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Peony Jade Restaurant is a great place to dine and offer wines for all great occasions. It is a no MSG added type of restaurants in their prepared dishes so expected that only the freshest ingredients are used to highlight the natural goodness and flavours of the dishes.

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Steamed Pandan 'Lava' Bao with Creamy Salted Yolk
Steamed Pandan 'Lava' Bao with Creamy Salted Yolk
  • deep fried prawns with creamy yolk 9 votes
  • Custard (liu sa) pao 6 votes
  • Pandan Custard Egg Yolk Bao 3 votes
  • Char Siew Bao 2 votes
  • Custard bun 1 vote
  • Deep Fried Goose Liver and Prawn Ball w Almond Flakes.... 1 vote
  • Dim Sum 1 vote
  • Double Boied Shark's Fin Broth w Dumpling 1 vote
  • Fa-Cai Dowager Duck 1 vote
  • Flaky Char Siu Bao 1 vote
  • Fried rice with scallop and caviar 1 vote
  • Little Dinosaur 1 vote
  • Rabbit Fortune 1 vote
  • Salted Egg Yolk Fried Prawn 1 vote
  • Siew Mai 1 vote
  • Spicy (mala) roast chicken 1 vote
  • Steps to Prosperity Gold Bar Durian Nian Gao 1 vote
  • To be really patient if ordering from ala carte menu and ask for a brighter-lit table. 1 vote
  • Yellow Wasabi Fried Prawn 1 vote
  • camphor smoked duck 1 vote
  • creamy yolk (nai huang) prawn 1 vote
  • steamed beancurd with egg white and seafood 1 vote
  • steamed coral trout with egg custard. 1 vote


Chef Liew's Signature Marinated Drunken Clams ...
Crispy Salmon Skin with Salted Egg Yolk ...
Deep-Fried Taro Slice with Noble Sauce ...

Latest Review for Peony Jade Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 38 reviews
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Cute Dim Sum

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 97

Original review with photos at

With Father's Day round the corner, Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016 is introduced in time for this celebration. These dishes will be available from 1 June 2016. In this menu, diners could expect to find quite a number of cute food. It is great for family with kids and of course for adults too.

The first 4 Dim Sum are cute food Dim Sum. I am so glad that there are quite a number of items in the Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016. First to appear on stage is Tweety Birdie 香脆鸽吞凤梨 ($8.00 for 3 pieces). Each Tweety Birdie has bespoke Pineapple Jam encased in buttery chinese pastry baked to perfect golden brown. It is a feast for the eyes too.   Instead of having a plain Char Siu Bao, what about having them in the shape of piggie. Here we have the Steamed Piggie Cha Siu Bao 一籠八戒 ($6.00 for 3 pieces). There are a surprise in these Cha Siu Bao too as bamboo are added into them to add crunch.
Peony Jade Steamed Matcha Salted Egg Yolk Molten Bao ($9.00 for 3 pieces) in the shaped of Frog is up next. For match fan, this is a must order. The matcha isn't overly sweet and yet it has the bitter sweet hint of the matcha.   Let out your creative juice to create more cuteness.

By now, we already feel that adorable were already overloaded. And to round up the meal, we have the final bun that could have the lava flow, the Steamed Molten Choc-on-bao ($7.50 for 3 pieces). So be creative and let the flow. You know what I mean. If not, turn to Instagram for some inspiration. LoL!   Next are new Dim Sum, though not cute, certainly delish. Crispy Puff 香脆黑椒牛肉酥 ($9.50 for 3 pieces) is the first items on the Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016. The puff is similar to the crispy curry puff. Instead of having the typical curry filling, in this is the peppery tenderloin beef filling. If you are a pepper fan, you surely enjoy this Dim Sum.   The Drunken Chic Dumpling 黄酒醉鸡饺 ($8) has a very pretty colour. The skin-wrap is coated in pink and a green chive is used to tie the opening. This provided a nice contrast. It has a strong alcohol fragrance in the filling.   My favourite Dim Sum in the Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016 has to be the Deep-fried Phoenix Prawn with Cheese encased in Crispy Beancurd Skin 脆炸芝丝凤尾明虾 ($9.50 for 3 pieces). Firstly, I like deep-fried food and it has all my favourite ingredients which I thought all of them complemented each other well. Certainly 2 thumbs up from me. In fact, all diners sang praise of this dish too.   Yum! Yum! Yum!

