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Pow Sing Restaurant (Serangoon Garden)


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This classic neighbourhood restaurant is well-known for its chicken rice. It also serves Pernakan dishes such as fish head curry, bakwang kepeting and Nonya-style beancurd.

Daily: 11:00 - 15:00

Daily: 17:00 - 22:00

+65 62827972
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Love Among the Chickens

Pow Sing Restaurant has been serving Hainanese Chicken Rice and Peranakan food for many years now. And I have been eating Pow Sing's chicken rice for the last 14 years now and I have never gotten sick of it nor fallen in love with another shop's chicken rice. In fact, my mom almost tried to lock me up once when I was on my way out to eat there, my 5th time in 5 days.

The restaurant itself serves white chicken. There is actually another Pow Sing in a kopitiam (called "Cardon Restaurant") a few doors down which sells roasted chicken, char siew and roast pig. Both the stalls serve incredibly fragrant chicken rice.

Given that large quantities of rice is cooked each time, the rice achieves a good balance of "hard" and "soft" and almost every grain is infused with the fragrant scent and taste of chicken stock, pandan leaves and garlic. In spite of this, the rice is not overpowering and also not overly oily (unlike those sold at other chicken rice stalls) and is therefore still yummy even when cold.

Now, on to the chicken. The white chicken served at the Pow Sing Restaurant is soft, fragrant and tender. Not very much out of the ordinary , I must admit. So why do I like their chicken rice so much? It's because the one that I'm actually referring to is the roasted chicken sold at the kopitiam.

The crowd at the kopitiam swells to large numbers during the busy lunch hours (approximately 12 noon - 1pm) and 90% of them are there to eat the chicken rice from Pow Sing's kopitiam stall. In addition to the large eat-in crowd, there is usually also a takeaway line that forms in front of the stall. And depending on how many eat-in customers there are and how far back you are in the queue, I have waited for 20 minutes before, just to dabao ONE packet of chicken rice. Weekends are always bad because families come and buy in large quantities for their family lunches and parties. This long wait is also due to the fact that there is only 1 person doing the chicken-chopping. Oh, for those who have never been to Pow Sing's kopitam store, here's a tip for you: The queue is only for takeaway. If you're eating in, speak to one of the assistants.

The roasted chicken at the kopitiam store is almost always roasted to a perfection. If you're lucky, you may even get bits that have crispy skin. And those bits are super yummy! The meat is tender but really, it's the skin that is what's great about the chicken. Although it is roasted chicken that we're talking about, it is not overly oily and definitely not soggy (unlike those at Chin Chin). The taste is also simple and not fanciful (ie with lots of different herbs and spices). The kopitiam Pow Sing also does a good char siew and roast pig.

And now, what is chicken rice without the chilli? Pow Sing's chilli is by far my favourite "chicken rice chilli". It's not blended to a complete mush unlike most stalls'. There are still bits of chilli that can be seen in the sauce and I find that it actually makes quite a bit of difference to its overall taste. The chilli is also made with copious amounts of garlic. Since the mixture is not completely blended, the chilli is spicy, tantalises your tastebuds and is more interesting since every ingredient can be tasted AND felt in your mouth, not just the spice. I can just eat the rice (plain) with LOTS of chilli poured over it as a meal. That's how much I like it.

As for the Peranakan food at the restaurant, the fish head curry is a perrenial favourite, as are their ayam buah keluak, assam fish, kueh pa ti and various other Peranakan dishes.

PS: This is a "asking-for-it" statement but...Pow Sing Chicken Rice is the best ever!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Chicken rice19 votes
  • Fish head Curry10 votes
  • Crispy Nonya Tofu7 votes
  • kangkong4 votes
  • Otak3 votes
  • Lotus Red Date Soup2 votes
  • Ngoh Hiang Nyonya Style2 votes
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13 Jan 2015 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

My Happy Go Lucky Pick - Delightful Hainanese Chicken and Crispy Tofu

I love the Hainanese Chicken, Crispy Tofu, Sambal Kang Kong, Oyster Sauce Kailan and Curry Fish head!! Of course the Chicken Rice too!! A must-go whenever I celebrate my Birthdays in Singapore! My friends from overseas love it too!!
03 Aug 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

excellent freshness!

Everytime I ate there, the chicken is always perfect, soft and tender, unlike those hawker chicken rice stalls elsewhere where the meats is also dry and tough to bite... The nonya tofu is always soft on inside and crispy on outside, dapped with the sweet dark sauce. Their prawns Assam/sambals/ lemon prawn always taste fresh and the best unlike other zichar places which use frozen prawns. Pow sing has the best big freshest cooked prawns! Worth the price and quality u paid for. Ngoh Hiang is made by them, best! Dapped w sweet sauce. I've notice some Chinese Indonesians ordered lots of nonya dishes like Babi ponteh, Otah, ayam buah keluak, bakwan kepitng soup, chap chye! I must go try their Peranakan dishes one day!
30 Jun 2014 • 131 reviews • 7 followers

Brings back childhood memories

For pictures and full review, pls visit:

I have always wanted to drop by Pow Sing for a hearty meal, but because it too far from home and parking is a nightmare, I refrained from asking Hubby to take me there. In my teens, my family often had our weekend dinners at this humble Hainanese chicken rice and Nonya cuisine restaurant.

The place looked almost the same as I remembered 11 years ago. But nobody cares much about the décor when the draw is delicious and reasonably priced food. Be warned, this place is not for you if you cannot stand crowd and noisy chatters. Service is efficient, albeit a little abrupt.

Hainanese Chicken ($5/serving) and Fragrant Rice ($1/serving) were fantastic, but not the best I had tried.

If you are craving for something for spicy, give the flavorsome Nonya Otak ($3/pc) a go. The tantalizing otak is thick and very substantial.

I wish we didn’t order the Sweet and Sour Fish ($12/$18/$24).

I have an unabashed love affair for Har Chiong Gai, and Pow Sing’s Crispy Fried Chicken Wing with Prawn Paste ($10/$15/$20) didn’t disappoint. Oh yes, it was C-R-I-S-P-Y, no doubt about that. The tender oily meat pulls out with ease.

Although not the most photogenic, Nonya Tauhu ($8/$12/$16) was another highlight. The delicately crisps exterior encases smooth egg tofu. Definitely a dish that will please most palates.

Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce ($8/$12/$16). Crunchy vegetables done just right, in a savory sauce. There is no service charge and our total bill came up to $60.75 for 4 pax, which include 3 cups of Lime Juice ($2 each). This works out to be $15 per pax. Value for money, tasty dishes, I’d come here again and again if I could. Valet service is available on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and PHs after 6.30pm.