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Pool Grill offers alfresco dining by the pool with a view of the Singapore city skyline. The restaurant serves international cuisine, with specialities of pizzas, burgers and steaks.

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Pan-Fried Cod Fish
Pan-Fried Cod Fish
Pool Grill
Pool Grill
Pool View and Surroundings during the night
Pool View and Surroundings during the night
Appetizer - Pan-seared scallop, “sofrito” puree, 
chorizo “migas”, caviar oil and dill
Appetizer - Pan-seared scallop, “sofrito” puree, chorizo “migas”, caviar oil and dill
Starter - grilled octopus, crusty pork jowl, buttered mashed potato 
and smoked Spanish paprika oil
Starter - grilled octopus, crusty pork jowl, buttered mashed potato and smoked Spanish paprika oil
  • Grilled Tiger Prawns 1 vote
  • Lobster Bisque 1 vote
  • ceasar salad 1 vote
  • set lunch 1 vote
  • vanilla ice-cream with aged balsamic vinegar and strawberries 1 vote

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All About White Asparagus Exclusive Menu

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 196

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This spring, Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel’s Pool Grill has launched “All About White Asparagus” menu. One will surely ask this golden question- what is the difference between white and green asparagus?  White asparagus is grown underground, away from light hence the vegetable does not produce chlorophyll. Considered to be a delicacy, white asparagus has a milder flavour and are more tender compared to green asparagus.



Buttered White Asparagus with poached egg and hollandaise sauce S$20.00++
Perched atop a row of neatly arranged white asparagus, the perfectly poached egg reveals a river of golden yolk that flows and coats the savoury butter vegetable. Simple combination of ingredients, yet, so delectable!

White Asparagus Soup with seared scallop and avruga caviar as topping S$26.00++
Oh, what a lovely soup! This luxe creation, a crowd pleaser that night, charmed with light yet hearty flavours. I especially enjoyed the seared scallop and luxurious caviar.

Grilled white asparagus salad with figs and arugula S$22.00++
For a refreshing start to the meal, the white asparagus and arugula salad, enhanced with sweetness from a fig, will be ideal.

Pan-fried sea bass with white asparagus, clams, mussel chowder S$36.00+
In this dish, the skilfully pan-fried, crispy sea bass sits in a pool of rich mussel chowder, accentuated with white asparagus and clams. Seafood lovers should not miss this.

Lobster Ravioli, langoustine, white asparagus and squid ink sauce S$48.00++
Lobster and white asparagus, doesn’t this sound heavenly? Executive Chef Matthew Van Der Zwan combines handmade lobster ravioli, succulent langoustine, white asparagus, and completes the dish with squirts of squid ink sauce. Exquisite!

Gratinated Beef Tenderloin buttered white asparagus; porcini crust and truffle sauce S$72.00++
Carnivores should not miss the juicy porcini-crusted beef tenderloin, harmoniously accompanied with white asparagus and truffle sauce.


Strawberry Romanoff
There’s always space for sweett endings! We had Strawberry Romanoff, which was a tangy dessert with hints of alcohol, meringue and vanilla ice cream. A light dessert perfect for the current sweltering weather.

“All About White Asparagus” is available till 31st May 2016, during both lunch and dinner. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this artisanal produce and excellent dishes!

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High Quality Food Dining By The Pool!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 181

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You have to try their Pan-Fried Cod Fish! This was really the BEST Cod Fish that I had so far. The exterior was fried to perfection, extremely crisp, yet the meat remained tender and juicy. The texture was the perfect consistency. The natural sweetness of the cod went so well with the buttery shiraz reduction sauce. Just heavenly...This was too good that the staff told me they only left with the last piece that evening so I asked the staff to quickly key in this order immediately for me! Kiasu me.. Haha.. So happy that I managed to try this! 

Service here was polite and good! I was very satisfied with the high quality food and dessert here! Ambience was very relaxing as the songs that they played here were soothing resort style music. Prices are quite steep for ala carte order. Go for their set lunch or set dinner with a smaller portion but affordable prices if you have a budget. This place is great for special occasions (Provided you don't mind it's non-aircon)


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Flavours of Spain

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 355

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Get ready to be tantalise by Flavours Of Spain, brought to you by Pool Grill and Guest Chef Albert Ortiz. Chef Ortiz was born and bred in Barcelona, is a 3rd generation of restaurateur. For the last 3 years, Chef Ortiz has expand his horizon to Asia, and incorporate the colourful flavours of Asia in his cooking.

From 15 February to 13 March 2016, you can taste the characteristic of Chef Albert cooking at Pool Grill. I was fortunate enough to be the first few to sample his gastronomic delight in 4 course dinner ($58++)

Appetizer - Pan-seared scallop, “sofrito” puree, chorizo “migas”, caviar oil and dill. The scallop is nicely seared, sweet and brainy. The texture is so soft, like cutting through a butter with hot knife. The sofrito puree, made from capsicum and olive oil provided a subtle companion to the scallop. For crispy, crumbly texture, Chef Albert added aromatic chorizo migas, which is a traditional dish in Spain made from day old bread. The touch of caviar helps brings out the flavour of the sea in this dish.

Starter - grilled octopus, crusty pork jowl, buttered mashed potato and smoked Spanish paprika oil. Chef Albert version of surf and turf. The octopus was sous-vide before it was grilled to add texture and flavour. It has a delicate springy texture and succulent as well. The pork jowl has the perfect ratio between fats and meat and basically melts in your mouth. Love the buttery flavour of the smooth mash potatoes, and the paprika oil add a subtle spicy kick to the dish.

Main – braised beef cheek, olive oil crashed potato, baby carrots and passion fruit. A must try dish for a beef lover. The beef cheek was so soft, I only need my fork to peel each layer of this dish. Accompanied with sweet baby carrots and rustic feel of crushed potatoes. The intense sauce is beef stock reduction finished off with red wine and passion fruit for a twist tanginess.

Dessert – dark chocolate ice cream, char-grilled banana, gorgonzola cheese and caramelised butter. It was not the ending that I expected. The heat from the grilled banana actually melted the ice cream. Instead of dark chocolate ice cream, it turn out to be dark chocolate cream. The pairing of intense pungent flavour of gorgonzola cheese with dark chocolate “cream” provided a unique yet pleasant finish to the dish.

Dining at Pool Grill, you will have a great view of the swimming pool of Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza Hotel and the view of surrounding buildings in Orchard Road, such as Ion Orchard and Shaw House.

Overall, the menu of Flavours of Spain at Pool Grill is a reflection of Chef Albert new insight to Spanish Cuisine. His signature of fusion of Spanish food with Asian ingredients. So don't miss out on Flavours of Spain at Pool Grill. 

Thank you very much to the team at Marriott Singapore for the tasting invitation.  

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