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At Home In Peony Jade

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 97

Original review with photos at

In celebration of its 12th Anniversary of gourment glory, Peony Jade has introduced a new At Home In Peony Jade ala carte menu. These dishes will be available from 1 June 2016 onward.

There are 7 savoury dishes and 2 Dim Sum. The first to be served was the Appetiser Platter. On it were 3 items. First was the Chinos Salad consisting of Crispy Duck Salad 手撕香酥鴨沙律 ($18 per serving). Next was the Suckling Pig served with Otak wrapped in Vietnamese Rice Roll Wrap 么么袋乌打片皮乳猪全体 ($268). This is good for 10 guests. And finally, ended it with the strongest in flavour, the Marinated Drunken Clams 品醉蚶 ($10-S/$15-M/$20-L). This last appetiser item is quite spicy. The marinate were strong to mask the unpleasant clams flavours.

Next is a soup, the Tea-Pot Soup contains the double-boiled Conch Chicken Consomme with Black Garlic 功夫茶(黑蒜炖螺头汤) ($18 per tea pot). The serving is good for 2 guests. I am not one who loves my soup, but I totally enjoyed this to the max. The black garlic enhances the flavours. It is so delish till I finished the entire bowl. This is extremely rare.

Peony Jade has introduced 2 Cantonese Pai-Tong dishes (Claypot dishes) to the At Home In Peony Jade New Menu. First of which is the Stewed Egg Plant with Hand-peeled Crabmeat in Claypot ($38). I find the overall taste a little bland. The fragrance and scent of the sauce rest only on the surface of the egg plant. It is really a pity that the essence didn’t get into the the egg plant.

The second claypot dish is the Braised Oxtail with Red wine 红酒焖牛尾煲 ($38). I totally enjoyed the flavour as it is rich. The flavour from the sauce penetrated into the Oxtail meat. The best way to enjoy the sauce is to dip the fried Mantou into the sauce.

The last savoury dish is the Roasted Crispy Chicken stuffed with Glutinous Rice and preserved meats 腊味脆皮糥米鸡 ($58). Its alias is Gai Mai Lo. It is an inverted Lo Mai Gai as the glutinous rice with the diced preserved Chinese Sausage is stuffed in a de-boned whole Chicken. It is fried to perfection before serving.

Finally, some sweet desserts that will be available as part of the Dim Sum Menu. There are 2 items. My favourite being the Deep-fried Sesame Molten Dumplings Filled With Taro Paste and Salted Egg Yolk served with Coconut Ice-cream ($12 per 3 pieces). The ball consists of a molten lava Taro Paste and Salted Egg. The layer of complex flavours simply combined together perfectly.

The Coconut Ice Cream was rich in coconut flavour, smooth and lightly sweetened. Lastly is the Steamed Molten Choc-On-Bao ($7.50 per 3 pieces) were equally good though there isn’t much surprise elements when compared to the Deep-Fried Sesame Ball.

The must order are the Double-boiled Conch Consomme with Black Garlic and the Deep-Fried Sesame Molten Dumplings filled with Taro Paste & Salted Egg Yolk.

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Disappointed and worst food ever taken.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Previously food experience with Peony Jade at Clarke Quay was like heaven. The food quality and standard was superb and definitely, Im all willingly to go back for it. Tried their buffet dinner and was equally thumb up. 

However, experience at Keppel Club was terrible and worst food standard I have ever eat.  I can totally describe it as hell vs heaven to Clarke quay branch.

Their one serving compliment dish was nothing fantastic and nice. The seafood are not fresh, the cooking taste lose to those coffee shop zi char stall. Also to mention, the most standard cripsy chicken with prawn paste was obviously refried and refried. Is this the standard of restaurant? 

Overall, nothing is nice. I cant even recall any food that is worth to mention. The dessert was also equally bad. 

The management of Peony Jade should really look into this badly. Totally, ban this branch and really not recommending to anyone. 

Peony Jade Clarke Quay should be the choice instead. 

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