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Penny University

This specialty coffee coffeehouse pays homage to the vibrant coffee culture in London and the owner even went through a training stint in Central London's Prufrock Coffee. The coffee menu is kept simple - espresso and espresso with milk in 3, 5 and 7 ounce portions.

Mon - Thu: 08:30 - 18:00

Fri - Sat: 08:30 - 22:30

Sun: 08:30 - 19:00

+65 90089314
$13 based on 59 submissions
Brunch (11 votes), Breakfast (9 votes), Chillout (9 votes)
Guo Haini


...cheesecake was awesomeeee. So is the mango mango soda thingamajiga. Affogato is nice if you are into expressos.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Eggs Benedict7 votes
  • espresso5 votes
  • Marmite Cheese toast4 votes
  • muddy espresso with cold milk4 votes
  • turkish eggs4 votes
  • coffee3 votes
  • Bananoffee Pie1 vote
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Based on 59 votes
25 Jan 2015 • 2 reviews • 0 follower


...cheesecake was awesomeeee. So is the mango mango soda thingamajiga. Affogato is nice if you are into expressos.
16 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Unpleasant visit

Coffee good. Cake was ok. No big deal for cafe pricing. Unpleasant visit though. Not returning.

Staff seem more interested in ogling with each other than serving customers.

With many other cafes in the vicinity, I'll have no problem getting my coffee fix with better service and attitude elsewhere. 

16 Jan 2015 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Cafe ran by kids in their own bubble

Was around the area after a good lunch with a friend at Royal's so thought i'd drop by for some cakes as i've read up an online recommendation for Penny University for halal cafes in sg.

As my friend and I walked in, a chinese staff walked towards me n straight into the counter without any eye contact or greetings. I was quite taken aback by the cold and unfriendly demeanour. Upon realising that we're not getting served, we walked in, took a menu and found a seat which we're fine with.

We ordered a hot mocha and a waffle. The mocha came fast and was good. The waffles didn't come. After 20 mins of waiting and watching about 10 staffs walking to and fro in the almost empty cafe and grouping right outide the cafe facade, SMOKING, little did we realise that no one was preparing our waffle. We reminded one staff who not aware of our order. 

We observed, the staff went outside and approached one of the male staff whom we assumed was the cook/chef. About five minutes later he walked in to the kitchen. The same staff then came over and apologized to us and gave us the excuse that the waffle that was made was undercooked so the chef had to prepare a new one. BS???

So we got our waffle after more than half an hour of waiting. The waffle was good. However i shall not return to this cafe. i was just disgusted with the bunch of staff smoking in front of the cafe and am more disgusted by the zero service that was rendered here. 

If all local owned cafes were managed this way, no wonder many of them cease operations within 2 years.
Such a pity!

P.S I did not manange to take any pictures as i was quite agitated by the time my waffle came!
14 Jan 2015 • 169 reviews • 110 followers

Very crowded on weekends

Penny University is a term that originated from 18th century coffeehouses in London, England. Instead of paying for drinks, people were charged a penny to enter a coffeehouse. But here in Katong, you don’t have to pay a penny to enter the cafe lah. There is no cappuccinos or lattes here. You just have to pick from the 3, 5 and 7oz. cup sizes and simply state if you’d like milk in your coffee. The place was bustling with cafe-goers especially on weekends. They source their beans from local roasters, serve specialist cakes and bread freshly baked daily in the area, support and collaborate with local bakers and aim to be a haven for people of the East Coast and beyond. I had a plate of Turkish Eggs ($8.60) for brunch. With lightly whipped yoghurt and topped with homemade spicy moroccan harissa sauce, it gives the eggs a spicy dimension. And there’s sourdough for dipping. Read more:
05 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 14 followers

"Our coffees here are standard. Iced or hot. Milk or no milk."

Indifference. Nonchalance.
Made a trip to Penny University yesterday on a Sunday only to find it closing in minutes, even after checking its website out for the opening hours. At another check this morning, the information is that it closes at 9pm on Sundays, not 7pm. At least 4 well-dressed staff were present but no one greeted us as we walked in to enquire if we could still get a cup of coffee. They did look at us though, but that was it.

We told the counter staff that their website stated 9pm only to be responded with "Oh we don't update our website." We weren't expecting an apology but there wasn't even an apologetic tone to that. Thankfully, he did say we could "of course" order some coffee.

"Our coffees here are standard. Iced or hot. Milk or no milk."
I asked what coffee is recommended here and that was what I got from a female staff. It wasn't with a warm and friendly smile or demeanor though. I shan't describe the look on her face.
I would've walked off right there and then but I was with company and she was dying for a coffee.
Um, I never thought I'd hear that sentence from an 'Artisanal Coffeehouse'
Gosh this is golden.

Our kopi peng gets an impartial 3 stars because it is not bad.
2 stars rating for the value and ambience just because its standard is just like that of any other cafe. S$5.50 for a glass of coffee: Pricey as usual for a cafe in this affluent neighborhood.

Penny University has the look and the makings of a nice artisanal coffeehouse, indeed. But being told by a staff that their coffees are "standard"? Uh oh killed any novelty there is.