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Review for Pince & Pints


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Address: 33 Duxton Road, 089497
03 Jul 2014 • 38 Reviews • 6 Followers

Airflown lobster cooked to perfection and Great Service

Dinner at Pince & Pints P&P is quite an experience.  You need to read Chinese style from the right - Pint - have a drink first, buy time for the chef,  then have the Pince (Pincers for short). 

The drinks menu is interesting because of the variety of drinks available.  Other restaurants have their drinks menu defined by the sponsors,  e.g.  all Tiger beers,  but this joint serves all types of beer.  Their wine list has a large variety of wines,  some as low as $6 per 60ml glass - drink up!  On to the food.

All lobsters are airflown in from New England, or Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia) and kept in salt water tanks.  These lobsters yield very delicious flesh that is springy and full of flavour.  Even the claws are delicious.

Food is narrowed to 4 choices of mains - so it's easier to order.  Four of us ordered all 4 ways of preparing lobster,  for simplicity !

The Chilli lobster came in a large clay pot with two halves of a medium sized lobster,  4 large pieces,  if you count the left and right claws.  These New England or Canadian lobsters have large claws that are tasty and full of meat, often tastier than the meat on the body.  Use the fried mantou - break it up to soak up the chilli sauce and you're in heaven.

Grilled lobster was fragrant,  lightly salted and peppered.  Full of flesh and flavour.  The fries were skinny fries and the salad was tasty.  The dip was a bit too oily,  I prefer the butter based dip  for the lobster roll.

Steamed lobster was a good choice for those who like the pure taste of lobster,  just underdone, the lobster was juicy and even the small legs  yielded meat when cracked open.  Needless to say the claws were tender and great tasting.

Lobster roll - was a whole lobster in a bread bun but rather small for a person with a large appetite.  The butter sauce was very good !

Must Tries
Chilli lobster with mantou, Grilled lobster, Alcoholic ginger beer, Steamed lobster with fries and salad
Recommended for
After Work, Ala Carte, Birthdays, Business Dining
Average Spend
$50 for 1 pax
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