23A/B Turnhouse Road, 507760
Asian, Chinese
+65 65465251

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 17:30 - 22:30

$37 based on 20 submissions
Dinner (10 votes), Quiet (8 votes), Business Dining (4 votes) ...

A seafood restaurant with 3 other branches, their signature dishes includes chili crab, ngoh hiang, and their special Ponggol Mee Goreng. Reservations are recommended.

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White washed interior
White washed interior
Main entrance
Main entrance
Pancake n ngoh hiang
Pancake n ngoh hiang
Best original punggol seafood mee goreng
Best original punggol seafood mee goreng
  • famous Mee Goreng 5 votes
  • Prawn Pancake 3 votes
  • Crispy Duck with popiah skins 2 votes
  • salted egg crab 2 votes
  • yam paste 2 votes
  • Crispy duck 1 vote
  • Fragrant crab 1 vote
  • chili crab 1 vote
  • red wine pork 1 vote

Latest Review for Ponggol Choon Seng Seafood Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 14 reviews
Most helpful review:

Cosy Place for a great meal !

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 14

If you want to have to stay out of the busy town and have a relax meal with quiet surrounding, this is a place you can go to. I came here with my friend on a weekday and have enjoy our lunch. We order their signature dish Mee Goreng, stir fried Nai Bai and finally the must try Prawn Pancake & Ngo Hiang. The prawn pancake is crispy on the outside and the filing is still hot inside. It is super tasty! 

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A total disappointment

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Brought my family for our usual seafood dinner..... Entrance to restaurant pleasant as view was pleasing.... Until we sat at the table, everything was good. Looked at the menu..... More like kids options!!! Why would I travel from one end of singapore to have only 2 chicken dishes and basically no choices of food! No sambal dishes, no sambal sotong, not much prawn options..... A real total disappointment. I asked for a regular omelette, guess what, her reply was? if u want plain omelette, we will still charge you oyster omelette price.....fine.. Does not matter. Ordered for a large kangkong, two crabs, beef and fish. kangkong came in a kids portion..... Omg! $20 for a plate of kangkong which looked like a $6 portion. Fine, I kept my cool as it was a family dinner,out next was the fish..... Oh my!!!! I should just have trustees the above reviewer and not come here! Fish was so small meant for 1 person!price of fish was like meant to feed 8ppl. nvm, waiting for the signature crab!!!! I was on the verge of screaming!!!!!!!!! totally bland, a total waste of money. I would never come back even if u paid me to eat here! Horrible horrible! I have never complained about food or restaurants, and I'm sad that this is my first review ever....I should have just trusted the previous reviewer! My mistake for that! Ubin seafood is so much better! Look here, we are paying $$$ for food! We are not eating for free! So why could u not serve something acceptable! !!!!!!! Totally disappointed! hungry but made me not order anything else.... Oh ya, because they have no options! Totally was of time and effort to even eat the food! Or junk. Suitable for wasting your time.

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Totally unethical establishment!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 4

Never have I ever felt so compelled to submit a review on HGW and in this case NOT for a good reason! We chose this place to host our guest when I saw that it made it to "Top 5 chilli crabs in S'pore" on some online article. First impression the ambience was nice & surroundings look comfortable enough. And...that's when everything went downhill. First up, deep fried baby sotong. One bite, crunchy...then I detected a bitter taste. Alas, they were over fried resulting in a slightly charred bitter taste, but ok since its crunchy & still edible we made no complaints. Next was the prawn pancake & ngoh hiang. If I had to be picky, the ngoh hiang filling tasted a little powdery but still good & turned out to be the only passable dish of the evening. Cuttlefish kang kong, nothing to shout about. Then came the Mee goreng which I had high hopes for. It was an utter disappointment, the noodles were not fried well, it was quite bland & lacked the oomph. Honestly I had much better & I can even fry better than this. Nevermind, we shall pin out hopes on the star of the night, the chilli crabs. But it turned to be not only the worst dish of the night but also the worst crab I ever had in my life. Sauce was passable but the crabs are definitely not fresh! The meat tasted like what it probably would taste if it was FROZEN & there was no freshness or juice dropping out, it was just like a chunk of hard cold flesh. When questioned the staff insisted they used live crabs & offered to bring the dish to kitchen for "checking". When it came back, one piece was missing & she said the chef had taken it & it was alright no problems whatsoever! That was when my guest felt compelled to even intervene & told her the crab tasted like cold chicken & not crab! And her reply? "Oh we eat crab on a DAILY basis so we know that the crab is ok!" Sensing that we are still not buying her tales, she asked me which "part" I ate that tasted wrong. With that, she whizzed off a whole pincer to the kitchen & alas magically returned with an empty plate & the same "well-rehearsed" answer that it had passed the kitchen "taste test"! She then offered to deduct some weight off to give a discount so to speak. At this point, we just felt no reason to argue any further & I did not want to create a scene as we had our guest with u. So FINE, do whatever you wish as we just to get over the meal & leave the place. They took $11 off the crab which cost $56 - for a dish we barely touched & which honestly their kitchen ate more. The worst was that we had stomachache & diarrohea the day after which confirmed our suspicion that the crab is not fresh. Food not tasty, ok I still can swallow but serving food that's not fresh & blatantly denying it is totally unacceptable & calls into question the restaurant/kitchen practices. So you have been warned, STEER CLEAR & spend your money elsewhere!

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