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 • 03 Jul 2014 1 review 0 follower
Brought my friend from Hong Kong to give PTF a try. Everything was a disappointment. It was 11am. For starters, we decided to have tea & coffee, Naughty Fries and Wing-It, thinking we will move on to the burgers after. When the tea arrived, it was wrong on so many levels.

Firstly, we ordered an English Breakfast. It came in a small MUG (not teapot) and it was LIPTON. For $6, we would expect them to maybe serve it with a little more water, in a teapot. We asked for another mug of hot water before the tea gets too thick, however the hot water came 10mins later and the tea was already cold.

Anyway, who serves hot tea in a glass mug? It was too hot to hold the mug.

The naughty fries that came was cold. The toppings were dry and did not stick to the fries.

Now for Wing-It. You would expect some wings and drumlets. No.... They should call it Drum-It instead as there were only drumlets! Looking past that, we decided to sink our teeth into the drums and all we had were fried flour. The crust on the wings was thick enough to be a cookie. on top of that, my friend had a drum that was not thoroughly cooked.

We never got to the burgers, we left the place, unsatisfied and hungry, with left over Fries and "Drum-It". And vow never to return.

We continued our catch-up in a cafe further down the road. Terrific Service. Terrific Tea. Gryphon tea, in a teapot. At $4. And yummy food.

My verdict: Potato Head Folk is a place to be hip, or pretend you are.
We did not try the burgers so maybe they are worth the horrid service and pretentious crowd.

I spent $20 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Nice Deco, Trendy
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  • Fried Drum Flour

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