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In business since 1969, this restaurant is a household name in Singapore. Its chilli crab is made with a sauce concocted from not only tomato and chilli, but a blend of other spices and piquant ingredients. Other classics on the menu are the house mee goreng and deep-fried soon hock.

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Chilli crab!

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 10

We went there after about almost 4years and were happy to find the place although they moved to the interior rather than on the Quay as before.

2nd June was a very hot evening so we tried to get a seat near a fan outdoor. The menu has much changed from before appears a bit more pricey and the usual old 1 for 1 crab was not available.

We went for the Chilli Crab, Sambal Crayfish, Pandan chicken and Seafood fried rice.

The Chilli crab was about $49 and it is definitely one of the largest i have ever eaten with the claw about the size of my palm and fingers! Usually the Chilli crab i have eaten in Singapore is mildly spiced and bit on the sweeter side. Surprise Surprise the gravy here is well spiced to the effect that i broke out into a sweat enjoying the generous meat in the crab. I requested the staff if they could speed up the fan, which was running at its best. They did fish out a fan and got that working which was commendable on a busy night.

The Sambal crayfish is the best i have had in Singapore (limited eats), the crayfish was nice and plump with the meat not overly cooked.

All in all the food still is good and will be back for more.

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2015 NOV 2015 , Never again, Last time eat , regret.

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

1st time also my last time. It cannot compared to the last time Ponggol SeaFood .
6 Paxs
Bill : $300+
1. No choiceof pot of chinese tea serve, not even plain water must pay.
must order soft drinks or tea- > CUP by CUP.
2. Slow servings ... but the time last dish served already no mood eat.
3. Poor Chilli Crab meat , felt soft and spoogy. Seems the crab is not fresh or dead long before cooked.
Non of the dishes is nice. Just so so only.
4. Even billing must wait so long, felt like not paying and walk off , seriously.

1.3kg chilli crab $75.40
1.3kg butter crab $75.40
Promotion prawn $6 ( no taste ) seems like dead prawn, nothing to complain since it is dead
Roasted chicken $28
Prawn pancake $22
Vegatable $18
Table Crackers $4 ( unneccessary hidden cost )
soft drinks x6 $15
Fried Mantou $6.40 ( took ages to come)
Rice 7 bowl $7 
Total plus gst and service charge ( no service) 7% and 10%
BILL$300+ ( never feel good ) expensive and horrible crab meat, suspect it is dead long ago.
Not fresh...

Just regret eating at this sea food, could have gone to next door anytime .
My last time eating here, sorry .
And i realised many fake report here too. 
cannot live up to that standard.


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Never Again

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

We've ordered delivery many times in the past from Punggol Seafood and usually found them to be quite good and prompt both in terms food quality and service. This time was the worst yet.

We had asked for delivery between 6 to 630 for a family gathering of 20 people with kids.  At 650 we called the restaurant when there was no sign of the food. The lady said delivery was on the way and someone would call back to confirm. At 710 with still no sign of the food we called again. The same lady replied that she had asked her delivery guy to call us but would chase him again. At 720 delivery guy finally calls and says he's 10 minutes away. At 745 with no sign of the food and despite calling the restaurant and the delivery guy several times with no response, we went out to buy our own food.

Delivery turns up at 755, nearly two hours late. We rejected it, and we will likewise reject ordering from Punggol Seafood again henceforth. Ridiculous way to do business, and if you want to stay in the business you better get your act together. If I could give negative stars I would.  

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Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Had dinner there with family and one of the dishes ordered was the chilli crab with the roasted buns. Our crab was supposed to be a mid sized 1.6kg crab. But when we removed the shell from the 2 large pincers, we were totally shocked by the puny size of the flesh! It occupied less than 50% the size of the shell. The same goes for the rest of the crab. Meat was soft and soggy, and it became apparent the crab was probably dead for a while before entering the frying pan. The rest of the dishes came without much fanfare and even after the meal was finished, the buns was not served despite multiple reminders. Billing was slow and 'extra' items were billed. (so please check ur bill carefully). The crab itself came up to S$90 and it felt like I am paying for the shell.
 Avoid at all cost.

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