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14 Jan 2014 • 1973 Reviews • 260 Followers

Good Value Despite Hidden Costs

As I was around the area, I decided to have lunch at Plate at Carlton City Hotel. At $25 a pop for a semi buffet lunch, it looked like a really good deal, but hang on , there are some hidden costs involved.

A setting with strong natural light, the vibe is an informal setting with a semi buffet of salmon, octopus, vinegrette mackerel, tuna, squid and clam sushi.

From the cold platter there was mussels, scallops and chilled octopus.

The meal also comes with one main course, but there is a hidden $5 charge to it. Nonetheless, still worth it and I went with the seafood pasta with scallops and prawns.

For desserts there was a large variety of bite size cakes for the taking.

Finally, the one bug bear I had was that they silently charged $2 for water per person. This has to be the most expensive water I have ever had, and if I had known, I might have ordered a drink instead.

Other than the hidden charges which unfortunately marred the otherwise pleasant dining experience,I do not have any other complaints. Service was really pleasant with staff ready to help.
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$35 for 1 pax
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