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Peng Lai Ge Taiwanese Restaurant (Joo Chiat)

Located at Joo Chiat Road, Peng Lai Ge Taiwanese Restaurant specialises in Taiwanese Food.

Delivery only in selected areas.

Daily: 10:30 - 22:30

$13 based on 18 submissions
Dinner (10 votes), Lunch (9 votes), Children/Family (8 votes)

A nice place to eat

When I came back from Taipei,I really missed the "滷肉飯".Today went to have lunch at Peng Lau Ge Taiwan Delight,the taste is so trueborn and I recommeng the ''滷肉飯''.

The HGW community like this place for...

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11 May 2012 • 155 reviews • 2 followers


I have mixed feelings about this place. I like that they have a wide menu with everything sounding so delicious. However, I do think that the standards of the food can be improved. Service is pretty good, and parking relatively easy.

I've tried the Peanut Milkshake and Four Seasons Shaved Ice.

10 Nov 2011 • 167 reviews • 13 followers

Overpriced Food and appalling service

Pictures Here. Whenever the term Taiwanese Cuisine is brought up, I would always be reminded of the wonderful Shilin market fried chicken cutlet, stewed meat rice and not forgetting also Buble Tea. Wanting to try something new for a change, I headed to 4 Season's which was located in a
10 Aug 2010 • 30 reviews • 0 follower

Soso food...nothing to shout about

Went there after reading the reviews on HGW. Perhaps the reviews lifted my expectations too much or I had set the bar too high but in all honesty, the food is so-so only.

Ordered the following dishes as recommended by HGW reviewers:

Xiang Chi Pa (Crispy Chicken Patty)

Oysters Vermicelli (Mian Xian)

06 Sep 2009 • 1 review • 0 follower

Taiwan Delightsss

Went all the way from Bt Panjant to Joo Chiat yesterday with my girlfriend just to try the taiwan Delights in Peng Lai Ge. Upon reaching the place was quite crowded, we didn't know where was the queue nor was there anyone to assist us. After a while we found a seat, and the manager there served u
30 Jun 2009 • 11 reviews • 1 follower

Mixed feelings over highly rated place

Decided to try out this highly rated place since i had a craving for something non-conventional (aka not local spread).


Ordered quite a lot of food because so many dishes were recommended. Overall the food wasn't bad but did not quite meet my expectations (maybe those expectatio