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Good thin crust pizza

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
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Pizza4u at Sunset Way is a humble little family restaurant that serves pretty awesome thin crust Italian Pizza. Hidden away from the main street and the F&B catchment at Sunset Way, this little restaurant has a cozy and homely ambience. It is also a certified halal restaurant.You can even catch your TV program while enjoying a meal at Pizza4u. Just like having a meal in the comfort of your own home.

The pizza will take a while to cook so while waiting you can try some of the delectable sides. The Crispy Chicken Bites ($4.50 for 6pcs) was crisp outside and juicy inside. The Breaded Onion Rings ($4.50) was also an enjoyable snack while waiting for the mains.

The Baked Eggs ($7/$10) was an interesting dish. I have not seen it elsewhere. Comes with a choice of 1 or 2 eggs baked to perfection together with cheese, mayo, chicken ham, mushroom and spinach served with toasted bread slice. Digging into the dish was like opening a treasure chest with surprise discovery.

The pizza dough at Pizza4u is freshly handed rolled upon order and baked directly in the stone oven. First up was the Simply Cheese ($15.60 regular) classic pizza. If you order 2, it costs $22 only. The simply cheese pizza is made up of special homemade chunky tomato sauce, Parmesan, Mozzarella and mixed herbs. A simple yet delectable pizza that came with my favourite cheesy aroma and flavours.

Next, we tried the Seafood Special ($17.50 regular) gourmet pizza came with tuna flakes, squid, crabstick, onion, capsicum, fressh mushroom, olive and mozzarella. A generous topping of seafood with a nice balanced of flavours. Some of us felt that the squid was not fresh but the slice I had was ok.

The name Mr Frosty ($17.50 regular) sounds interesting isn't it? The pizza was topped with chicken ham, turkey bacon, pineapple, mushroom, mozzarella and chicken floss. It tasted like having a Hawaiian pizza topped with chicken floss. The pineapples gave the pizza a fruity flavour which was very refreshing and enjoyable.

The Smoked Duck with Egg ($17.60) gourmet pizza is a new creation by the owner's daughter and he told us it was his favourite. Well, he has another supporter in me too. It was also my favourite among the 4 we have tired. The Smoked Duck with Egg was topped with a special sauce, smoked duck, japanese cucimber, olive, spinach, egg and mozzarella cheese. An interesting well balanced and flavoured pizza baked to perfection.

Besides the signature pizzas at Pizza4u, the family restaurant offers quite an extensive side dishes too. Besides the pizzas, we also tried the Chicken Wings ($5 for 3pcs). It was not too oily and fried to nice exterior crisp. However I thought it was a bit bland in taste. 

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Homemade western food (pizza/pastas)!!!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
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I discovered this place through about 2 weeks ago. My wife and I went for dinner at this place. Here are the few things that I loved about this place:

1. Quiet place. The place is actually quite hidden. It is not visible from the main road.

2. Home made western food! It was delicious. They took sometime to prepare the dishes and you can tell from the taste that it is homemade. Delicious! Quite rare to find eateries/restaurant serving home made dishes!

3. Friendliness of the staff. It is family run if I am not wrong. They were very friendly!

4. I like the simple ambiance. I just found it cosy.

Perfect for my wife and me for a dinner after work, away from the buzz of the city. Quiet. Peaceful. Lovely food and staffs. What more...

Will be back :)

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Great Stone Baked Pizza!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
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I live around the Clementi area and frequent the establishments at Sunsetway Center quite frequently. I passed by this pizza joint for the past 6 months or so dismissing it because of its appearance (small and un-chick)...

Yesterday, We were celebrating my wife's b'day, so, we decided to be 'adventurous'.. We tried Pizza4U. Being sceptical at first, we decided to be 'safe' (Yeah I know, it was supposed to be adventurous, but hey, we are 2 ex-engineers. Logics are in our blood) and tried the Hawaiian Pizza and Simply Cheez.

Boy, were we surprised... The thin crust (but yet still meaty) dough was perfectly baked....! The toppings are well balanced and sumptuous... It costed us S$22 for 2 slices of regular pizza (Enough to feed 3 hungry mouth becos we still hv 1/3 left in the fridge). We devoured the pizza at home and craving to go back!

Sometimes we judge people and places by their look and proven wrong from time to time... I humbly admit that we made that same mistake to Pizza4U too... A great place to get your pizza kick!

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Good Pizza And Chicken Wings !

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 239

This is one new pizza joint that is quite well hidden from public view...And it's quite new to begin with....

So one fine day...I paid this place a visit and ordered their Tuna pizza ( with extra tuna @ extra charge ) and fried chicken wings.

The pizza turned out very it's those homemade version, and not the typical frozen commercial no fishy tunas here...

And not forgetting their fried chicken wings....the batter is tasty and I bet you'll be back for more !

Yes...this place provides home delivery too....and it is a great alternative to Pizza Hut etc !

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