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Review for (Closed) Platters Bistro & Wine Bar


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Address: 42 Club Street
17 Jan 2014 • 137 Reviews • 7 Followers

Pricy, but not bad!

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At Platters, the owners believe the spirit of sharing makes meals more enjoyable. Food are served on wooden platters; diners can choose half or full boards. There are already quite a number of restaurants with communal dining concept, so in this aspect, Platters is not THAT unique. So what sets Platters apart?
Unlike their competitors, the menu changes every 3-4 months. For every season, a different chef will design and create new platters, which reflect their style. For season 6, Chef Jeremy Nguee, chef-owner or Preparazzi, presents modern Singaporean cuisine, in an indulgent fashion. Attention wine-lovers! Huge selection here!

Both the ambiance and service here are great :).  If you are unsure how much to order, fret not! Staff are experienced in assisting you to order just the right quantity.

Thunder Thighs and Crackpot Rice aka The Siao Seafood Starter (Half board $38, Full board $68). Picture features half-board serving. Forget about dieting! Feast on French frog legs and soft shell crabs adorned with Tobiko and hollandaise. Carb lovers will love the savory Crab Roe Rice, which we felt was the star of this platter.

Satisfy your inner carnivore with The Maniac Meat Main Course aka Never Die Before (half board $48, Full board $88). There’s lot going on in this dish; intriguing flavors with many different textures. Picture features half-board serving

Tender and chewy Grilled Angus Sirloin lies on a bed of charcoal crumbs, while Truffle Roast Spring Chicken sits atop tasty fat potatoes. Chicken was a wee bit dry and we struggled to detect truffle flavor, which was overwhelmed by rosemary herbs. We were told to enjoy the chicken with nutty Buah Keluak Butter. Superb combination, I must say! The homemade Foie Gras Terrine added a touch of luxe and went well with the sweet Grape Jelly while fried lotus roots added a delightful, crispy crunch.

We rounded off the meal with pure decadence.

Coffee Caramel Delight aka Fat Die You #1 ($16) consisted of Caramel Fondant, Coffee Jelly, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chili Chocolate Crumble and Peanut Brittle. While the presentation was beautiful, the dessert wasn’t stellar. It was not in line with what we expected. We looked forward to warm caramel oozing out from the caramel fondant, but Chef Jeremy’s version consisted of a pudding-like core.

A satisfying lunch, but we agreed that prices are on the steep side. Bill came up to $120 for 3 of us, and that’s just for food only. Chef Jeremy’s menu will be available till Feb 2014.
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