinese and Penang Food.

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• 23 Nov 2011 • 249 reviews • 549 followers

Authentic Penang food?


The last time I was in Penang and ate Penang food was about 30 years ago. Oh yes, everyone raves about how good Penang food is, but the problem is, you can't get authentic Penang food readily in Singapore (so I have been told). As a result, Penang food has never been on my radar until someone gave me a lead to this stall.

First up for review – the Penang assam laksa. It was sour and much of the taste came from kembong fish (small fish akin to the selar). The same person who referred me to this stall remarked that he usually found Penang laksa too sour but this one was well-balanced. Certainly, the spicy, fishy and sour soup was an acquired taste. If you are a Penang laksa, enthusiast, do give this a try (4/5).

Next, the Penang char kway teow. Like the Singapore version, the kway teow was fried with lard and some soy sauce/fish sauce. What stands out about this kway teow was that the cook managed to control the wok fire well in order to get the perfect texture for the kway teow. The kway teow was soft and slippery with enough burnt bits, fish sauce and pork lard to flavour it (4/5). Overall, I would say the food here was quite authentic Penang fare.


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