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Pizza Hut (Junction 8)


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Pizza Hut is a restaurant offering a variety of pizzas and pastas for diners to choose from.

Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

+65 63564807
$12 based on 12 submissions
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12 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

What a Disappointment.

I’m very disappointed my experiences in pizzahut, I am out with my friends from a movie and when to pizzahut. I ordered the Traditional Bolognaise, which is on a good offer in the student deals. The pasta is so chewy I can’t barely swallow it plus and a added bonus the meatball is expired. The service is so-so but one of the staff irritates me.
I would avoid going to pizzahut for few years or so.
23 Aug 2012 • 15 reviews • 3 followers

Seriously bad...

Its been quite a number of years since I last dined in Pizza Hut, and from this most recent experience, think I can easily skip Pizza Hut for the next few years too.

1. Service - Employed foreign worker who don't understand English. The waiter don't understand what I ordered and continued the order even after I told him that's not what I want.

2. Food - Tastes stale and I can even feel the frozen ice while munching on the squid and prawns.

No need for 3 strikes, Pizza Hut is officially out of my food list.

30 Apr 2011 • 279 reviews • 44 followers

Not too Good Dinning Experience~ Service Sucks~

Came here for a late lunch today after our grocery shopping.

As they are having special set menus to mark their 30th anniversary, we decided to try them as they were quite “good value for money” at $13.50++ for a main course, soup of the day and a drink.

When we arrived, there was some queue waiting to be served. At first, we thought the restaurant was full but a 2nd glance into the restaurant showed otherwise. A number of tables were empty but used plates and utensils were left unclear and that was the reason why people were waiting to be seated. We already have a “not so good” impression on the customer service feeling slow and inefficient” service.

Ambience was ok. Well lighted with music being played from background. However, tables were arranged too close to one another.

After some time, we were showed to our seats. We ordered 1 set of Spicy Chicken Chop and 1 set of Fish and Chips. The soup of the day was chicken soup. We felt it was too liquid (unlike the normal chicken soup which are thick and flavourful). It was quite bland but consisted of strips of chicken meat. Passable.

The chicken soup I had was a bit over fried. I thought it should be called Chicken Cutlet which was more relevant. As you can see from the picture, it was quite “dark and charred”. The chop was crispy though also not too flavourful. The vegetables that came with it (the carrot and cauliflower were hard).

The fish and chip was ok, quite well done but again not flavourful. We felt it was not well marinated. We felt the main courses normal and passable only and honestly will not specially recommend to others to try them.

The French fries were fine, quite generous and well done though. We also ordered the Spicy Chicken Wings. This was the best dish of the day we felt. The wings were well marinated, grilled and flavourful. Nice!

As for the service, we felt it was way below minimum satisfaction. We requested 2 times before the staff came back with bottles of chili and tomato sauces. However, don’t feel you are done with it. The bottles the staff brought you were empty bottles and as good as not having that. So we requested for the 3rd time and the bottles never came and the staff responded “sorry, the chili sauce bottle was used by other diners”. That left us wondering if the restaurant had only a bottle of sauce to be shared by all diners in the restaurant! “Awesome”.

Then, we noticed that the tartar sauce which was supposed to come with the fish and chips were not brought to us. So we requested for it. This time, it took us 3 times to request to different staff before a staff reluctantly brought one small cup to us. Same thing also happened when we also asked for mayonnaise sauce (at the same time with the chili and tartar sauces) for at least 3 times before we were brought to us!!!

Gosh, what kind of service was that! Staff were not friendly and slow and even gave you the kind of “dark face” when they served you. Are we at their mercies? What make us to deserve such service? When we asked for the bill, it came very fast!!! Need immediate improvement to the customer service!

Value for money? Hmm…still ok. However, we felt they may still be better in making pizzas and we overheard the table next door who commented the pasta and baked rice were “ordinary and would be their first and last time trying”.

Most probably we will not return here.

  • Chicken Soup