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Airflown lobster cooked to perfection and Great Service

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 43

Dinner at Pince & Pints P&P is quite an experience.  You need to read Chinese style from the right - Pint - have a drink first, buy time for the chef,  then have the Pince (Pincers for short). 

The drinks menu is interesting because of the variety of drinks available.  Other restaurants have their drinks menu defined by the sponsors,  e.g.  all Tiger beers,  but this joint serves all types of beer.  Their wine list has a large variety of wines,  some as low as $6 per 60ml glass - drink up!  On to the food.

All lobsters are airflown in from New England, or Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia) and kept in salt water tanks.  These lobsters yield very delicious flesh that is springy and full of flavour.  Even the claws are delicious.

Food is narrowed to 4 choices of mains - so it's easier to order.  Four of us ordered all 4 ways of preparing lobster,  for simplicity !

The Chilli lobster came in a large clay pot with two halves of a medium sized lobster,  4 large pieces,  if you count the left and right claws.  These New England or Canadian lobsters have large claws that are tasty and full of meat, often tastier than the meat on the body.  Use the fried mantou - break it up to soak up the chilli sauce and you're in heaven.

Grilled lobster was fragrant,  lightly salted and peppered.  Full of flesh and flavour.  The fries were skinny fries and the salad was tasty.  The dip was a bit too oily,  I prefer the butter based dip  for the lobster roll.

Steamed lobster was a good choice for those who like the pure taste of lobster,  just underdone, the lobster was juicy and even the small legs  yielded meat when cracked open.  Needless to say the claws were tender and great tasting.

Lobster roll - was a whole lobster in a bread bun but rather small for a person with a large appetite.  The butter sauce was very good !

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A Disappointing Act

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

If you are looking for a good dinner experience, please skip this place. This place does not take reservations for the common people and does not manage customers expectations. I went down yesterday at 6:30pm to bring a foreign visitor and was told a waiting time of 2 hours which was fine. Went over to another bar to wait and returned at 8:30pm. The waitress and manager then told us that we were 5th on the queue and they were expecting some turnover of tables soon. We waited till 9pm but was told it would take another 45mins to an hour. We went to another wine bar to wait. At 9:30pm I called them back to enquire but was told I was 8th in queue (my queue number increased from 5th to 8th?!?). Initially they told me it’s because they had to merge tables to fit larger groups thus queue number went up but when I insisted on speaking to the manager he conveniently allege that my dinner partner had cancelled the reservation and was unapologetic at all for the wait. For the record - we did not cancel the reservation and I had specifically told them to call me when our table was available. In the end, they did not even bother to call the whole evening even after they are closed. The manager seems to be an amateur and they seem to prefer to let customers wait rather than tell them there are no tables available anymore for rest of the evening - which means they put their P&L ahead of customers dinner needs (i.e. they would rather let you wait until they are closed and you miss dinner than to tell you they are full and cannot take any more customers). The manager is an amateur as he would rather give excuses to customers than to tell them there are no tables or that they estimated wrongly af. A disappointingly poor act. And for the record I was somewhat a regular as I visited the place on its second opening day and had dinner then - the lobsters was fresh but nothing to shout about given the pricing. I went last evening only because my dinner companion wanted to try some lobster. They have lost me as a customer due to their condescension, lack of respect for their customers and unfair waiting list prioritization. Any other restaurant would have simply had the courtesy to inform their customers there are no tables for the evening than to let them wait in vain..  

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The management of Pince & Pints responded to this review:
24 Jul 2014
Hello Wong, Sorry to have responded this late but we have noted your feedback and you'd be pleased to know that we have since changed our waiting system. You may now leave your name at the door and we will call you when it is your turn. We don't take reservations because we have limited space and we have to be fair to groups that have all arrived at the door. We can't have people waiting outside the door when groups are seated inside waiting for their dining partners to arrive at the restaurant before they make an order. We hope that clarifies and we wish to see you again. Thank you!

Bad experience

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

!!!Warning to people who wish to have a good dining experience, please do not visit Pince & Pints!!! IT IS NOT WORTH THE WAIT. DECIDE ON ANOTHER RESTAURANT IMMEDIATELY.

"It will be a 2 hours wait", after 2 hours, it will be another 1-2 hours. They dont know how to manage customers expectations. They are unsincere and unapologetic to customers.

