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Review for Petite Menu


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Address: Level 1, Aqueen Lavender Hotel, 139 Lavender Street, 338739
27 Mar 2014 • 313 Reviews • 1 Follower

Good Food, Artisan Presentation, Great Prices

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booked a 4pax dinner on 22.3.2014.
parking was horrendous. it was not something unexpected though. i had called to ask for directions to the car park & was warned that there were few lots. i followed the directions & entered from tyrwhitt road behind the hotel at 7.30pm but could not find any carpark. after dropping the others, my daughter & i circled the area & finally was lucky to find a just vacated lot along a row of shophouses at king george avenue.
well, i guess it was worth the trouble. the quality of food at petite menu & artisan presentation was outstanding really for the price.  
we decided to order 2 Restaurant Week sets & i replaced my salmon with lavendar pumpkin soup.
the smoked salmon was excellent – sweet, light, not salty. 
the duck salad was very good standard even though by comparison, the salmon was better. the duck was done nicely, tender & flavourful, tomatoes were sweet & plating outstanding, and it was only S$11.
the lavendar soup was strange (some might say interesting or unique). lavendar was overpowering but taste, texture combination was ok when combined with the wakami seaweed.
the hanger steak was a good helping, medium rare, tender & flavourful, i would have preferred more charred, the sauce was good & so the presentation (above & top photos). overall quite excellent. i asked the waiting staff how this stood up with the S$20 torched ribeye steak on the menu. he thought the ribeye was even better.
my daughters ordered 2 main courses, mushroom risotto & salted soft shell crab fettucine, which were popular dishes here.
both were very good. risotto was slightly wet but very tasty, texture a bit past al dente. the fusion salted egg soft shell crab pasta was very good. it reminded us of laksa pesto, one of the early fusion pasta which we first tried (like >10years ago) at willin low’s wild rockets. i will probably try making this at home.
our 2 RW sets came with dessert & coffee so we picked 2 deconstructed blackforest cakes. it was excellent, the chocolate, cream, pitted cherries, and the soil that came in a tiny planter to be emptied over the cake. pretty, delicious & fun.  
for the free dessert we ordered kaya toast. it was again very well plated, very fusion & artisan, with green kaya, toast and expresso in the middle. like the lavendar soup soup, i did not dislike the dish, it was good, ok, but not something that attracted me to order again.
overall the food was not just looking nice but actually good tasting which to me was most important, so the delightful presentation enhanced the dining experience. a S$20 ribeye (if it is same or better than the onglet steak) is good value, & the risotto & pasta dishes at S$14 & S$15 were all quite outstanding for the price. likewise the blackforest cake. there is also a $15 pan-seared seabass (which i don’t mind trying) & chicken leg confit. 
will be back!
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$33 for 1 pax
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