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Pince and Pints is a restaurant and bar that specialises in lobsters. The lobsters are flown from the other side of the world and kept fresh and delivered to be cooked up to serve you with a selection of craft beers and a tight menu of cocktails.

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Grilled Live Whole Boston Lobster
Grilled Live Whole Boston Lobster
Truffle Lobster Roll
Truffle Lobster Roll

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It's all lobster

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 527

Pince and Pints opened with much fanfare and rave reviews some one and a half years back and has apparently been very popular ever since - so much so that they have expanded upwards to the second floor and overseas to KL. We were intrigued by the limited offering of Truffle Lobster Roll so dropped by one Saturday afternoon for lunch.

The place isn't big (first floor seats 46 while the upper level seats another 30) and is a hotbed for noise due to the rather crampish and enclosed interior. But by virtue of a reservation, we managed to snag a rather nice corner seat with a fish tank (complete with a singular lobster) as a backdrop.

Lobster Roll - To do a comparison, we started off with a regular lobster roll. Served with a rich but not too heavy garlic aioli sauce, the lightly chilled lobster meat came across as crunchy and sweet, on a mildly crisp and sweet bun that could do with more time on the grill and definitely alot more butter. The accompanying regular cut fries were decent.

Truffle Lobster Roll - For $10++ more, the truffle lobster roll was only available for a limited period of time (till end January). And in contrast to the regular lobster roll, the crunchy and sweetly succulent lobster meat was served warm instead of chilled, with truffle shavings, a small dollop of caviar and a truffle sauce that boasted a fair amount of truffle oil and bits of the real stuff. I personally couldn't get enough of the rich truffle sauce that went extremely well with the fries. However, as with the regular roll, the bread wasn't crispy or buttery enough for my liking.

Two lobster rolls cost us ~ $148, which is relatively expensive given that The Naked Finn serves a slightly more delicious rendition of the regular lobster roll at ~ 40% cheaper. A pity the rolls are only available during lunch. Maybe The Naked Finn could consider offering it for dinner as well.

See all my pictures here.

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An Excellent Lobster Meal at Duxton!

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

This restaurant has been really popular since it opened at Duxton Hill. I finally had a chance to visit with a friend recently.


They have some new additions to their menu, which are truffle based, which I tried.


Along with food, they also have cocktails which I also looked forward to.


Here are the highlights of our meal:

- Truffle Lobster Roll: $68++. A new addition to their menu. The Boston lobster is cut into chunks and topped with truffle caviar and truffle shavings. Its served with a side of salad, straight-cut fries and homemade truffle sauce. The homemade truffle sauce had a texture of ‘thick mushroom soup’.  A nice sauce to go with the dish.


The salad had watermelon cubes in it which was nice.



- Grilled Live Whole Boston Lobster: $58. The lobster is halved and grilled. It’s meaty and juicy. A shell cracker and meat extractor are also provided for each diner, so it was easy to extract the meat out from the shell and the claws. This came with a chef salad, straight-cut fries and herbed butter sauce.


We asked for a side of garlic aioli sauce as a dip for the fries. It’s good.



Here are the cocktails that I tried:

- Burning Lobster: $12. This is unique.


It comes as two shots – 1 glass of Resposado Tequila with a blend of Cajun spices;  1 glass of home-made chilli lobster sauce (which was the chaser). First you down the tequila in 1 go, then down the chilli lobster sauce immediately. Yes, it sounds weird but its good. The tequila will have a burning sensation on the throat, but the chilli lobster sauce will sooth it right away. One wasn’t enough, and I had to have another one.

Good stuff, recommended!


- 500 Days of Summer: $22. This was a refreshing cocktail. Served in a tall glass, it’s made with gin, fresh lemon and lime, homemade Cantaloupe soda and garnished with fresh mint.  Easy to drink.


A good meal and it’s a meal that I will definitely remember for some time.



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Must Try Lobster Bar

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 25

The hubs and I finally tried Pince & Pints after so long! Very satisfied with the lobsters that we had, plus service was impeccable! For full review and more photos please head to

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Fast, efficient, tasty and good!

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

A friend told us about a new restaurant on Duxton rd. As we are living just next door, we wanted to check on it and were not disappointed. We were lucky to get a table without waiting (Monday night, around 8.30pm).

The menu is quite surprising: 3 choices, 1 price: 48$. Easy!

I took the grilled lobster, my boyfriend took the chili one.
Both very tasty and well cooked. No disappointment!

Staff is very nice, attentive but not too much behind your back.

The only small concern I have is that the limited choice will make it boring after a while. It's easier for the chefs to have only 3 options, but doesn't encourage customers to come back again and again to try new dishes or specialties. Should consider proposing extra "special of the day" after a while.

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