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Located in the Flower Dome of Gardens By The Bay, Pollen offers modern European cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean influences. With Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton as its chef director, this 2 storey restaurant with a sitting capacity of 120 is a must go for any food enthusiast.

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Latest Review for Pollen

Overall RatingBased on 47 reviews
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A rather pleasant meal at Pollen

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 167

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Getting to Gardens by the bay is honestly much of a hassle being located on the oppositeend of the highway, a far cry from the main MBS buildings. The flower dome housing the restaurant is also quite a distance from the carpark. Fortunately to my delight, Pollen operates a buggy service to ferry its customers during lunch and dinner, on a five to ten minute frequency!

Lunch at Pollen is a simple affair, with a seasonal menu of 3 courses going at $55++, giving each diner 2 of 3 choices per course.

The bread selection wasn’t extensive or impressive to begin with, but decent enough to satiate my hunger pangs for the moment while awaiting the first course at least. I mean you definitely can’t go wrong spreading french echire butter over warm crusty bread aye! A duo of pre meal snackings were served as well. While the pickled olives were refreshing and embraced a nice punch to it, the salt cod brandade served in the form of puree here had an immaculate fishy stench.

Slow Cooked Egg, English Breakfast

The beauty of sous vide eggs lie with the basis that a concept so simple never fail impress anyone with a runny yolk, surrounded by a beautiful dome of gelatinous egg white around. While poaching eggs may seem more convenient taking only a mere few minutes, the egg whites surrounding very often tend to be unevenly cooked and honestly, the end product isn’t as pretty hahaha. Anyway, Atherton’s take on the English breakfast is serving a slow cooked egg with a potato espuma engraved with a myriad of flavors and a very enjoyable frothy texture, along with some roasted mushrooms, slices of chorizo and an intense tomato puree which served as ketchup.

Home-cured Trout, Garlic Puree

I realized that most condiments & garnishes served at Pollen tend to be pickled, take for example their olives, onions , mushrooms and quite a few types of vegetables as well. First impressions were that I wish they hadn’t torched the surfaces of the trout which made its natural delicate texture rather upheaval. Nonetheless i found favor with it’s clean and fresh flavors, although the garlic puree served alongside came across as extremely overwhelming where the heat from the garlic really struck you with the smallest mouthful.

Rangers Valley 300-day Ribeye, oxtail, charred eggplant, smoked potatoes

My dining partner and I opted for the steak over the John Dory, where part of me somewhat regrets my choice after inhaling the aroma of the Spanish Rice that was served along with the John Dory instead which smelt really good . Don’t get me wrong though, the steak was still a rather stellar option, where each slice possessed the distinct beefy flavor and enjoyment you would expect from aged beef. The slightest touch of garnishing each slice with fleur de seul really brought out the natural flavors of the meat! The robust bordelaise sauce was also an excellent accompaniment, while the glazed vegetables served alongside were well executed. My only complaint would be that portions for entrees weren’t as substantial as I had expected to be!

“PB&J” – Peanut butter and cherry yuzu sorbet

PB&J, a playful twist on the traditional peanut butter and jam sandwich. You could say this was somewhat a deconstructed version of the traditional sandwich with cream peanut parfait which gave the sensation of frozen peanut butter, paired with a sweet and sour tart cherry sorbet and delightful rice crispie-esque clusters. I’m not usually too big on desserts but this was pretty d*** interesting and wonderful at the same time as I wiped my plate clean, hands down the only dish which really left a lasting impression. I’ve seen the famous nine meter long dessert bar, adapted from Pollen Street Social as well, where diners can actually catch a glimpse of the pastry chefs in work. Something which definitely caught my attention was the recruitment of former Iggy’s Pastry Chef Andreas Lara, who had stints at world beaters el Bulli and Noma, would definitely made a great additional to Pollen’s pastry section with his masterful creations.

Service wise, you could see that the waiters were really trying and despite their best efforts, I was left rather amused and baffling each time the waiter mentioned ” pleasure sir, pleasure” easily 20-30 times throughout the meal, although I eventually felt quite remorseful for it! Food-wise everything was pleasant and rather well done, though it lacked the elusive wow factor that comes from sky high expectations you just have to set for Michelin starred chefs. Then again it probably isn’t the best idea to have lunch Pollen especially when you had a heal of a meal @ Catalunya the night before!

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The management of Pollen responded to this review:
19 Feb 2013
Dear St Pauli Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your overall experience at Pollen and have conveyed your feedback on the food and service to our team. We look forward to welcoming you back to Pollen in the future.

Afternoon Tea within Flower Dome

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 27

The idea of having afternoon tea at Pollen Terrace, on the second level of Pollen, overlooking Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay was pretty appealing to us and we made our reservations a few days before. 

At $38++ for 10 types of small bites and a choice of hot tea/coffee, we feel that afternoon tea at Pollen is slightly on the pricier side. However, if you don't mind paying a little more for a nice ambience, then go for it! Another plus point is that all diners of Pollen get free access to Flower Dome!

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Above average quality food, too expensive, too cold

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Had dinner there recently and it took the restaurant 3.5 hours to complete serving the food even with reminders. The waiters and waitresses are polite but most are unresponsive and forget what we request for. 

The Tomahawk beef is super good, but the hefty price tag of all items and winter-like coldness spoil everything. 

Excluding desserts, be prepared to spend S$250 per pax. Sutiable for business dining when the company foots the bill. 

If you still want to try, remember to take the buggy in and out or else iti s a long walk and you can bearly find the place. 

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