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(Closed) Picotin

Business details removed by owner’s request.
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24 Dec 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Overly pricey mediocre food served under filthy roof rafters!

I've read so much about Picotin and was excited to try it. Make no mistake, the food is on the pricey side, considering that most of the restaurant is alfresco with pitiful fans that so little more than decorate the place, and stir up great globules of black gunk from the extremely filthy roof rafters.

Pumpkin soup $17: given the price, i was expecting something pretty spectacular, but none of my kids would touch it after the 1st mouthful even though they are soup maniacs. After i tried it in puzzlement, i understood why. Even though the soup had the pumpkin colour, it had NO pumpkin flavour but instead had this very odd taste which i haven't been able to decipher. I suspect they threw in some kind of cheese, but even then, it completely did not work, and just came out tasting like Cream of Something Odd. Big Fail given the high price!

Calamari $16: decent as it was well fried, tender and crunchy all round, but the batter had no flavour which disappointed me. I'd hoped that Monsieur Stroobant would have made his batter different from a run of the mill flour + water. But seriously, for the price, i could have gotten something similar at Long John Silvers!

Mushroom fricasee $18: small 3x3in toast covered with mushroom, heavy cream and slightly oversalted, topped by a poached egg, with a rocket salad dressed in balsamic vinegar. Nothing special again but its high price.

Asparagus wrapped in parma ham with poached egg $20: again nothing special, except its high price. 

Beef bourguinon $30: instead of beef cubes, this was a great hunk of meat which was pretty chewy with lots of gelatin running through it. Although the cut of meat was not what i like, what i really didn't like was that the gravy tasted more like pasta sauce, overkilled by tomato paste, rather than having a rich and deep red wine and beef jus flavour that should be apparent from hours of gentle stewing. Oh. And the small nuggets of carrots and pearl onions that came with it were ROCK hard. The bacon bits that scattered the dish seemed fresh though, rather than from a box, and the mash was alright. A Fail in my opinion.

Seasonal turkey with roast vegs and bacon-wrapped sausage $32 and seasonal roast beef with yorkshire pudding $35: bland sauce rather than lovely tasting meat jus, with hardly any roast potatoes but lots of roast pumpkin, parsnips. There were about 6 slides of beef and 5 of turkey, a lot of meat.

Seabass $32: normal panfried, decent.

What scares me away from Picotin more than the high prices and mediocre food is the FILTHY roof rafters if you sit outside, so beware. Halfwa through my meal, i saw a big black blob fall from the roof smack into my food. Granted the waiter quickly replaced my meal for me. But it makes me wonder how much of the dirt had already splattered my food without me seeing and how often it has occurred given the waiter didn't seem really surprised when i told them!
06 Dec 2010 • 8 reviews • 1 follower

Tucked away Quaint Circus of Wonders

Went to Picotin for dinner and thought it an exceptional place. It is tucked away and has great ambiance, surrounded by lush greenery. It's offers a bar, inside and outside dining areas. They even have a movie night every Wednesday!
The service was great even though there was an corporate event on; they managed to accommodate us with smiles and prompt response times.
The wine list was a little bare but still offered a wide variety.
The food was excellent - to start: calamari, for me: the pork, for him: the pizza. All were reasonably priced and extremely yummy. The portions were also very generous and an appetizer + a dish to share, would generally be perfect with enough space for dessert.
Will definitely head back there again. Probably one of my new faves, it offers a bar, dinner, romance, chilled out movie nights, good food, good wine, good service. What more can one need?
12 May 2010 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Picotin : Voilah ! 3 course set lunch $30/- ++

When you go to Picotin, wear jeans , do not wear a teeny-weeny mini skirt like I did , because you will have to wriggle your way through lunch on a high bar chair and experience many sharon stone moments, sigh.We started with a white onion soup with chives. It was delicious with a piece of stinky cheese in my soup. Yumm ! Next is the caramelized pork belly with smoked bacon and pearl onions. This is THE BEST !!! It is a really big piece of crispy fatty pork all to yourself ! I loved it ! I had the creme brulee and my chubby hubby had the chocolate cake , which was good, but could have been better with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice-cream.Overall, it was a really good lunch. A must-try ! And really good value for money.
Stuffed Pig Trotter
15 Dec 2009 • 39 reviews • 12 followers


First let's talk about the service (the lack of it actually) ... big crew, definitely not understaffed but unfortunately they seems to prefer to serve white people than locals. We had a reservation for 10, arrived on time, but they were not able to give us the table as the previous group was still around. Instead of giving us another table quickly, they prefer to keep all other big tables empty and have us wait. During all this time, no apology, no urgency, no love. Another big group (white) then came by (with no reservation), and they were promptly seated. Food ... seriously just ok. I had the day special "stuffed pig trotter" ... gave up half way through even though I'm a big trotter fan. Wife order the braised beef .. came burnt. Something particular about this place .. they don't clean their plates well. We got stains and dirt on the side of the plates. *yucks* Not coming back!
01 Nov 2009 • 27 reviews • 0 follower

Great breakfast place!

Came here to have brunch with friends. Loved the jams and bakery items. Teas/coffees are good too but strong. There's a closed off area where children can play while the adults chat. Will definitely come back!