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Ponggol Seafood Holdings


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In business since 1969, this restaurant is a household name in Singapore. Its chilli crab is made with a sauce concocted from not only tomato and chilli, but a blend of other spices and piquant ingredients. Other classics on the menu are the house mee goreng and deep-fried soon hock.

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 14:00

Mon - Fri: 17:30 - 22:30

Sat - Sun: 11:30 - 22:30

PH: 11:30 - 22:30

+65 64488511
$28 based on 27 submissions
Dinner (9 votes), Children/Family (7 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (6 votes)
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Chilli crab!

We went there after about almost 4years and were happy to find the place although they moved to the interior rather than on the Quay as before.

2nd June was a very hot evening so we tried to get a seat near a fan outdoor. The menu has much changed from before appears a bit more pricey and the usual old 1 for 1 crab was not available.

We went for the Chilli Crab, Sambal Crayfish, Pandan chicken and Seafood fried rice.

The Chilli crab was about $49 and it is definitely one of the largest i have ever eaten with the claw about the size of my palm and fingers! Usually the Chilli crab i have eaten in Singapore is mildly spiced and bit on the sweeter side. Surprise Surprise the gravy here is well spiced to the effect that i broke out into a sweat enjoying the generous meat in the crab. I requested the staff if they could speed up the fan, which was running at its best. They did fish out a fan and got that working which was commendable on a busy night.

The Sambal crayfish is the best i have had in Singapore (limited eats), the crayfish was nice and plump with the meat not overly cooked.

All in all the food still is good and will be back for more.

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  • Black Pepper Crab2 votes
  • chilli crab2 votes
  • Balachan Kang Kong1 vote
  • Crispy baby squid1 vote
  • boiled prawns1 vote
  • sambal kangkong1 vote
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14 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Not what it use to be !

Made booking and received email confrimation...Only to find that they did not have the reservation at their counter !  Since we arrived at 6pm, they managed to seat us at a tight corner.

Food - 1. Chilli Crab - Use to be a lot better. Still acceptable. 2. "Cameroon Green" vege - Interesting. perhaps the best dish which is not even a seafood dish ? 3. Crispy Squid - Still acceptable 4. Chilli Mussels - Not fresh.  poowee.  Complaint, ZERO service recovery.... just removed the 90% untouched dead mussles dish cleared off to the kitchen !!! 5. Gong Gong with butter broth - over cooked. Some were empty !! difficult to dig out and took 3 staff to figure out that they need to supply the sharp sticks needed to eat the Gong Gong.  6. Famous Mee Goreng ? Not anymore... Slow service, unattentive staff.   1 toilet to be shared by Ladies and Gents !!!  $50+ per pax.  Try the other 2 seafood at the same place next door.  I most definately will !!!  Don't waste your time and money here.  Hope I don't L S from the zombie mussels !
28 Apr 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Ponggol Seafood @ Marina Country Clab

We went after with the voucher, voucher value at S$120/- and paid additional S$126/- for 7 dinners. The chilli crab is not as good as those we normally ate at Jumbo or Long Beach. The chilli doesn't taste like chilli. Price for the crab is reasonable. Seafood fried rice is not authentic, there is green pea, small fresh scallop, crab stick and fish cake in it!! Salted egg prawn is ok but prawn is not fresh. Can't imagine that they are supposedly to be famous for seafood can serve not fresh seafood ............ terrible......... The other dishes we ate like yam ring, roast chicken, sambal la la, fried squid is very normal, nothing special. The only dish worth tyring is mee goreng, quite moist and tasty. The place is like a very old JB coffee shop, no aircon and houseflies flying around your food. This is my first and last visit!
02 Nov 2012 • 4 reviews • 10 followers

Long waiting time for food. Limited selection

Portions here are very small. There was supposed to be a 50% discount for prawns, but we were told that it was only limited to one dish per table despite the sign indicating otherwise. We waited for half hour for our last dish (lobster salad) and the time when the service was the fastest was when we asked for the bill. The bill came up to $100, considering the portion, it is really not worth it.