Many reviews from other sites said that it was worth the wait and value for money. It is bullshit. I shouldn't have believe in those. 

I visisted Pince & Pints on a Friday, 5.30pm, the host told me that it will be a 2 hours wait especially mine is for a table of 5. As my friends have not arrived, I thought it was ok to wait. I made a wrong move. All my friends arrived at about 7pm and thinking that we will just have to wait 30 mins more. We went back to check our status, the host told us there are only 3 large tables for a group of 5 therefore the earliest we can get a table is at 8.30pm. So we went to a bar for drinks and came back at 8.30pm. However, we were told to wait for at least another hour. By that time, we were too late to change another eating place. We got our table close to 10pm.

The food was just ok for me. The Grilled whole lobster was dry. the butter sauce was too salty for 600g of lobster. The fries is salty and just normal. Salad was normal. I would rather pay abit more for a tasty and juicy lobster elsewhere.

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Rude service and disappointment on the drinks

Food/Drink 4 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 9

I visited Pince & Pints with much excitement, however dispite hearing so many good things about their food my experience was far from being good.

The food takes a long time to to come out from the kitchen; it seems like the kitchen is always overwhelmed and dispite it being a restaurant where most of the guests were already eating, our order took over 50 minutes to reach the table.

The service was poor, I enqiuired about my meal a few times, but was rudely snapped at by one of the waiters. I was a little taken back by this rude gesture.

The drinks were okay, however, it barely makes the mark for a real bar. The drinks were a little on the sweet side and with hardly any alcohol. it seems like the drinks were a little watered down. The bar also doesnt seem to be stocked with the usual suspects, so do not expect premium spirits there.

After 50 mins of waiting the food finally came and it was good. however, we finished the meal rather fast and during this time. Although it was obvious that the kitchen had forgotten our order, there was no one who came to check on us. nor was there anyone who was available to help us with water.

my boyfriends hand was up for a good 10 minutes beforewe were spotted when we wanted to call for the bill. Service is so slow and the lack of alcohol didn't make any things any better.

I definetly won't be back. The lobster might be good, however the whole experience is a far cry from anything back in the states. A disapointment, and to think i was keen on finding a regular lobster roll place. Sigh...

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The management of Pince & Pints responded to this review:
24 Jul 2014
Hello Vanessa, We are sorry to learn of your bad experience at Pince & Pints as we take pride in our service and quality of food. Our service staff have been trained extensively before the opening of the restaurant so we have absolute faith in them that they would offer the best they can. Thank you for your feedback and we will look into improving to serve our customers better. Also, glad to know that you enjoyed our food! Our focus is on serving quality lobster dishes as a restaurant. We take pride in making our own syrups, dehydrate our own fruits for our cocktails and mocktails that are easy drinking. We believe in completing the experience for diners by pairing cocktails that are made from scratch, however, we are not a cocktail bar. So we are sorry to have failed you in that department. We look forward to welcome you at the restaurant again should you crave for lobsters, and we hope to provide a better dining experience for you.

Food and service is actually good

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I was a little apprehensive going to Pince & Pints for dinner after reading all the negative comments about the waiting time and service. Turns out it was anything but.

I came here yesterday (Monday 4 Aug) with my significant other to devour some scrumptious lobsters I have seen in the photos. Perhaps it was due to it being a slow Monday, we only had to wait for 30 minutes to get a table. We arrived at 7pm.

Food was easy to order, we had the steamed and grilled full lobsters, which arrived within 20 minutes. The staff were all friendly and asked us how our meal was just to make sure everything went fine. 

The food was great value for money. My significant other found an undercooked pincer towards the end of her meal, and the chef asked if we would like to have a new grilled lobster - we were too full to take advantage of that! Nonetheless we returned the undercooked pincer to be re-cooked. To our surprise, the chef sent us a new pincer - some poor chap might find one less pincer on his lobster!

Overall, we had a good time and excellent meal.

Had to write this as I feel the negative reviews here did not do justice to the enjoyable dinner.

Thumbs up from the both of us :)

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Not worth the Wait!!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

For this price, I can get more at the same quality at other lobster roll places!! Also, totally not worth the wait. Service was terrible, mixed up order and refuses to apologize!!

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